Tuesday, March 21, 2017

食・八方 Square Eight at MGM Hotel [Macau] - Unique Experience of Ordering Southern & Northern Chinese Food from Both Kitchens

  MGM Macau has recently revamped it's 食・八方 Square Eight restaurant, and is now interestingly branched into two sections - one side South 南苑 sells Southern Style Chinese food with a more emphasize on Roast Goose and Cantonese Milk Tea, plus accessible Rice dishes. The North 北㕑 on the right caters for customers longing for more homely Northern dishes like house made noodles, Spicy Chili Fish or Mapo Tofu, or even Beijing or Shandong dumplings, the variety extending all the way to unique Shaanxi thick noodles. I had the pleasure to dine at both restaurant sides three times lately, one time even got to experience making the noodles. I know I will be back for more soon.

   South 南苑   

Roast Goose Ovens on Lava Rocks -
My 1st visit was to the Northern restaurant next door. This 2nd visit, I came to the South side and discovered they make Cantonese Roast Goose dishes here

Cantonese Hong Kong/Macau Milk Tea - 
Very excellent actually, full of Tea Aroma.  I keep repeatedly saying,  the chances of having a great tea is much higher in Macau than Hong Kong nowadays.

Appetizers to Begin with - 
Jellyfish & Sliced Chicken with Ginger & Spring Onion - MOP 55
Cuttlefish tossed in X.O. Sauce - MOP 80
Black Fungus Mushrooms & Cordyceps Flower in Spring Onion Oil - MOP 40

Black Wood Ear Fungus & Cordyceps Flower in Spring Onion Oil - MOP 40
A crunchy appetizer, this seems to be becoming more popular in Southern Chinese cuisine these days, albeit we make them less spicy than in colder states.

Cuttlefish tossed in X.O. Sauce - MOP 80
Shaved thinly and the marinade is quite Cantonese style, also with the spicy XO Conpoy sauce. Chili and appetizing.

Jellyfish & Sliced Chicken with Ginger & Spring Onion - MOP 55
Another popular appetizer, some customers will add in Chili oil.

Whole Roast Goose - 
This photo I took at the Kitchen. Before we ordered a Combination of Roast dish below..

Roast Goose, BBQ Rose Wine Char Siu Platter - MOP $150 (Front)
The Roast Goose was excellent. Skin was crispy and not overly fatty underneath, using one of four famous Goose DNA's in China. The skin remained crispy even after turning cold, it was almost like a proper Peking Duck! The BBQ Charsiu in MGM restaurants are always famous, here it was thickly cut and tender, meaty, and the surface coating uses both malt & honey. ~ 8.5/10

BBQ Pork, and White Chicken in Broth - $150
The 5 layered BBQ Pork was squarely diced, and is crunchy with the skin, and I liked how it was not overly fatty. The chicken has good chicken flavor, although the poaching liquid retains a saltiness to it, which goes better with rice. ~ 8/10

Mixed Seafood Congee - $140
With famous local Macanese Crab, Prawns, Abalone, Fish, etc. Surprisingly despite being a Casino & Hotel restaurant this was affordable, in fact much more so than many other famous shops out there. The amount of seafood made one feel like you're eating a seafood stew! The rice congee base has a thick texture, overall I felt like there's more seafood than congee in the bowl. ~ 8/10 

The Graphic Designs by local Macau Artist -
Each picture has a meaning, some of them depicting Macanese History and famous Poets & People, and many locals would know about these folk stories...

    North section 北㕑    

Chef Making Shaved Noodles -

Sichuan Chengdu Sesame Sauce White Cabbage $44
This looked like Chinese Kimchi, and has a nutty sesame sauce with a hint of spice.  Really liked this as it was less greener than I thought, with an appetizing sauce.  ~ 9/10

Northern Chinese Chives and Pork Dumplings - MOP $55
The skin is slightly chewy and the minced pork inside is not overly grinded, the way I like them. They are also not overly seasoned, which can be a plus for eating late at night. ~ 8/10

Chili Oil Poached Perch Sichuan style - $180
This expectedly had a clear broth beneath, filled with hot dry chilies, chili oil and Sichuan peppercorns. I love how the fish were silky soft and the portion was big, and you can also order a yellow eel version. The mala numbness is slightly subdued, and overall it's less spicy than we imagined! For hardcore chili lovers, they might need to order extra extra hot! ~ 8/10

Braised Sea Cucumber with Minced Pork, Spicy Sauce and Bamboo Shoots - $200
This delicacy dish looked unassuming but was really spicier than imaginable! It was also of a great price as there's plenty of sea cucumbers which are pricy ingredients. This rendition is also less oily than the normal pork belly version! ~ 8/10

Sour Pickles & Pork Dumplings - $55
This time ordering them,  they seemed to be slightly smaller in size.  This is a Beijing version with sour pickles instead of other vegetables.  I personally prefer the Chives version more, but this is cleaner tasting..

Shaanxi 'Che Mian' Flat Noodles with Chili, Garlic & Soya Sauce - $70
Very thick chewy noodles, which are hand pulled. It's almost like Chinese equivalent of Italian pappardelle pasta. A very floury noodles and despite the simplicity, quite addictive for me. ~ 7/10

Sichuan Mapo Tofu - $60 + $10 for Rice
I came back the 3rd time to eat this, as it was on my radar since my 1st visit but my priority was trying other dishes and noodles!   It was a generous portion and was more on the savory side, with thickly diced tofu cubes which didn't break up too much.  Clean and the way I like them ~ 7.5/10

Beijing Style 'Donkey Sand Roll' Dessert. with Red Bean Paste - $30
Rolled neatly and with thin layers of glutinous rice sheets, it's a refined version of this Imperial Dessert Dim Sum.  This version does not come with soy bean powder.  Lovely finish.  ~ 9/10

Have Visited Here for 3 Times Separately -
On 1 of the Media Photoshooting Trips, I took the opportunity to learn making some hand pulled noodles, of which there are at least 3 to 4 different varieties here..  Overall the quality of the revamped restaurant is dependable,  hygienic and affordable,  and I enjoy how one can order Roast Goose from one side of the kitchen,  but at the same time order Northern style dumplings and noodles.  Little wonder I have already eaten here 3 times in succession. 

Price: MOP $55 to $200 + 10% Per Person
Food: ♕♕♕♕ to ♕♕♕♕

Address: MGM MACAU Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen, NAPE, Macau
Phone: +853 88022388

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Parisian Macao [Macau] - A Stay at the New Macau Eiffel Tower Casino & Hotel Room

 The Parisian Macao 澳門巴黎人 opened its doors in 2016,  and only recently have we had the chance to make a quick Staycation at their Hotel and Casino complex.  It's part of the Venetian and Sands Casino Group,  and the major attraction point is definitely its miniature Eiffel Tower emulating the Parisian experience.  It stands at about half the height of the original in Paris at 38 Stories high,  and the Hotel has 3,000 rooms for patrons.

The Reception Entrance at Parisian Macao Hotel -
The waiting time is surprisingly swift and quick,  they also offer Hotel guests some free Macau local SIM Cards with around 200Mb Data Plan as a service if you ask politely,  so please do remember this information if you need it to get around town and upload photos on Social Media!

Our Hotel Room inside - Eiffel Tower Room (Twin Bed)
The Hotel rate starts from around MOP/HKD $974 to $1,500,  or $2,000 on busier Weekends, which is very reasonable for the quality and the view.  There are also Deluxe Rooms available which are slightly more economical,  but facing away from the Eiffel Tower view.

Office Work Desk - 
With USB Chargers as expected nowadays..  There are also Charger outlets near the bedside, something very important for us who type on our Laptops or Tablets, Phones sitting on the bed comfortably

Bathroom,  Shower - 
The Amenities are basic,  you can call the Reception for services if you require any more assistance

View from Our Room -  Eiffel Tower Room type

Parisian Macarons - Inside the Room
These are real Parisian Macaron gerbet sandwiches,  befitting the Hotel's Theme..

Day Time View Outside - 
Looking towards the Macau Eiffel Tower,  and also Sheraton Hotel direction

Some Gondolier doing French Art Painting -
Since Venetian is also part of the Hotel Group, these prove to be Popular along with the Cabaret shows

Downstairs at Brasserie at Parisian Macao - 
We ordering some Happy Hour Wines and the Snacks.  It's not part of the Hotel Package, but it was surprisingly affordable here

Galette Crepe Complete - MOP $95
Buckwheat Galette with French Ham, Emmental Cheese & Fried Egg. The crispy edges type, quite enjoyable and in Macau too!   ~ 8.5/10

The Night View from Parisian Macao Eiffel Tower Room -
A Good night of Sleep and a nice View,  this could be a Romantic get away and good for ordering Room Service too!   I wished somehow this room had an Espresso or Coffee Machine too!

The Parisian Macao
Hotel Price: MOP $974 to $2,000 Per Night
Hotel Rating: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2
Brasserie at Parisian MacaoFood Price: MOP $160 + 10% Per Person
Food Rating: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: The Parisian Macao, Estrada do Istmo, Cotai Strip, Coloane-Taipa

Phone:+853 2882 8833

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Thai Western [Hong Kong] - Introducing Thai Style Tom Yum Gong Hotpot to Hong Kong, in Wong Tai Sin

 Thai Western opened recently near Wong Tai Sin Temple, a popular locals Destination and also for Tourists alike, and is just around 20 minutes drive from Sai Kung, also located nearby to the new Hong Kong Food Trucks selling local street food. Thai Western is operated by a group of Thai Chefs and run by an owner who used to run a similarly named restaurant in Kennedy Town, before relocating to this developing foodies area. They are currently the pioneer in Hong Kong in introducing a Thai style Hotpot, using either clear soup or a spicier Tom Yum Goong soup that is made in house with seafood and spices, herbs, etc.

Located in a Wong Tai Sin Neighborhood, 
Its around 7 to 8 mins walk from Wong Tai Sin MTR Exit A

Whisky Shelf - 
Owner Ben loves whiskies and wines, and has his own collection of rare to find Japanese whiskies.    He also sells them by the bottle, a tradition he started from his previous shop on HK Island side. 

Fried Cheese Balls - $58
The prawn mousse is hand grinded and they are bigger than we thought,  and there is a good prawny taste and chunky texture.  The molten cheese inside is using real cheese and not the artificial cheese pearls for the 'lava' effect,  something that is appreciable.  ~ 8/10

Tom Yum Goong Hotpot - $88 Soup
Hot Pot Platter with Seafood & Beef - $198 to $228

The Signature Hot Pot dish here.  The Tom Yum Soup is made in house by the Thai Chefs,  using a variety of spices and prawn heads, coconut milk, herbs, and seafood.  It is fragrant and addictive.  Thai style Hotpot is Chinese inspired and usually eaten with a clearer soup,  here they are doing the Spicier version.  An alternative to Sichuan Mala hotpot and probably even better...  Note:  This hotpot style is also popular in Singapore reently.  ~ 8.5/10 

Chicken (Half) - $88
The Chicken is slaughtered every morning.  Here Thai Western pride themselves on their chicken quality and it shows.  The skin is still springy and translucent,  the chicken meat has good meat taste and isn't tensed up from refrigeration.   

Dipping the Chicken into the Tom Yum Goong Hotpot - 
The half chicken is quite huge,  I recommend that it be shared between 3-4 people.

Thai Hainan Chicken Rice - $68
Again the chicken is great. This is slow poached daily in the morning,  and the meat is tender and the skin from the solution bathing is flavorful.  The rice is cooked with Pandan leaves, Chicken Rendered Oil, Turmeric Powder, etc and individually grainy.   The chili sauce also carries an acidic and exotic kick... with Soy Sauce imported from Singapore.  Overall a very good Hainanese Chicken dish and we loved it over two visits.  ~ 9/10

Mango Sticky Rice  khao neeo mamuang - $58
The rice portion is bigger than envisaged.  Its steamed perfectly and not mushy,  with a good trace of pandan leaves fragrance.  The coconut sauce also has a leafy presence.  The presentation is not the best looking in the business but overall this was very satisfactory,  and the mangoes were just ripe this time.  ~ 7.5/10

Fresh Coconut Juice - $45
This is imported from Thailand.  Nowadays Thai coconuts are in supply shortage and quality varies,  apparently some of the coconuts tried here were really sweetish,  some were more normal..   Overall Thai Western is attractive because of their Tong Yum Goong soup Hot Pot,  which is one of its kind in Hong Kong as far as I know but already very popular overseas especially in Singapore!

Price: HKD $225 to $280 Per Person
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: 黃大仙環鳳街19號地舖 G/F, 19 Wan Fung Street, Wong Tai Sin
Ph: +852 28170929

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Heep Hong Society Great Chefs Event on 24th April 2017 [Hong Kong] - Grand Hyatt Hotel, with 30 to 50 Participating Restaurants

 The 25th Annual Great Chefs Event 第25屈協康會 "全港廚師精英大匯演",  is organized by Heep Hong Society with all Proceeding Funds donated as Charity to  http://www.heephong.org/greatchefs/ .  This year it is held on the 27th of April 2017 at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Wanchai Hong Kong.  Tickets will range from HKD $880, $1,580 to $1,980 for the 3 different Categories (普通餐券 $880 貴賓餐券 $1,580 星級餐券 $1,980),  and there are 30 to 50 restaurants mostly from various Hotels participating in each Ticketing Class.   All food items and wines are refillable to diners,  which makes this event exciting whilst assisting those Children in need in society.   Please contact them by Phone: +852 2776 3111 or +852 3618 6713 , or Email them at:  events@heephong.org for booking reservations.

The 25th Great Chefs Event Preview - 
The venue is annually held at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Wanchai

Corn & Crab Cake by RECH by Alain Ducasse, Intercontinental Hotel -
The newly opened Seafood Restaurant which replaced Spoon by Alain Ducasse,  this year is also participating in the event.

Mutton Dumplings by Michelin 1* Dong Lai Shun, Royal Garden Hotel 帝苑酒店 -
These had evenly pleated skins and surprisingly an authentic gamey mutton lamb taste

Lobster & Avocado Charcoal Roll by Grand Hyatt Hotel -
Very popular on this preview Day,  there were lots of lobster meat inside and it was quite attractive as a concept.   There's also plenty of herbal butter

Spicy Salmon by Tamarind -
A Pan Asian restaurant.  This was served with Asparagus and mushrooms

Chocolates by Peninsula Hotel's World Chocolate Masters Winner 2011 Frank Haasnoot -
We loved the two Single Origin Chocolates, also the Apple Pie & Crunchy Heart

Had quite a few Pieces of Chocolate Pralines -
From Peninsula Hotel's award winning Pastry Chef & Chocolatier

Yogurt Espume, Strawberry Tartare & Rhubarb Confit by Island Shangri-la Hotel -
This was a favorite amongst some of us who tried it.  The good thing is that it will be refillable during the Dinner Event,  and some people ate two portions.

Iberico Pork Bao with Pickles by One Minden Tapas Kitchen -
This was a Spanish ingredient take on a Chinese Bao concept.

Pan Seared Scallop - 
Thick and Caramelized well on the surface

Remember to Book Online or on the Phone, simply visit:

Price: HKD $880, HKD $1,580 to HKD $1,980

Food: ♕♕♕♕ to ♕♕♕♕♕ 

Address: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Harbour Rd, Wan Chai
Ph: +852 25881234


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