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尚囍 Sheung Hei Charcoal Claypot Rice - (Hong Kong)

 This is not my 1st review of this rarer to find,  real Charcoal-grilled Claypot Rice 煲仔飯 restaurant.    Chef and part-owner Wa was poached from the most famous Claypot rice shop 坤記 Kwan Kee from Sai Wan in 2013.    Since my last review in April 2013 during it’s New Opening,  it has gradually garnered a silent crowd of followers within the locals in Northpoint and Causeway Bay,  and during my last visit a high profile Politician Mr Tin 田北俊 was seen dining here as well.    Expect a queue of 30 minutes and another 30 minutes for the rice to arrive from the hot charcoal bed!    Currently one of my favorite Charcoal Claypot Rice restaurants in HK.   Others include Choi’s in Tai Hang紹華小廚 in Shau Kei Wan (also uses Charcoal),  and the original Kwan Kee 坤記 which is another shop still using real Charcoal.




Very little known as yet as it is less than 1 years Old -
I wrote about here before on Openrice,  but the quality has gradually improved since then:



Indoor Charcoal Grilling -
For Real.   Very rare sight in HK these days.
Somehow has gone through the difficult stages to acquire this license. 
Congratulations and admirable!



photo 3 (2)-1
[鹹魚炒唐生菜]  Stir-Fried Chinese Lettuce with Salted Fish – $50
Salted fish is usually combined with Kai Lan or harder vegetables,  but since they gave us options here,  I thought this combo might just work.  It was totally fabulously balanced,  plus Chinese Lettuce is much more expensive than normal Iceberg Lettuce.   Here we were given the option to order something closer to heart and you won’t find this combination elsewhere easily...     9/10



photo 1-1
White Eel & Pork Ribs Claypot Rice  [炭燒白鱔排骨煲仔飯] – $58
Amazing Eel quality,  bought from the seafood market daily.   After having tried out nearly all famous Claypot rice specialists in HK and Macau,  this was the only 2nd shop ever that really impressed with the super fresh and crunchy,  tasty eel quality!   The other alternative shop is Choi’s not far from here but that costs another $30 and uses Gas grills.    Even the pork spare ribs here were lean yet not chewy,  cooked just right and had real pork taste.  Amazing dish!   ~  9/10

photo 4-1
Pork Patty,  Salted Duck Egg and additional Liver Sausage  [鹹蛋肉餅加膶腸飯]  -  $58 + $10
The pork patty was the grainier type and not fatty not overly grinded,   mixed with chunky water chestnuts but not too much of it,  totally my preferred balanced choice.   The salted duck egg was excellent and not overcooked either,  excellent.   The additional Liver sausage was way better than my visit before and slightly aromatic and alcoholic.   The rice is cooked fluffy separated and a crusty ‘soccarat’ layer below has formed.   Even the soy sauce has improved nowadays and more fragrant but not too savoury.    Can’t believe how good this is to be honest.  If anything can be changed,  I expected even more charcoal aroma but that’s asking too much from an indoors shop?   ~   8.5/10


Salted Fish,  Pork Patty and Liver Sausage on Rice  [鹹魚肉餅炭燒煲仔飯 加 膶腸] – $68
This was during their new openings and already decent enough.
Nowadays the quality has improved further.




Rice ‘Soccarat’ layer -  To borrow from the Spanish terminology 
Brother Wa here who looks after the kitchen told me he is not really into burnt rice layers -  he thinks it should be just right and produce an edible 飯焦 but not too burnt.   After re-trying his food,  I have to say he was speaking from his heart.   Perhaps being a part owner in his latest shop with a compatible business partner definitely helps to help him pursue his perfectionist dreams in the world of Charcoal Claypot Rice with the most freshest and loveliest of ingredients.   An absolutely delightful meal and my parents were totally convinced to wait the full hour for their meal.   Oh,  and it’s free corkage here in case I forgot to point out.  ; )




Price:  $60
Ease of Access:   4/5   (Fortress Hill MTR Station)
Rating:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕♕♕♕♕

Address:  天后水星街5-7號地舖
5-7 Mercury Street,   Tin Hau,  North Point,  Hong Kong
Ph:  2979 0908


  1. wooo claypot rice is good for this cold weather!!! :D

  2. Looks delicious!! seriously...sounds perfect for this weather!

  3. Hi ,what time are they open for dinner ?



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