Thursday, January 6, 2011

Le Cabane de Vin - Celebrating Epiphany on the 6th of Jan - ♕♕♕♕

A lot of European countries celebrate the day of Epiphany on the 6th of January each year,  as its a special day for Western Christians -  one of the celebratory methods involves eating a flat round cake, with a King’s Crown adorning it for decoration.  Since Le Cabane de Vin is a French Organic wine-shop, naturally its French owners celebrate this important annual event with a house-made pastry of Galette des Rois.  Its also known under different names in Greece or Spain, Portugal or Bulgaria – but they all translate to the same thing – a King’s Cake!

The French usually start selling Galette Des Rois in the shops from late December to mid January, but the actual date of celebrating Epiphany is the same as its neighbouring countries – exactly on the 6th of January, although sometimes rounded up to the nearest weekend!

Definitely Fit for a King..
Baked by the French lady owner of this new French wine shop herself. 
How lucky was I to try out her baking skills..

This is the Chocolate version of Galette des Rois I ate -
Its $5.0 for a slice, but the lovely owner decided not to charge me, since I was a customer..

Normandy Pear ‘Poire’ Cider -
Those who have read my reviews will know, I love Bretagne and Normandie ciders, especially when eaten with crepes and galettes.  And a Galette des Rois is still a galette, just different!  I tried and loved their slightly alcoholic Apple Ciders a lot but their brut Pear cider, only made in Normandy, is a long term favourite of mine at 4% alcohol abv.  AFAIK, Le Cabane de Vin is the only shop which sells this dazzling pear cider in Hong Kong. 

Boss has in fact made 2 different types of Galette Des Rois - 
The normal yellowish fragipane version, as well as the Chocolate one I ate.  Why ?   Because apparently if I order the Pear Cider, it will pair better with the Chocolate version.    Now how thoughtful is that?   French people really understand how to pair wine and drinks with food as a marriage…  My slice didn’t have the little figurine doll of la fève.  I won’t be King for the day but I don’t need to pay for the Le Galette Des Rois for 2012 either !!

This is going to be a French Wine Shop I will be visiting again and again…  
If you really want to try a Galette des Rois before the event ends within a few days, you can buy them at Chez Patrick Deli, Monsieur Chatte, The Press Room or Robuchon’s Salon de the, etc.  *They don’t sell them at this shop, since it was just the boss’s own once-off celebratory event with its customers.

Price: $140-$200 per bottle
Score: ★★★★☆☆

Address: 中環荷李活道97號地下
(Basement, 97 Hollywood Road, Hong Kong)
Ph: 68916971

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  1. Dear HK Epicurus,
    Thank you so much for your article...
    Do you know how to make a nice place ?
    Just love what you sell, the people you sell to and the place where you selling...I am lucky, i have the three !!
    Sandrine... The french lady owner.



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