Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Amber - ♕♕♕♕

The Kitchen is headed by Amber's honcho Richard Ekkebus.  AMBER was first awarded 2 Michelin Stars in the inaugural edition of the HK Guide in 2009, retaining the 2 Stars in the 2010 Guide.  Haute Cuisine of Contemporary French with classy imported ingredients from all over the world,  especially from France directly... They even have an in-house Chocolate Sommelier - which explains why they can make sumptious Chocolate desserts as well as world class Petits Fours.   This is the first of 3 meals eaten here as of today, the subsequent ones were better as it improved... and they shall receive Score Upgrades soon!

Lagniappe:  Foie Gras with Raspberry Coating and Crisp,
Lobster Consomme Jelly with Sea Urchin & Cauliflower Cream, 
Iberian Pork Croquette with Basque Spice
Amber always starts off with similar Amuse Bouches..

Matching Wines included in $640 HKD
4 types in total..

French Fine de Claire Oyster & Leek Parcels with Iberian Pork, Snout to Tail & Watercress in warm Vichyssoise Veloute.  A refreshing start and innovative with wrapped Oysters..
Challans Duck & Corn of 3 Ways Preparation:
Traditional Duck Pate with Yogurty 'Ravioli', Consomme with Duck Ravioli,
Corn Salad with Gizzard Delicacies
Great concept but tasted slightly bland.. 7/10
Fattened Blue-Fin Tuna centre cut, poached in Olive oil with stuffed Baby Calamari, Taggiasca Olive, Leek & Preserved Bell Peppers
Tuna a bit tough stringy, Calamari tasty.. 6/10
Line-caught Cod - Dorsal fillet “demi sel” salt roasted on the Skin,
Belly served as a Brandade, Cuttle fish & Zucchini skin Tagliatelle
Hand pounded condimentCod slightly over-cooked but sauce was enjoyable,
slightly lemony.. 7/10
Amber's Pre-dessert: Oreo Ice-Cream Sandwich
Refreshing but prefer the real thing more..
Camembert de Normandie, Reblochon, Livarot,Bleu D'auvergne
from French Cheese Master:  Bernard Antony
A little strong across the board rather than gradual.. but great.

Salad with Cheese Course: Shaved Yellow Beetroot, Mesclun Salad
Very good salad.. 9/10
Pineapple marinated with fruity Italian Manni Olive Oil: with hint of Bourbon Vanilla & Sweet Basil,Pink Grapefruit & Rose Petal Sorbet
Nearly perfect but needs more flavour, very enjoyable.. 9/10

Espresso ice-cream with Whiskey cream, Caramelized salted puff pastry & Dolce de Leche. Looks better than it tasted.. but still enjoyable -  8/10
Jivara Milk Chocolate & Manuka Honey Runny Square, Milk Chocolate & Yuzu Ice Cream. This was slightly 'minty' like and very enjoyable, with runny centre.. 10/10

Italian ‘Blended’ Cappucino
Could have been better, lather foamy and under-extracted ashy..
Petits Fours: Orange Gum Candy, Chocolate, Pistachios Sponge, Rose Petal Strawberry Marshmallow, Mini Chocolate Tart with Manuka Honey.  These tasted perfect, confirmed to be made in-house... Lovely!   8.5/10
Price: $640 + 10% including 4 Wines
Score: ★★★★☆☆
Address: 中環皇后大道中15號置地文華東方酒店7樓
(7/F The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, 15 Queen's Road, Central)
Ph: 2132 0066

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