Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ho Hung Kee - (何洪記)

Michelin 1 Stars

  This is the first ever Michelin Starred wonton noodles shop in the world, and  to me personally, they duly deserve this status!   Everyone has their own opinions about a tiny hole in the wall being capable of being bestowed with a Michelin 1 Star status -  but to me a true foodie will never pre-judge a place on appearance.   I do have 1 complaint about Ho Hung Kee however,  and that is it’s Wontons aren’t really that great.  They are a little too dense and not ‘pillowy’ light enough in the skin wrapping.   The soup broth is also not as good as it’s sister shop Tasty Congee’s (especially the higher end shop in Happy Valley),  which carries a far superior golden broth and even better and more sophisticated soup than Mak’s Noodles in Central.  Here, it is their Congee and Fried Beef Noodles however which comes highly recommended, also salvaging an otherwise not so exciting Wonton meal.

The Wait isn’t too bad,
so I come by quite often enough..


The Raw Ingredients -
From carp fish, to pork liver, thousand year old eggs, squid, and beef.
All very fresh here.  I wouldn’t patron most other shops except a few other favourites.


Menu in Cantonese -
English available upon request..


Plain Wonton – HKD 29
The Michelin 1 Star wontons, are cheap.   This is the plain version without the noodles. It’s quite decent and definitely within the Top 5 in Hong Kong,  with each person preferring their own versions!   ~   8/10

Pillowy Tail -  The name ‘wonton’ in Chinese means to swallow the cloud !

Pork and Prawn filling -
Around 30% to 70% ratio

Soup Broth -
This is more concentrated on the Prawn Roes taste.   I prefer them to have a bit more toasted flounder bones taste too!




Plain ‘Sui Gau’ Water Dumplings-  HKD 34
These Ddumplings are often neglected in a Wonton Noodles Shop,  but ‘Sui Gau’  has their own appeal as they’re slightly bigger like the Northern Chinese dumplings,  and filled with a slightly different filling such as Bamboo Shoots,  Snow Fungus,  Prawns,  Toasted Prawn Roe and sometimes a bit of pork.   The one here is decent enough.   ~  7/10



Marinated Pork ‘Front’ Knuckles  (豬手) -
The flavour is nice, with fermented red beancurd and secret marination taste.  But only if you love lots of collagen and not an abundance of meat!   I only eat very little of it myself to test!    
~  8/10



Wonton and Sui Gau Combination Noodles – $42
The two types of dumplings can be ordered half-half for a price hike.  The noodles here are actually better than Mak’s Noodles, with just a smidgeon more egginess and bouncy texture.  Although don’t expect artisanal noodles like here to be very ‘QQ’ in a fake rubbery way,  one will only find those in cheaper shops.



IMG_6639-1Thousand Year Old Eggs and Salted Pork Floss Congee (皮蛋瘦肉粥) -  $36
This is one of the best congees I’ve had in Hong Kong.  The rice is thickened and viscous,  cooked with a good broth base and the texture is simply addictive,  with the duck eggs and pork floss meat penetrating right into this wintery dish.    ~   10/10



P1060745-1(Left) Pickled Radish -  eaten with the soup noodles, traditionally to cancel out the alkalinity
(Right) Chili Sauce – using a famous HK brand chili sauce infused with some garlic and vinegar, this is a must have to eat with the below fried noodles dish!


Wok Fried Beef Hor Fun Noodles (乾炒牛河) – $68
This Hong Kong local’s favourite is done exceptionally well here.  The soy based sauce has coated onto the flat noodles evenly,  the noodles don’t stick together like Siamese twins and the Beef is tasty and not over reliant on be chemical-made tender.  
~  9/10


P1060744-1Beef is quite decent here -


Congee -
Love their congee here,  and also the Wok Fried Beef Noodles.
Wonton and Sui Gau noodles also decent,  but there are a few other alternatives in town!

Price: HKD $30 - 70 per person
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2
Opening Hours -
Mon- Sun    11:30am – 11:30pm

Address: 銅鑼灣霎東街2號
2 Sharp Street East,, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Ph: (03) 2577 6558


  1. 今天好的粥麵家的好..原來是來自很多不好的同行.

  2. Yeah, I came here because of its Michelin Star, and really liked the Congee



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