Saturday, February 27, 2016

Osteria Felice [ Hong Kong ] - Affordable but Traditional Italian fare, this is Precisely what Hong Kong has been Missing all this Time..

 Those who know me closely will probably realize,  these days I am not that excited about food anymore.  Granted there are many upcoming promising places I have yet to try,  but I do feel like I needed to settle for a bit.  Gone are the days when I travel to Japan 10 times a year,  and traveling to Paris or Italy for weeks at a time.  However,  Osteria Felice was one of a kind in HK and thoughtful yet truly Italian,  meaningful especially when the Chef is from Melbourne and same as myself,  yet determined and trying to emulate the best of the authentic recipes in Italian spirit.  

Aperitivo Hour - 
The Prosciutto with Melon,  Beef Bresaola and Cheeses are available unlimited during Happy Hour.
I was thinking I didn't even need dinner afterwards,  since I am a small eater nowadays.  But Dinner Menu looked rather promising too..

Affetati Misti -
Not an ordinary but Tuscan Cinta Senese platter of Prosciutto,  Capocollo, Salami, Guanciale Pork Cheek and Belly Pancetta.  With some proper Grissini Sticks.  The guanciale was awesome and nicely salted on the external,  paired with some Mustard Fruits of seasonal Figs.  ~  10/10

Buffalo Mozzarella,  Fior di Latte,  Burrata Cheese Tasting Platter - 
Actually this presentation and concept was mind evocative,  they are very similar and all a mozzarella in overall definition,  but here they tried to make you taste their differences..

Bread Basket - 
Call me fussy but this was just okay and uninspiring under tanned too.  Most people don't care anyway,  actually same as me haha,  I will eat any bread presented to me when hungry...  But Artisanal Bread is going to be on another level but I also have to care about your Profit Margins... Blame average bread on high HK Rental instead!

Self Ordered Martini -  Gin,  Vermouth,  Vodka based as you choose, plus a myriad of infusions.  Comes even with Pickled Cucumbers or Watermelon,  etc...  Interesting.

Beef Tartare with Black Truffles - $158
This was well priced,  especially with the aromatic Truffles.   The Tartare itself was quite pickled-sour,  I have to say personally I prefer the Beef flavor to sing out more much like I am used to eating them in Italy and Australia.  Although Paris on average has been overly minced and sauced too,  so it depends on your preference I guess..   ~  8/10

Sardines with Burrata Cheese on Toasted Bruschette -
Amazing.  Huge and perfectly portioned in every aspect.  Even the toasts were sliced perfectly thin and toasted, warm.   I wish I could eat these for lunch.  ~  9/10

Beef Bone Marrows with Bruschette Bread -
This was okay.  I prefer them more burnt caramelized on top and melty... ~  6/10

Grilled Radicchio wrapped in Pistachio Mortadella Ham - 
The Radicchio cabbage was huge.  Didn't know why we ordered this Daily Special as I don't get this Concept,  but it turned out to be educational and indeed it worked!   ~  9/10

Gargenelli Pasta with a Pork & Beef Meat Ragu - $168
Really well cooked and flavorful in depth.   From my memory well priced too.   I should totally go back just for this as expertly executed homely food..  I want to order more Cheese though  ~  9/10

2 Sea Urchins on Squid Ink Pasta with Parsley - $268
This was okay.  The Pasta texture was perfect but the 2 different types of urchin flavors didn't really sing out.  It is expected due to Food and Rental costs in HK,  but yeah it needs more urchin umami for me.  ~ 7/10

Roasted Duckling,  Grappa Preserved Cherry Sauce - $388
Crispy Skin with a lot of meat.  By this time we were pretty full but this on its own was worthy of an encore.. That skin was so even roasted crispy,  meat under was still moist.  Acidic sauce helped balance the slight duck fattiness ~ 8/10

Hazelnut Tartufo - $88
With multiple layers of frozen hazelnutty chocolates and fruity jam.  I could eat this for lunch tomo!  And as the name suggests it looks like a truffle.  I think I have eaten this recipe for upwards of 3 Decades so I guess I can judge properly lol  ~  9/10

Tiramisu -
The thing I like about Australian Chefs is that they don't hold back on the Alcohol,  this one was quite Rum infused,  to the point almost everyone on the table think this was too alcoholic strong. To me this goes the other extreme as many in town aren't even spiked with anything noticeable.  ~  8/10

Molten Chocolate Fondant -
If I post one more of this recipe...  Everyone makes one in HK and Europe,  and although this was good,  the original Mi-Cuit or Coulant ideal was long lost for its half-baked concept,  rather than concentrating on the must be lava flowing version in HK!   This one though had a good Dark Choco taste.   They also have great Gelati here but I forgot to take some pics   ~  8/10

Price: Around $400 to 500 + 10% Per Person
Food: ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: Shop 16-21, G/F, Hutchison House, 10 Harcourt Road, Central
Ph:  +852 25166166

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