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School Food - (Hong Kong)

  I heard from a few people that I don’t post much of foods like Korean or Indian cuisines in Hong Kong.  But take a guess why?   Most Indian foods in HK I have tried taste a little blehhh… many can’t even make the Naan or the rice right,  much like Spanish food as well but that is gradually changing.   I also grew up eating loads of Malaysian,  Vietnamese, Lebanese, Jewish or Greek food but these have also proven to be elusive or ho-hum locally as well.     As for Korean food,  I have tried a few good places although not all of them yet,  it’s just that most of them are found in Tsim Sha Tsui area and as an Islander,  I need to think twice before taking a boat or MTR ride over the harbor just to have a Korean meal after work.  I am really glad that HK Island is finally seeing an increase in offering of Korean ‘casual’ restaurants.  By casual I mean it is down to earth and affordable, and can be eaten any given day.   Albeit they can become modernized and universally sweetened and more simple.



This was refreshing with the fruits,  though I couldn’t taste any of the marshmallows or cotton candy. 




Interior is kinda Modernized -
It feels almost like Greyhound Café just that it’s Korean themed this time.  Apparently,  School Food is quite famous in South Korea.   It’s becoming a chain but I don’t discriminate…  After all it did advertised itself to be fun,  casual and it is priced very reasonably unlike a lot of Korean restaurants in town.




Naengmyeon -  Cold Noodles $70
This is the spiceless version,  one of 2 varieties of this dish.  The broth actually had ‘icy bits’,  which is pretty cool  (no pun intended).   Although this broth was simultaneously a little generic weak.   At least the noodles were chewy and uncut and the pears were sliced thin enough.  ~  6/10




Spam Luncheon Meat and Egg Roll – $62
This Spam version was amongst one of my favorites that night.   Daring but different...  However the egg crepe wrapping around it was deemed so weak in taste.  ~  7/10





Squid Ink Mari – $68
This was good actually.  The squid pieces had good bity texture,  and some pieces had some crunchy pickles inside.   So addictive indeed,  especially when considering this to be casual Korean food and executed alright.  ~  8/10



Beef Bulgogi Mari roll – $62
Quite narrow as well just like all the above.  It came with some marinated beef slices and pickled radish,  and also sesame leaves.   I quite liked this although I can distinctly remember having better versions elsewhere in town such as at K-Roll.  But this was still likeable.   ~  7/10


Fried Cajun Chicken Salad -
Chicken pieces were a bit dry and had a thickish over-fried crust.   The sauce was so cliché and characterless though.   May be it’s personal opinion,  but for a salad this had too much fried stuff and meat as well?!  ~  6.9/10



Soy Carbonara Toppoki ‘rice cakes’ -
This is so new school Korean food and Toppoki is actually a Japanese name,  it seemed almost like they formulated the whole concept to be modern and steering away from the trusted rustic stuff.
  The soy flavour influence was apparent and digging into the dish,  you find more vermicelli on top of the bacon.  It’s creative although not resembling much of the true Italian Carbonara dish.   A little too sweet in balance for me but actually I ended up liking it,  especially the sweated onions which soaked up the acquired sweet tasting sauce.   It’s not exceptional but it was a new experience,  and we wished the Tteokbokki rice cakes were more evenly cooked.  ~  7/10





Price:   $165 per Person 
Ease of Access:  5/5
Food:  ♕♕♕♕

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun  12:00 to 22:30pm

Address :  銅鑼灣勿地臣街1號時代廣場13樓1302
13th Floor,  Times Square, Matheson Street,  Causeway Bay,  Hong Kong.
Ph: 2480 3666

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts - I had a similar experience just a few days ago A long wait, the squid ink mari was the best dish of the evening and the soy carbonara rice cakes were way too sweet. An interesting new place, but I won't be back. I prefer the Koreans on Kimberley Road.



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