Monday, April 30, 2012

Chez Dre (Melbourne) - ♕♕♕♕♕

  Chez Dre has a Pastry Chef who used to train in Paris and you can totally see the heart put into the food here.  I think I liked their desserts and pastries the most.   The croissant across several visits can either be drop dead gorgeous,  but on 2 occasions was a little bit too sweet,  but that flaky layering and even baking is addictive.    Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the best croissant in Melbourne if it tasted more balanced consistently,  although Innocent Bystander’s one is also very lovely.



Down an Alley,
It’s very close to South Melbourne Market.




Communal Table on one of the days..






Cake Selections -



More Cakes -




Signature Eclairs -
The choux pastry here is slightly different,  and they pipe the pastry cream on top here.  The Salted Caramel one is always sold out early.




Pastries look the Bomb here -
Must order.  One of the best I’ve had in the world..
Bar the sweetness you encounter in the croissant sometimes..




Coffees -
Most were roasted by coffee institution The Maling Room




Coffee Station.
It’s the typical Synesso combo setup.



Scrambled Eggs Croissant -
This one was really lovely with just cooked eggs.

Ham Hock and Poached Eggs Sandwich,  with Gruyere Cheese,
Pea Puree and Herb Oil  ~  $16.5



Morrocan Baked Eggs, Spicy Herb Lamb Sausages, 
Minted Yoghurt and Warm Baguette ~ $17.5
The Lamb sausages have a lot of herb!   Liked the baguette.




Encore of Scrambled Eggs Croissant – $9.5
*Croissant a little too sweet this time, 
the eggs a bit overcooked but more quantity.




Macarons -
Texture was a bit too meringue hard this time.  Heard they have improved..




Salted Caramel Éclair -
This is very gorgeously good and the whole crunchy external texture… WOW!  Had a Vanilla one on another day which I didn’t take a photo of and that was a little too sweet for me. 



Apricot & Passionfruit cake with Hazelnut Mousse -
Liked this.



Milk Chocolate,  Blackcurrant Mousse -
With Blackcurrant cream and Praline Crunch.   This was a very interesting combination of flavours and textures.   Thoughtful dessert.



Lemon Tart -
Looking smart and very good quality.


Chocolate Tart -
This is awesome,  and one of the best IF NOT the best chocolate tart I have had. The surprising layers of different chocolate textures beats many flatter tarts out there.  Wish I could eat one right now!!




Cherry Lime Chocolate Mousse, Caramelized Almonds and Lime Zest -
Interesting combo.




Chocolate Éclair -
Also very good.  Most people like the Salted Caramel one the most,  and don’t really enjoy the Vanilla version here.




Jasmine Tea Cream, Milk Chocolate Mousse,  Flourless Chocolate Biscuit -
Wasn’t a big fan of this,  don’t usually think Jasmine tea works with chocolate.  But the flavours were balanced enough.



Vanilla Yoghurt Mousse, Raspberry Jelly and Pistachio Biscuit -
This worked wonderfully together as a package.  Liked dried Raspberry and white chocolate flower on top.   This was a summery dessert!




Beautiful Looking Patissier’s Croissant -
Very even with a shiny egg-wash top,  flaky layers. 
Probably needs more salt,  or less sweetness on some occasions.






Caffe Latte -
This Symmetry blend is quite dark bold with some minerality,  and slightly earthy.


Cappuccino -
Some of the fews we have had over several visits.   To be honest I didn’t think this coffee worked so well with the food here.  The flavours kind of overpowered the delicate pastries. 




Another Cappuccino -
Tasted consistent enough here.   But might become better with slight tweaks to suit the food?




Nice Courtyard -
It is always very crowded.
Lovely Patisserie Café and has one of the best ‘symmetrical’ and ‘neater’ looking pastries in Melbourne.  Not if you know what I mean by that -  it is very modern style,  but of course there are still the many shops doing traditional style pastries.    The hot food is not as impressive as the pastries for now. 




Price: AUD $10 – $25 per person
Food: ♕♕♕♕♕ 
Coffee:  ♕♕♕ 1/2

Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun  7.30am - 4.30pm

Address:  (rear of) 285-287 Coventry Street, South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3205

Ph: (03) 9690 2688


  1. those. pastries. look. amazing...! esp the chocolate tart =)

  2. G. yeh that Chocolate tart is great stuff!!! And the croissants. The eclairs are also very well done.

    The other cakes surprisingly tasted better than the looks. Couldn't be stuffed posting all internal dissected photos haha xD

  3. I like the desserts, particularly the chocolatey ones. Not the macarons and the breakfast items though. :(

  4. Same here i'm with Michelle, the breakfasts were a little mediocre while the desserts were good, but the macarons were a little disappointing :( but i'm really interested in trying the croissant now that you've made them sound so irresistible hehe

  5. The croissants if they fix them are going to be one of the best in the world I think. I am surprised they didn't pick it up on taste. But the look, texture, flakiness and evenness is better than anything I have made before. I still just think it needs more salt.

    As for breakfast/lunch items, agree it is not their forte here. Getting there. Auctions Rooms is good though :)



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