Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chez Patrick Deli - ♕♕♕♕

Chez Patrick, a Michelin Recommended restaurant has just closed their Wanchai operation but decided to replace this with a deli and casual restaurant instead, perhaps aiming to rival the neighbouring Italian Classified Mozzarella bar.  This area is becoming very interesting lately.  With a French Kapok Cafe, and Cine Citta nearby having recruited another star chef as replacement, but those are subjects of another review.  During this trip, I was more focussed on another bout of eating Galette des Rois, as I found out that they serve them by the singular piece here just like my previous review of Le Cabane de Vin, except over here its available for sale at $55 a slice, which happens to be 11 times the price they charged in the other wine shop (and which I got it for free in the end anyway ! )

If you want further information, go to 惡男的廚.宴光影事 who’d also just covered some other products..

New Display fridge, selling Deli Charcuterie items, smoked pates and savoury or sweet tarts.
They also sell homemade Brioche loaf on request, for $50 /half – something hard to find in Hong Kong as most shops sell the Brioche à tête version.

Galette Des Rois -
This galette is also homemade and heated up before serving, although many French people eat it when its been sitting around at room temperature.  This reheating process really brought out the butteriness and flaky pastry crispiness.  Frangipane filling is ok, I normally like them with some sugar crystals remaining, but that’s just personal!   Very good ~ 9/10

Mariage Frères, Earl Grey Imperial -
I like this brand of French tea a lot, and its avail for retail sale here!  Normally I add milk into earl grey teas as they could be quite dryish, but this softer version was great on its own ~ 9/10


Wine Shelf


Price: $100 to $300 + 10% Per Person
Score: ★★★★☆

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sat - 11:00am - 23:00pm
Address: G/F, 5 Star Street, Wanchai
Phone: 25271408



  1. I like my earl grey as is, no sugar, no milk. I'd like to give this one a try, hehe I trust your recommendations :D

  2. I always thought galette des Rois was similar to croissant aux amandes...puff pastry + frangipane. I've actually never had galette des Rois before...is it worth having vs croissant aux amandes?

  3. Dear Mocha Rita,

    I think this Earl Grey Tea is very 'different'. It's very mild yet sophisticated... There is not that much of the bergamot influence but you'll definitely need a sophisticated palate to like it. I mean I've always been a sucker for those well structured even though weaker drinks. Well I like things with a tiny universe hidden within that you need to discover yourself, if u know what I mean!

    Rachelle - I think yeh Croissant aux Amandes kind of tastes similar in a way, but its just a matter of proportions. If you think about it, Croissant aux Amandes is quite similar to 雞尾包 in Hong Kong. As they utilise a bit of its own 'bread/pastry' to make its own filling, so that they don't go to waste? I think? :o

  4. First time I've ever seen a galette made this way. I'm used to that word referring to buckwheat crepes, Brittany style :-). This place looks very interesting.

  5. very "different" earl grey. makes me wanna try it even more heheheh

  6. Yes to BeefNoGuy - I think its one of those cakes you just eat in January. I forgot to say that, there was no Crown on top of the one here !

    Mocha Riya - Replied you offline! thanks for help. :D

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  10. What a great place to eat, one of the top ten meals of my life.



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