Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sushi Tsubomi 鮨蕾 [Hong Kong] - Lunch Sushi Course at Affordable HKD $180 is Recommendable

  Sushi Tsubomi opened in the middle of 2017,  and Chef Michael and his team are instantly recognizable being familiar faces in the local Sushi scene,  and I am sure some of us have eaten at their previous restaurants where they took stints, including at Nobu.  This time around,  they opened up their own restaurant inside V Point in Causeway Bay.  We arrived here for a business lunch by impromptu,  since we were headed to La Bombance in the same building instead initially.  We were glad we also gave here a try because the Sushi 8 Pieces plus Tuna Maki Roll Lunch Set starts at just HKD $180,  and quality was surprisingly decent too.

One of our Sushi Shokunin for today -

Lunch Menu -
We opted for either 8 Sushi Pieces with Maki Roll for $180 per person,  or a Chirashi Sushi including Sea Urchin bowl at $250.

Duck Breast Salad,  & Steamed Chawanmushi Egg Custard -
For a Lunch set,  this is usually protocol standard in HK Sushi restaurants.

Chawanmushi Egg Custard -
The top decoration layer looked a bit plain,  without much Red & White Kamaboko fish cake or the Mitsuba herbs placed beautifully,  usually a touch I take notice of...  Other than that the smoothness of the egg custard was fine, there were pieces of chicken and seafood underneath

Chirashi Don - HKD $250 as Lunch Set
This carried the more modern look, and it included 10 different types of Seafood.  The Sea Urchin for lunch is as expected,  from Korea,  but this is normal.  The fish selections were basically the same as the Sushi sets we ordered too more or less. 

Sushi 8 Pieces Lunch Set - HKD $180
Sushi 1) Izaki Grunt Fish
& 2) Botan Ebi from Canada

Sushi 1) Hamachi Japanese Amberjack & 2) Kanpachi Amberjack -
This was an interesting combination to be presented together on the same plate,  since both fishes are related yet different,  plus the naming terms have a connotation about whether they are farmed or not within Japan these days.   The Hamachi is usually oilier the colder months it gets, whereas the Kanpachi is usually the lesser liked due to its crunchier texture but leaner meat.  Both today were of good quality for the respective fishes

Sushi 5) Kurodai Blackhead Sea Bream & 6) Aji Horse Mackerel -
The Aji was in season when we visited and for a hikarimono silver skinned fish,  not overly strong in fishiness.  The Kurodai is one of my favourite fishes as it is sweet tasting and clean, without the sometimes stringy veiny texture of a normal Tai.

Sushi 7) Grilled Karei Engawa & 8) Marinated Tuna Zuke -
Both were again tasting fresh and had their own respective tastes, which cannot be guaranteed in Hong Kong as sometimes the fish taste is muted.  This bit I was positively surprised about Sushi Tsubomi,  since the importation of fresher, better quality fishes to begin with, and subsequently the conditioning of the fishes from pickling to dry aging all affect the outcome.  Here so far, and for a team of Hong Kong trained Chefs,  it was actually pretty good.  The Shari rice used white rice vinegar here and although not outstanding,  was more than fair for its course..

Tuna & Negi Maki to Finish -
This was again another surprise to me, since the tuna were cut thickly and chunky,  not the more typical negi-toro minced type associated with this course.  Sushi Purists will have a point to say about this,  but as a paying customer I actually think this can be more satisfying for everyone.

Soup and Oshinko Pickles -
This was just ok.  It could have more seafood and miso depth to me..

3 Different Salts for Shaving onto Different Fishes -
With an Iranian and Himalayan salt.  Overall the Lunch Sets were great deals and as mentioned, the seafood items were all either Fresh or conditioned well and prime for their respective uses.  I would certainly come back without a flinch during Lunch Hours.  As for Dinner?  I think it will depend on how much they will charge for the Omakase vs the night performance level,  which is another game altogether...

Price:  HKD $180 to $250 + 10% 
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 22/F, V Point, 2-22 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay
銅鑼灣登龍街2-22號V Point 22樓
Phone: +852 23391899

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