Wednesday, May 31, 2017

藤之宮誠太郎商店 Fujinomiya Seitaro Shoten [Hong Kong] - Japanese Seafood Izakaya for Dinner Under $200 Per Person

  之宮誠太郎商店 Fujinomiya Seitaro Shoten used to be simply called Ika Centre,  before converting into the current Concept which is more of a Seafood Izakaya.  I have been here quite a number of times and a recent re-visit saw standards being maintained very well and right up there with expectations in Japan,  and the prices have not crept up either, remaining in touch with reality.  Below are some dishes I have experienced here,  I will have to search for some other visits' dish photos gradually as I recompile them..

One of the Best, Unique & Affordable Seafood Izakaya's in Hong Kong -
There are many decent Japanese places in HK from low range to Michelin Star expensive,  but usually the better places are pricy.  Here it is always affordable and with daily specials

Whisky High-Ball -
Still at $38 only

Small Seafood Rice with Egg - HKD $98
The price of this crept up a bit recently,  but it is still affordable

Adult's Potato Salad with Tuna Flakes - $38
One of the best Japanese Potato Salads in town,  the only other one better is probably the 3 Textures one at Futago Yakiniku.  And big size too with a bit of salad leaves..

Sea Urchin Croquettes - $58
Full of creamy melted Urchin bechamel inside, this is probably the only shop in Hong Kong which carries this recipe and it's not only done well,  it's only $58 for 4 pieces

Seaweed and Grated Yam Tempura -
This is one of my favourite dishes here,  but it is on rotation.  You can always ask the Chef to cook this up again..

Mixed Prawns Tempura - $88
The price is joking right?  But it is reasonable and not greasy,  with decent tasting prawns.  Hence why for a while this was my canteen.

Kinmedai Alfonsino Kamameshi Rice 釜飯 - $98
Made with Alfonsino fish stock which penetrates into each rice grain,  this was sweet and paired with egg shreds and mitsuba herbs, and sliced lime.

Umeshu Apricot Wine - $38
Have been here quite a few times and photos are left behind everywhere or on Instagram, and they actually specialize in Sashimi and Calamari-Squid dishes here too.  Already want to come back as I am typing this review!

Price: HKD $180 - $300 + 10%
Food: ♕♕♕♕ to ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 銅鑼灣登龍街28號永光中心22樓
22/F., Circle Tower, 28 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay
Ph: +852 3904 3533

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