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Matcha Green Tea Promotion at Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel [ Kowloon, HK ] - Kyoto Matcha Themed Food & Drinks, from now until 18th of June 2016. Kyoto Tea Ceremony.

 Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel and many of its Umbrella restaurants and the Lobby Lounge,  ranging from Michelin 2* Shang Palace ( ) to Nadaman Japanese Restaurant of Japan's Michelin 2* fame,  are currently promoting a Kyoto Uji Matcha themed food and Tea pairing with some creative new entrances in recipe.   We were at the opening announcement as Media/Bloggers tables and came quickly to try out a few quick Matcha samplings.  I am personally a Matcha fan,  so I made sure I tried to capture as many photos as reference and this Matcha Promotion ends before 18th June,  2016.

It's All Matcha Green Tea related - 
Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel will be serving Matcha Green Tea items across their restaurants and lounge until 18th June 2016.  Including their Michelin 2* Shang Palace, Nadaman (of 2* fame in Japan original shop), The Lounge, and Deli Kool the Buffet.

Our Fine Japanese Lady performing Matcha 茶道 -  From Nadaman
Available at The Lounge also until June 18th.   She makes a Kyoto thinner Usu-Cha (薄茶) style as proper in Tea Ceremonies, using Matcha from Koyamasa-KoYamaen (山政小山園) 

A Trio of Matcha Japanese & Chinese Appetizers -
The Front Dish is the Matcha infused River Prawns done by Michelin 2* Shang Palace,  Chef Mok.  Very crunchy morsels with crystal translucent like colors.

Zuwaigani Crab Meat with Matcha Yuba Soy Bean Skin - 
ズワイガニと自家製抹茶湯葉 - 雪埸蟹肉配抹茶腐竹  Wonderful combination of flavors, with the correct amount of dashi jelly input onto the matcha flavored soy bean skin made in house, and plenty of Snow Crab meat on top.

Matcha Green Tea Soy Tofu with Sea Urchin & Grated Wasabi - 抹茶豆腐伴海贍
Also part of the Japanese Nadaman Restaurant promotion, but apparently I heard this can be enjoyed at other places also within the same Kowloon Shangri-la Hotel Restaurants until 18th June 2016,  as a cross-over.

Grilled Isaki Fish with Matcha & Foam, Japanese Sweet Potatoes and Hajikami Ginger Pickle -
宇治抹茶燒日本伊佐木魚, はじかみ, 薩摩芋
This was cooked well and so Kyoto-esque like. It's silkily smooth and reminds me of Saikyo-miso marinated Cod. The presence of a Pickled Ginger was reassuring, as many places in the World copy the grilled marinated Nobu fish concept but doesn't understand about the other smallest balance details!  The sweet potato was so ripe tasting, if it sounds cliched, but it was the perfect season for them as an addition. Lovely !

抹茶多士片皮雞 - Crispy Skin Chicken with Matcha Green Tea Mousse, on Fried Toast Bread.  Sided by Hand Pulled Chicken with Jelly Fish & Shredded Ginger in a Crispy Nest 
New Matcha themed dining and created by Michelin 2* 香宮 Shang Palace's Chef Mok.  Also lasting until 18th June 2016, this is a Tasting Portion and I over heard many became a high fan of this very smart yet well balanced dish. To me personally I also find this historically significant, since Green Tea Culture in Japan sort of picked up from China side.  Well done job.

Matcha Tea Smoked Beef Filet with Wasabi Miso Dressing -
A pretty smart Concept in ideology, but somehow I thought both Matcha or Beef Marbling or Flavor could be improved slightly. I personally have my own philosophy about beef - it works best with Salt, so why not a sprinkle of Matcha Salt too?

Some Matcha Scones and Cheese Cakes,  Jelly with Shiratama Balls,  Roll Cake with Red Beans to finish off with -
These will be presented in various formats in The Lobby Lounge,  other Restaurants or Deli Kool Buffet Restaurant for the 'Matcha Promotion',     If you are more a Savory person like me, there are also Matcha Salmon, Grilled Mushrooms with Matcha Mayo dip, Chawanmushi Egg Custard with Crab Meat and Matcha to choose from.

We made a Matcha Roll Cake with Red Adzuki Beans, Cream & Matcha Macaron with Chocolate Garnish and Printed Chocolate -
Pastry Chef Thomas Broger already prepared all the components from scratch for us, so we just basically assembled them together to streamline things,  and it was certainly a very fun and yummy exercise.  It reminds me of the equally intriguing Scone Making session we had with London's Chef Nicolas Patterson in 2015, who came from London to HK side Island Shangri-La Hotel. (Which I didn't posted that website review but mostly on Instagram,  because it lasted only for a few Days in HK.  Hence its called Instagram I suppose.).  I still remember being astonished that the The London version Scones used high gluten flour and no self-raising flour,  also double cream on top of milk according to Chef Nicolas.  Believe it or not it actually worked a treat,  especially with the addition of Bergamot to the Earl Grey infusion.  For me the Shangri-la Hotels make the best scones overall in my many experiences, also Four Seasons too.  Yet I am always open to a new Scones Competition tasting to improve the Scones Scene : )

The Usu-Matcha Ceremony Cup to finish,  You Pick Your Own Hand Crafted Cup -
It is so Kyoto like and bubbly thin in viscosity,  not too astringent bitter.   The Water Temperature and Water to Powder ratio was spot on combined with the super prestigious above-mentioned Koyamasa-KoYamaen (山政小山園) Powder.  There are a few types of Schools on preparing Matcha,  but according to many Purists,  this balanced act totally reflects Kyoto's heritage and subtle and polite culture.  Job well-done and after asking,  it can be had at The Lounge for $80 daily until mid-June 2016.

Price: A Media/Blogger Preview of the Combination of Their Different Restaurant's Matcha Green Tea Promotion, until 18th June 2016.   For more details,  do Visit for clarification individually

Address: 尖沙咀麼地道64號九龍香格里拉大酒店地下1層 
64 Mody Road, Basement B1, Kowloon Shangri-la Hotel, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Ph: 2733 8754

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