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The Pawn (II) - Hong Kong

 This review will be unusually more like an ad as it is quite last minute decided -  my last combined reviews of The Pawn can also be found here at  The Pawn (I)  .   Basically The Pawn as mentioned in that summary post does British style food,  and I happen to have developed almost a fetish level craving for British gastro pub food and quite frankly,  I have been spoiled by London’s The Harwood Arms and a few other places.   My other favourites in HK town are at The Chinnery and The Globe, also Dickens Bar,  and The Canny Man does Scottish themed food as well but once again this is my blog territory -  I think not many of these will really measure up with the best I have tried overseas.    This time around I was more helping out with a friend in gathering some bloggers to try spread word about their 5th Year Anniversary ‘The Pawn’ tasting menu.   It is $1888 for 4 people and I was actually surprised by the portion sizes  -  a huge slab of USDA Prime steak included would have cost more than $1,000 on it’s own in many restaurants and you still get 3 other main courses,  pretty entrees for everyone and a sharing of desserts.   This special offer is only available until 31st of October 2013 and it is good value for money. 



Bread and Butter -
I personally think the bread looks a bit white and under-baked.  I like the canister of Maldon sea salt though on the side.   *Snob mode on again..




Pumpkin Soup with coriander, rocket and pumpkin seeds -
Needed more salt,  but the curried pumpkin combination made me think about some missing lobster pieces for some reason!    The herbs and pumpkin seeds was more a travesty and could be stronger to make a good contrast in the final result.  ~  6.9/10




Star Fruit Brulee Cocktail -
This is recommendable for sure,  and the Star fruit was chosen because it has 5 pointy edges to represent The Pawn’s 5th Anniversary.   ~  6/10



Appetizers for everyone served in a Dim Sum Basket.  ‘The Pawn’ style :
Ham Hock Terrine -  lovely and shreddy
Duck and Chicken Liver Parfait -  the chicken liver part makes it quite grainy and gamey
Crab Pot with Duck fat – I really liked it but others thought the fat preservative layer was too thick
Scotch Egg -  They claim that this is the best Scotch Egg in HK.  I have had it so many times now.
Beetroot Cured Salmon – Looked so pretty with a huge caper berry and with caviar too  
~  9/10




Scotch Egg -
I have had this numerous times here and it has gone from having too little meat coating,  to a small quail egg version.  This original version seems to have stabilized upon the come back and it is pretty decent.  I won’t mind it if they make a Haggis Scotch Egg version once in a while too as I also miss that bolder version! 




Beetroot Cured Salmon with Caviar  -




Whole Baked Seabass with Fennel,  Lemon and Mixed Herbs -
Very fresh and big in portion.  Was surprised this was included in the whole $1888 package to share.   Done very well here and the belly part was so oily.   ~  8/10




USDA Prime Rib -  This was massive although I personally won't call this a Prime Rib as it's a Steak to me
We think it needed more a charred surface but the meat was good quality and so huge,  served Bone-In as well animal style.   Comes with horseradish cream.  This steak alone at other steak houses would have cost $1000+ alone.       ~  7/10





Yorkshire Pudding -
Gravy to arrive later to obviously drown this pudding.  This was a little too hard to my liking however.   ~  5/10




Roasted Corn-fed Chicken with Truffle and Thyme -
The skin was crispy,  though the meat was losing it’s moisture as a result.  The herbs and truffle rub was decent.   The side sauce was like a roux or bechamel but too thick.   The highlight of this was the chicken skin..   ~  6.9/10





48 Hours Pork Belly with Mashed Potatoes and Yorkshire Pudding -
Everyone’s unequivocal favourite.  I know everyone loves pork belly and every time it’s on the menu someone will automatically rave about it,  even if it was mediocre to me.   But I have to say this was legit for real -  the meat had a good meat and marination flavour from the sous vide suctioning process (Sous vide means vacuuming not slow-cooking actually),  it wasn’t too fatty,  and the thin crispy skin on top was clean and won’t end up sticking between your teeth either.   I think we all wanted some more portions of this unctuous dish and I hope the restaurant ends up slicing even bigger pieces to their loyal customers!  Oink!     ~  9.5/10




Mashed Potatoes with Cheese -
On the other hand,  this mashed potato was a bit bland for some reason.  Couldn’t taste much of it..




Desserts.   The final version we were told, 
will be bigger and actual sizes of the Eton Mess and Crumble -

Apple Crumble – the apples were cooked spot on,  the crumbles could be more buttery crumbly
Strawberry Eton Mess – good balance of flavours but needed more meringue
Lemon Trifle Shots – I liked this as it was so refreshingly lemony
Brandy Snaps  -  Home made version.  One of my favourite desserts but elusive to find in HK.  I think I don’t mind a bigger cigar like version just to satisfy my own craving..




Price:   $1888 for 4 Persons   (Preview Tasting Event)
Ease of Access:  4/5
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ to ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address : 62 Johnston Road,  Wan Chai,  Hong Kong
Ph:  28663444

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