Thursday, November 28, 2013

Daifukuya Ramen 大福屋 - (Hong Kong)

 Hong Kong is a funny city,  where things come and go so quickly that you didn’t even realize they have opened before they are gone within a few months,  blame it on the high rental.   If a dedicated foodie like me can’t keep up with the openings,  then what are the chances for the normal citizens and underlyingly we are all after good food within our life’s rushes?   There are so many new ramen shop openings flooding the city these 1-2 years and some closed before I got to eat them,  but guess what?  This isn’t the 1st time it had happened as there were separate charges of ramen movements many years before on separate occasions.    It is just like Burger King trying to make a come back after many years of absence in Hong Kong,  but still not very good at their 2nd attempt as most shops have closed except in Fortress Hill,  the Airport and in the New Territories.   Burger King just doesn’t realize why they are failing big time – their quality is not the real Burger King experience as overseas sigh.   I keep saying someone ought to hire me as a Taste Consultant for QC because I know what I am putting into my mouth with enough cross comparison experiences but I have no channels to tell them lol.  I love Burger King globally but why is it that no one in their group knows they have a core problem with the food and where is the missing flame-grilled taste in HK outlets?    This brand new Japanese imported ramen shop suffers the same fate…



They offer the Original Daifuku Styles and newer Ramen Styles,
the latter a rip off from a famous Competitor in Tokyo -
It even tries to sound similar.  二郎 vs 野郎 for example,  pronunciations almost similar in Chinese and Japanese.    At least Samsung sounds different from Apple within their patent fights. 




Fish Gyokai x Pork Tonkotsu Ramen   魚介 x 豚骨  -  $75
To be honest this wasn’t bad.  
It’s just that the advertised Fish soup or Fish powder taste was nowhere to be found compared to the competitors,  and despite being quite gelatinous and coating the mouth,  it lacked the Porky taste or Vegetables background in the soup too,  I suspect the gelatin comes from chicken feet.     The pork Char Siu looked  very neat actually,  but biting in they were bland but I think it was sous vide from the soft texture.  The best thing was the Bamboo shoots which were proper pieces and not the normal marinated Menma メンマ.   Their egg was decent too but with a rather tiny yolk.     The noodles in the meanwhile were thicker yellower strands that were tasty but slightly limpy.   Actually checking out their original website in Japan  -  ,  I think it’s just that the Hong Kong shop isn’t performing to it’s standards.  Much like Burger King…     ~   6/10





Price:   $85
Food:   ♕♕♕ to ♕♕♕ 1/2

Ease of Access:  4/5   (Beside SOHO Escalator)
Address:  中環閣麟街32-34號美輪樓地下C號舖
Shop C, 32-34 Cochrane Street, Central,  Hong Kong Island
Ph:  2117 4123

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