Tuesday, July 18, 2017

泰麵膳 Boat Noodle [Hong Kong] - Thai Boat Noodles Shop Opens in Tsim Sha Tsui, Does it Satisfy Your Bangkok Crave?

  Thai Boat Noodles has seen a surge in popularity in Hong Kong recently thanks in particular to places like Samsen.  Previously,  if the Thai bug hits for us to down a proper Boat Noodles (Kuay Teow Reua/Neua) that's made with pigs blood and either pork or beef for the base soup stock, we usually headed to Kowloon City in Hong Kong,  the home of the concentrated Thai Food in general, even if no MTR reached there directly.  Recently a shop in Tsim Sha Tsui opened within the Bar district to sell authentic Thai style Boat noodles too.  With prices starting at just HKD $12 for a small bowl after 9pm and emulating the Bangkok Thai experience,  and a full sized Boat Noodle coming in at HKD $58 only,  it does at least sound attractive on paper.   In Kowloon City,  the median price nowadays is around HKD $43-$45 a bowl,  up from around $38 in 2016.

Boat Noodle -
Opened in a busy Bar area in Tsim Sha Tsui,  which was rather odd in our perspective.  But it has proven very popular within weeks of opening,  just check the queue already.

Thai Boat Noodles is suddenly Popular in Hong Kong,  
As well as Vietnamese food,  despite having been sold in Hong Kong all these years..   Exotic food currently wins in Hong Kong as we go back to more basic roots,  sometimes with a modernized or even Westernized twist.  That includes items like Bao,  Gai Daan Jai eggettes, all the way to Asian noodles or Taiwanese dishes.  It has proven to be the current trend for Hong Kong and even Internationally in 2016-2017 and I foresee has longer to come yet.  

Chili Sauces and Vinegar -
These are found served with Boat Noodles usually.  By default,  this shop doesn't add in much Chili paste or Chili Vinegar already.  This is for optioning up to cater for your own taste.

Beef Boat Noodles - Full Portion $58

Beef Boat Noodles 2 - Full Size $58
The soup base varied slightly over 2 visits.  I think on a good day there is some decent depth to the bowl,  but may be not enough to warrant a return unless if it was sold cheaply.  Apart from Samsen,  I think the regular shops I patron there all serve a better, sophisticated soup.  The Cooked Beef,  Rare Beef and Beef Balls with the Morning Glory veggies were good though for this pricing point!  ~ 6.5 to 7/10

The Noodles - 
Cooked decently and the really thin variety.  For some reason,  may be the soup didn't had too much co-agulated pigs blood,  when slurping the noodles it didn't really catch a lot of the soup.  But overall at only $58,  you accept it

Thai Yen Ta Fo with Ferment Red Beancurd Soup - HKD $52
This is called 'Rainbow Noodles' in Hong Kong,  but originally this Thai noodles dish is based on Hakka Cuisine's Yong Tau Foo 酿豆腐.   But by the time the dish migrated to Thailand side it became more of a fish balls and squid with tofu puffs noodles.

Some Side Dishes - 
Which I took only photos of..

Thai Boat Noodles - Small Size HKD $12  (from 9pm til Close)
I had this again on another night.  Despite the look on the photo,  it was literally just one or two sips of noodles and the soup broth was not as heavy in flavor as the larger bowl.  If I had to choose again, I would rather have 1 larger bowl at $58,  than 5 small bowls here.  ~ 5/10

Mixed Satays - with Pork & Chicken  $36 for 6 Sticks
As expected with a slightly sugary marinade,  these were surprisingly good and only costed a dime.  I would love to come back for these all the time as a snack or supper.  ~ 7.5/10

Canned Lime Soda -

Food Menu - Very Decently priced
I had supper here once,  with a Noodle bowl,  Drink and 1/2 Dozen Satays,  and it only costed me HKD $63..   The Boat Noodle has potential,   yet for now I would still travel further into Kowloon City for a bowl now and then, because my trusted shops there have better soup bases and are actually even cheaper at HKD $43.  Or else Samsen on Island side will suffix if you have some spare change in your wallet too and want a really decent trustworthy Thai meal. 

Price: HKD $12 to $58 Per Person + Drinks
Food: ♕♕♕  to ♕♕♕♕ 

Address: 尖沙咀寶勒巷1號玫瑰大廈地下E&F1號舖 Shop E & F1, G/F, Rose Mansion, NO.1 Prat Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Ph:  27883060


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