Sunday, April 24, 2016

Bun Cha [ Hong Kong ] - One of the Best Vietnamese Food in HK. But all of it is Relative.

 One of the best articles I have read online about Vietnamese food cultures,  is from -  over Houston and Orange County in California and the differences.  I agree on this totally because over the years and our own cultural divisions,  not many did start to appreciate over our own Vietnamese bases migrations forward and back,  or how over the many decades and numerous immigrants later,  somehow in every City and Culture we started to develop our own Vietnamese Culture.  One of the very central things which I disagree with almost all food experts on Vietnamese food,  is because I can prove that a Pho noodles is actually a Chinese Chiu Chow-TeoChew based Dish.

No one will speak about this online much because on the apparent surface it doesn't make much sense,  but to me I actually see a total reason behind this relationship  Think about Fermented Fish Sauce.  Apart from Chiu Chow in Southern China,  and also in Rome Italy,  who actually else does the same concept anywhere else at all?   The thing is Vietnamese food and Thai Food also utililizes the same Fish Sauce Concept,  in fact within the co-relations involved,  even the likes of Chinese Chiu Chow or Kway Chap noodles,  Hoi Joh Fried Prawn minced dumplings which are all Chinese Chiu Chow based,  Teo Chew aka Chao Zhou based noodles are all similar in spirits.   I had this Argument with an Instagrammer online recently,  she doesn't believe that a Pho Tuoi noodles (in Vietnamese) is the same as what you would find in Chiu Chow China, even if Cantonese based Teo Chew or Chao Zhou cuisines all advertise them as a Pho Tuoi the same.   I won't be posting this if I didn't believed in it myself fully either.

Good Beef and Pho noodles under - $68
Actually this was pretty good for HK Context.   It was balanced.   I heard some people think this has less Beef Broth depth than Brass Spoon,  which is equally correct.  But then again Brass Spoon is too concentrated on being Beefy but neglecting the overall balance,  plus that wasn't that cheap in comparison.  I will rather pick here on the daily basis.  I think places likes BEP,  Vietnam Station,  Pho 26,  Nha Trang  or elsewhere have all their own strong straits.   Ultimately,  how many will perform better than the ones in Vietnam itself?

Price: $68 Per Person 
Food: ♕♕♕♕♕ 

Address: 上環蘇豪鴨巴甸街41-49號金豪大廈地下1號舖
Ph: 28581900

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  1. Haha apparently this was one of our topics on Wed night, feeling inspired? :D This is some of the most interesting info I have learnt so far :)



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