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凱悅軒 The Chinese Restaurant - (HK)

 There are 3 Hyatt Hotels in Hong Kong.   凱悅軒 The Chinese Restaurant is inside Tsim Sha Tsui’s Hyatt Regency Hotel side.   This hotel used to be located on the other side of Nathan Road for many decades and now that 凱悅軒 has re-opened and also HUGO’s,  it has become a vastly popular dining spot with many dedicated foodies and bloggers in town.  Surprisingly however,  many other locals, foreigners and even the Michelin guys haven’t caught on yet with here.   This restaurant is currently rated as one of the top Cantonese restaurants in town by the most dedicated foodies.  


Meal begins with some Fried White Baits and Peanuts,  and a variety of Sauces -


Ice Bathed Fresh Abalone in Master stock,  Jelly Fish and Pickled Ginger - 冰鎮滷水九孔鮑
This was done ok.  I liked the crunchy texture of both the Abalone and Jelly Fish,  but may be I expected more flavour from the master stock sauce description??   ~  7/10


BBQ Charsiu Pork -  蜜汁叉燒
A lot of foodies vote this as the No.1 Char Siu in town right now.   I have to say I was one of those people as during a previous visit this was spot on balanced.  This time around,  it had the right marination and glazing,  but was a little under-charred and not marbled enough.   It’s still good quality but one can’t help of my previous experience here.   I guess every little detail always counts in the end?   ~   7 – 9/10



Salt & Pepper Fried Tofu Cubes - 八味豆腐
This was fried cleanly without residual oily,  apparently one of Chef Lo’s unique skills to make everything healthier and not greasy.  I was definitely impressed as this was crispy on the outside but retained a good tofu taste inside.   A must order entrée.   ~  9.5/10



Steamed Eggplants with Chili,  Garlic,  Soy & Sesame Sauce - 金蒜醬油蒸茄子
This was one of my favorite dishes.  The combination was just right and yet again this didn’t come across as oily,  but they were packed with balanced flavours.   A must order dish.  ~  10/10

Doubled Boiled Four Treasures Soup in Papaya - 四寶燉萬壽果  $198
Comes with 香花,  Bamboo piths, Crab Meat,  Roasted Duck,  Chinese Ham, etc.   The soup was more on the savory side like a Winter Melon soup but in Papaya shell instead.  Really lovely soup and full of Chicken essence as a base.    8/10



Claypot Lobster,  Ginger and Vermicelli noodles - 乾逼粉絲龍蝦煲 $580
This was really impressive.  Made using local green lobsters,  this was fried quickly then braised wth the vermicelli together.   Cooked just right to medium and the sauce penetrates the noodles so well.  An absolutely delightful dish and at only $580 fixed, rather than at market price.   10/10



Korean Black Garlic stirred-fried Japanese Saga Wagyu Beef & Asparagus -
有機黑蒜炒佐賀和牛粒 $980
This was pretty good and you can definitely tell it’s full blood wagyu beef,  although it is a bit overly tenderized for my personal liking.   The price is also a bit high but the large portion makes up for it.   The highlight was actually the Organic Korean Black garlic,  which are more potent and less mushy than the norm and helped enhance the whole dish.   If the beef was less tenderized this would be really spot-on!   ~  7/10

Jasmine Tea Smoked Chicken - 茉莉花茶燻雞 $220/Half
Some blogger foodie once recommended this and it became an instant hit in Hong Kong.   I have had and posted this before and this time around it was still very smoky yet elegant!   Usually Smoked Chickens in Cantonese cuisine use a lot of sugar and rice,  this version was more biased towards the Jasmine tea.   The yellow skinned chicken was fat enough but not too greasy,  the chicken meat ever so tender.   Need to come for this dish alone me thinks… ~  9/10


上湯浸豆苗 - Simmered Pea Shoots in Superior Broth
The portion was quite big and it came adorned with finely julienned Chinese Yunnan Ham.  Actually this is such a trusted combo,  and at the end of the day it always boils down to the quality of the young pea shoots and the broth.  Here it was pretty good indeed.   ~  8/10




Seafood,  Dried Scallops,  with Fried White and Red Rice   - 金瑤海鮮炒紅糙米飯  $180
True to what we heard and expect from the Chef,  the rice base here was cooked non-greasy again and healthy.   One has to know that most dishes in Hong Kong involving Red Rice is bounded to be super-oily by default,  so this version here is so appreciated.  The seafood taste could be strong still and I somehow expected more red rice ratio.    ~  7/10



Pineapple Bun Crust,  Baked Tart Base,  with Glutinous Rice and Salted Egg Yolk filling - 
酥皮流沙盞 $38
I have never eaten this before but when other foodies posted it on separate occasions,  I was like it is so complicated as a concept borrowing from 3 or even 4 different desserts,  how does it even work?  Confusion?   But when I received this finally I have to say this was one amazing finishing dessert.   So far there has been quite a few dishes that I would come back for already.   Fussy but it really worked this time!   ~  10/10



Fried Ice Cream with House-Made Vanilla Ice Cream -
A lot of Overseas shop do a Fried Ice Cream in Batter,  but guess what?  One seldom sees this in Hong Kong.  This version had quite a thick Tempura like batter but it was really good in the end and liked most of the fried food above not greasy.   ~  8/10


We also had other Desserts and Many other Dishes previously during our own paid visit -
The food here in a lovely Hotel Setting was surprisingly very affordable too.
I have to say that personally to me, some dishes are as good as they get in Hong Kong. Recipes wise, some are very unique. Some are more old school.   It probably depends on what you order to make a complete meal here and when you order the Best of the Best items,  they are likely to be beter…   Remember that in many Chinese restaurants in town, not every dish is going to be perfect unless you order specifically.  Over at here I think quite a few dishes hit the right spot, no wonder so many foodies love it here and are coming back next week again!




Price:  $350.  Visited Twice.  Once by myself and afterwards by Invitation.
Ease of Access:   5/5
Food:  ♕♕♕♕  to ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: 尖沙咀河內道18號尖沙咀凱悅酒店3樓
18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Ph: + 852 2311 1234

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