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Le Bistro Winebeast - Bargain Wines and Surprisingly Amazing food to Pair with It

   Le Bistro Winebeast is opened by the Winebeast Wine Shop people which is only 2 streets away,  and I have been purchasing wines from the shop many times ever since it opened.   Their latest bistro is headed by Chef Johan Ducroquet,  who has worked under multiple Michelin starred restaurant in France and also at Le Chateaubriand.   The concept of this restaurant is simple – wines are sold at Retail Prices.   This is the 1st that I have heard in Hong Kong.  So that means,  when you pay $600 for a bottle of wine,  you aren’t receiving a $150 bottle’s performance.  You are getting the real deal.  The 2nd surprise?  The food was just simply too good for its pricing point.  Little wonder that despite not seeing much advertising,  the restaurant is packed to the brim every day.



Catherine & Pierre Breton Epaule Jete Brut Sparkling NV, Chinon,  Loire Valley, France -
A lovely citrusy and minerally sparkling,  surprisingly served in a white wine glass. 
Lovely start to the evening and this is made according to traditional Champagne style production method.

Pork Rillettes with Toasted Farmhouse Bread – $79
Really lovely sourdough bread.  The Pork Rillettes is made of 3 different parts of the pig,  I personally think the taste was great but could be a bit more moister.  ~ 7/10


Beef Tartare with Pickles,  Egg Yolk and Espelette Pepper – $138
I was really impressed by this.  In Hong Kong a lot of places can’t get the balance right.  Here it was chunky,  seasoned well albeit a bit on the acidic side,  and it had a nice beefiness.   You can compare it directly with the La Cabane du Bistro version,  which incidentally is sort of a competitor with their own Wine Shop and separate Bistro Concept.   ~ 8/10


2010 “Les Sorceres”  Domaine Du,  Carignan,  AOP Cotes du Roussillon,  France -
A little spicy with ripe dark cassis fruits and vanilla,  this was a perfect match with the Beef Tartare.

Cod Brandade de Morue -  $98
The menu description does not reveal the true complexity of this dish.  Pounded salt cod fish is mixed with chunky and pureed potatoes,  mixed with Kaffir Lime leaves,  Apple slices, Radish,  Dried Olive powder,  Salad greens and a Piquillo pepper sauce.    Very lovely and thoughtful dish,  the addition of the kaffir lime and piquillo gave it extra kicks in 2 different way.  And for $98?   Must be kidding!   ~ 10/10


2012 ‘Dry’ Riesling Schlossberg,  Domaine Weinbach,  Alsace Grand Cru,  France -
Finally a more recognizable wine as this is quite well known.  It is elegant and well structured,  it’s a style that German Riesling on the other side of the mountain isn’t well known for,  yet over there,  they are changing the approach to make Grand Cru Rieslings to be dry style only too.  Interesting movement.

Grilled Breast of Duck,  Ginger & Beetroot Jus,  Tamarind Condiment,  Crispy Turnip and Radish – $268
A very well done dish,  cooked to perfection and despite the slightly Asian flavours,  this looked amazing and worked a treat.  One of the most memorable duck dishes I have had in 2014.  ~ 9/10


2011 Chateau le Puy Emilien,  Cote de Bordeaux,  France -
This Chateau was made super famous by the Japanese Comic ‘Drops of God – Kami no Shizuku’,  and although that was for a different wine from the same wine maker, this is still glorified.   My eyes lit up and knowing this retail price is around the upper $3xx,  I expected them to be selling this around at least the $600 range.  Nope,  it can be yours for $350 dining in.  Even lower than what other wine shops retail for.  My jaws just dropped to the floor…  Come grab this baby. 



Parisian Cafe Gourmand – $88
This is a Paris habit,  you order the 4 items with your coffee shot.  With a Chestnut dessert,  Financier,  a Chocolate Raspberry Tart and a Creme Brulee served in a Mandarin shell,  this is even more complicated than the usual Cafe Gourmand you experience in Paris itself!   How thoughtful.   Hong Kong doesn’t really have a Cafe Gourmand culture so this is fairly unique to me,  I mean personally I only do this when I am in Paris myself.  Incidentally,  Le Renais de Entrecote around the corner also carries this,  but one won’t find many ordering one.  It is just not a culture well-known yet in Hong Kong thus far.   ~ 9/10




2007 Vendange, Chateau La Casenove,  AOC Rivesaltes,  France -
An sweet amber red Grenache Rivesaltes to finish the night,  instead of the white version.  So suitably chosen.  


4 Course Tasting Menu – $448
With 4 Wine Pairings – $558
Seriously,  the biggest bargain in town.  And don’t forget,  you can pre-order their huge selection of more famous or boutique wines at their other Wine Store and be drank here at Retail Price.   Such a bargain for both food and wine.




Price:  $558 + no 10%
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: 15 McGregor Street, Wan Chai,  Hong Kong
Ph: 2479 6833

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