Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Zabon Ramen - (Hong Kong)

 Food cycles come and go in Hong Kong.   Remember back in the days when we had ramen streets in HK?  And then Burger King disappeared for nearly 2 decades here but made a come back.    Zabon ramen is yet another Japanese import and I deliberately didn’t posted this until a few months after it’s opening,  because over the next few months of monitoring I felt like the initial promising quality had already began to fade. 



Charsiu Ramen -
This looked and ate so good at the beginning.
   Noodles were thin but al dente,  eggs were so runny.  The Charsiu was tasty and not dry.  The base soup had a correct mixture between pork bone,  vegetables,  mushrooms,  fried shallots,  fresh negi onions.   This was so well balanced.  ~  9/10



Japanese imported,  Bean Sprouts and Green Onions -




Charsiu Ramen #2 -
The above bowl was truly excellent.   I had a craving and came back obviously as a creature of habit.  This wasn’t bad per se but the pork this time was lean,  the soup base has lost some sophistication and flavour.  Even the noodles were cooked slightly past it’s prime.  ~ 7/10



Green Onion ‘Negi’ Ramen #3-
This is in fact the signature ramen at Zabon’z Tokyo outlets.
   The soup base however was lacking compared to my 1st bowl here.  It was diluted and uninteresting,  also lacking the pork tonkotsu,  soy sauce and above-mentioned mushrooms flavour.   ~  6.5/10




Open Kitchen -
With a live LCD monitor showing in real time the broth being brewed in the back kitchen.  I really liked this new ramen addition during it’s beginning,  but after several revisits,  I am finding them to be too complacent and no longer working it’s magic.  I might give it another final try 1 day,  but I am totally ready to write it off with the obvious quality decline..



Price:   Around $100 HKD
Ease of Access:  4/5
Food:  ♕♕♕  to ♕♕♕♕

Opening Hours:
Sun to Thurs 11:00am - 22:00pm
Fri to Sat 11:00am - 23:00pm

Address:  中環荷李活道39-43號安樂樓地下C舖
Shop C, On Lok Mansion, 39-43 Hollywood Road, Soho, Central
Ph: 2815 1533

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