Monday, September 2, 2013

Neuhaus Chocolatier - (Brussels)

 Call me a bit biased as is expectable from a real food snob :@ ,  but on average I found Belgian chocolates to be slightly cloyingly-sweet for personal liking compared to say France, Italy, Spain or Switzerland offerings.   I haven’t eaten them all mind you but so far there are only notable exceptions such as Pierre Marcolini who makes some totally unsweetened chocolate items as a contrast,  and  also Belgium based Callebaut also manufactures sophisticated dark cooking chocolates which proves to be as good as their French artisanal counterparts.   Neuhaus is a brand that I thought I was familiar with and really liked in the past – their pralines are decent plus they are one of the smoothest and neatest looking chocolates from Belgium apart from Godiva.  Nowadays I find them too sweet to my liking though,  how life has evolved recently!



Truffe Chocolates -
Truffe = Chocolate Truffles.  These ones are more fresher and rustic looking than the ones you find in their pre-packed Neuhaus boxes you purchase at the Airport shops.   Visiting one of their actual stores in Brussels,  you can definitely detect an advantage in being able to source their more fresher products on the spot.



I am still Skeptical at this point -
As I have mentioned above,  I used to really like their products here but over the years they seemed to have diminished in popularity somehow.   They seem more and more commercialized which is fine if they remain good (such as Valrhona) but to me they seem very sugary and artificially smooth nowadays.  



Above: Speculoos Truffle
Bottom:  Caramel Truffle  -
Both pieces carried a really crispy chocolate shell albeit a little hard.  The insides of both carried bursts of really intense flavours of Salted Caramel or the spicy Wafer like Speculoos spread.   I can’t pinpoint it exactly but although these aren’t exactly ‘truffles’ in texture as they are simply too hard on the outer casing,  somehow I did like this variation.   ~  8/10




Suxk the King of Candy -
There’s so many Chocolatier shops in Belgium.  Sometimes you will discover a hilarious side to the story behind it all.. such as this shop called Suxk the King of Candy lol!   I think it is unfair to make a sweeping statement about Neuhaus or Belgian chocolates as they can be quite smooth and occasionally playing with different flavours and textures.  I just wished they could be more chocolaty and less about sugariness!



Price:   Euro 5,00
Ease of Access:  3/5
Food:  ♕♕♕♕

Address:  Rue au Beurre,  Grand Place, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

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