Sunday, June 11, 2017

Co Thanh [Hong Kong] - Latest Vietnamese Banh Mi & Noodles Cafe to Open in HK

  I have been anticipating the opening of Co Thanh in Kau U Fong for nearly 3 months, and already knew that it was due to soft open tomorrow on Monday 12th of June.  Luckily enough I secured myself an order of Banh Mi when I walked past the shop on Sunday,  hopefully taking a preview and also avoiding the likely crowd in its first weeks of opening. 

Co Thanh -
Located on the same street as The Chairman,  Nagahama No.1,  名人坊高級粵菜 Celebrity Cuisine, Le Port Parfume...

There is a Stainless Steel Cart inside the Shop - 
Co Thanh is inspired by and emulates the famous "The Lunch Lady" in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  Hence apart from the Banh Mi,  they also sell Bun Bo Hue,  a Thai inspired Bun Thai noodles,  but ultimately what attracts the most is Bun Mam made with fermented Fish,  something I love eating in HCM.

Some Prawn Crackers to start..

Banh Mi Sandwich with Cold Cuts, Vegetables, Pickles (Spicy) - HKD $88 + 10%
Surprisingly there's only 1 type of Banh Mi served here, with cold cuts thit nguoi style.  Bread is reheated in the oven and it comes with pork pate spread and a variety of cold cuts.  Since this is their new opening,  I won't comment too much on the taste aspect as yet.  Although I think it could do with slightly more margarine-butter beneath the pate,  and the sauce is not that spicy albeit that would be more a Northern style.

Co Thanh sounds Promising -
The Concept itself,  the recipes,  and the tenacity of the Owner in sourcing his produce from Vietnam directly and learning the trade of cooking up traditional Saigon style food.  It's a little more pricier than I initially envisaged,  and let's see when I get around to trying out their other Signature dishes,  also their Rau Ma Pennywort juice..

Price: HKD $88 + 10%
Food: N/A Soft Opening Stage

Address:  2 Kau U Fong, Central

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