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Lucques Tavern - (Hong Kong)

  Lucques Tavern.   Not many people surrounding my circle (read: Foodie’s circle)  have yet to hear about this new opening inside Harbour City’s mega complex labyrinth.   I barely caught glimpses of it by following @HarbourCity on Instagram as their burger looked tempting at least on the surface.   Separately their PR contacted me a few months later for a Thanks Giving food tasting.    Replacing the old Dan Ryan’s spot but which the Chef team remains the same,  since this still belongs to the same Dining group,   the new concept is based around So-Cal Cuisine (from Southern California).    It's not the Mexican food and Koreans fusion food either,  but the latest upcoming cleaner natural way of eating.    Pioneering the new organic food movement from California which is currently popular over there and when the food goes straight from farm to table.     



Thanks Giving Menu -  Adult $428,  Kids $208
Will be served on Thursday Thanks Giving.  
4 Courses with a Drink included,  except 10% service.




A Big Wave 'Golden Ale’ from Hawaii -  $58
A quality artisanal beer with obvious pineapple, mango and floral notes for only $58,
and you will see why I said the drinks at Little Bao’s setting are over-priced as this is better beer but charged lower.   Although Little Bao’s food is charged very fair.



Bread Basket with some Olives and Peanuts,  and Butter -
It was alright.  Run of the mill stuff but I liked the nuts idea on the side.





Thanks Giving Course #1 -   Relishes or Crudites as a Starter -
Was surprised things got off to such a healthy start! 
To me this looked neat and it can probably do with some Blue Cheese dip sauce or something.  Even Thousand Island will do.




Thanks Giving Course #2 - Pumpkin Soup
It looked simple but was cooked well.   By that I mean it is not too lumpy or too creamy,  both of which are so ubiquitous in Hong Kong old school Western restaurants.  Not here.   This was legit for once.



Thanks Giving Course #3 -
With 4-5 Slices Roasted Turkey,  Turkey Giblets Gravy,  Turkey Stuffing below,
Side of Candied Sweet Potato, Potato Mash,  French Beans and Walnut,  Cranberry Sauce -
Actually I am so used to Turkey’s being carved up by the table but this cleaner version was appreciated.  The turkey meat was fairly decent and I like their plenty of non-commercial Gravy.  Overall this was a happy package.   As a side note,  my fellow diners think this is too much meat for 1 person’s plate but I think this is a positive thing especially for us carnivores who can eat 800g steaks alone?   I will happily devour it by myself ! 




28Oz US Brandt Family ‘Reserve’ Tomahawk Steak – $788
Medium-Rare,  this natural beef is mostly grain-fed but it had a good natural beef meat taste, rather than from the oil build=up.   I liked it for what it is and it’s affordable here!  The sauteed Garlic Kale on the side was also very flavourful.    Roast potatoes however were a bit oven dried out and not crispy,  I think it could benefit from a thrice cooked method as they were way off the mark.    The steak in the meanwhile,  was different with it’s elegant meat flavour.  





Bone-In Rib Eye Cross Section -
Not very marbled but it was quite flavourful,  but not in a robust way, 
but more in a natural meatiness taste.





A ‘Godiva’ based Chocolate Cocktail with Burnt Cinnamon -
Interesting and if you like chocolaty cocktails,
this Wintery Spiced Cocktail is for you.




Lobster and Crab Mac & Cheese in Spicy Mornay sauce – $208
This was on my list even before I walked-in. I am glad someone ordered it and it also happened to be the staffs' favourite as they like it so much,  they pay for their own dish here!   This had some lobster pieces but surprisingly hidden within the sauce lots of crab meat.  The Canadian Cheddar is a bit filling.  Yummy and unique!!




Thanks Giving Course #4  -  Apple Pie
You can choose their signature Pumpkin Tart which is also quite Thanks Giving like and quite spiced and slightly denser than Dan Ryan days,  but I personally recommend this Crumbly Apple Pie which was also correctly spiced and gooey.    Easily one of the best ones I have eaten locally.





Apple Tart Tatin -  (*Part of Normal Set Dinner Course for $488 for 2 people)
With Natural Honeycomb and Wild Jungle Honey,  also Vanilla Ice cream that I swear was made with Mexican vanilla pods.  I really like this concept and the apple pieces were cooked well,  but the pastry base was a bit too flaky and soft,  the only let down.  Hence I liked Apple Pie above more than this..




Limoncello Cheese Cake – Also part of the $488 Course for 2 people
This was creamy and very cheesy,  quite likable.  I liked the addition of thyme and this thyme taste was also apparent within the cake,  but it can do with more Limoncello tase and then this could become really addictive!   Desserts at Dan Ryan Groups have always been good,  the Tiramisu here before and also at Antico are surprisingly my top selections in town,  even over the Michelin 1-3 star Italian restaurants.   Overall if it performs like this everyday I will be returning as a regular...





Price:   $244 to $428 for Thanks Giving Meal including Drink +10%  (Meal by Invitation)
Food:   ♕♕♕♕  – ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Ease of Access:  4/5
Address:  尖沙咀廣東道17號海港城海運大廈3樓OT315號舖
Tsim Sha Tsui,  Harbour City,  17 Canton Road,  3rd Floor,  Shop no. 315
Ph:  2735 6111

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