Tuesday, June 27, 2017

FINDS [Hong Kong] - Unique Nordic Finnish Afternoon Tea for Two, Great Price at $356

  FINDS x iittala is doing a Finnish cross-over Afternoon Tea recently, and for Two Persons including drinks it's being offered at an affordable HKD $356 only.  I personally was really excited to try out this Tea Set ever since seeing someone post photos of it on Instagram,  as this would be a good deviation from the British Style Tea Sets,  when most items on the menu here are Scandinavian & Finnish recipes.

The FINDS x iitala Tea Set - $356 for Two with Drinks
The Items are all Finnish or Nordic inspired, unique in HK context.  There's a Lapland Cheese cake with Cloudberry Sauce,  or a Chocolate Mousse cone with Sea Buckthorn Berries & Popping Candies, Air Dried Beef on Malt Bread,  Ice Cellar Smoked Salmon & Trout Roes Tart, etc

Finnish style Scones and Pastries -
The right is similar to a Danish Pastry,  and the Scone is slightly sugar coated already,  and is eaten as is without Clotted cream or Jam.  I suggest to show some respect for the food recipes and don't insist on asking the staff for clotted cream here.. haha

Savory Items -
As mentioned there's Ice Cellar Smoked Salmon,  a tart of Trout Roes,  and Air Dried Beef on Malt Bread,  a staple in this region..

Real Lingonberries on this Crème Dessert -
They import the ingredients directly from Finland and Scandinavia..

Milk Chocolate Mousse Cone with Sea Buckthorn Sauce and Popping Candies -
Very Nordic combination, which I enjoy when I travel to that region

Raspberries on Finnish Pancakes -
These are mini versions similar to lätyt, or Dutch poffertjes..

Fruit Teas and Hand Shaven Hot Chocolate -
The Hot Chocolate was topped with some baked meringues,  and was wonderful indeed.  Ideally thick and European like..  this is one of the best versions in town I tried.

Am Glad I finally made it to Here to try the Afternoon Tea Set -
The Food was uniquely Finnish,  plus The Luxe Manor is a great relaxing space to take a drink to calm down in the middle of TST,  and then to sit down and enjoy the tea set.  I have heard some people expected more items,  but I guess at the end of the day this is very reasonably priced plus it is not meant to be a big meal afterall...  at least not in the UK definition with refills!  A previous review of a Dinner can be found here:  http://foodofhongkong.blogspot.hk/2014/12/finds-nordic-christmas-dinner-with-wine.html

Price:  $356 + 10% for Two  (Tea Set organized via The Luxe Manor)
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 尖沙咀金巴利道39號帝樂文娜公館1樓
1F,  Luxe Manor Hotel,  Kimberly Road,  Tsim Sha Tsui,  Kowloon,  Hong Kong
Ph:  2522 9138

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