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TOWN by Nagao [Hong Kong] - Tasting Menu by Chef Bryan Nagao, Previously of Peninsula's Felix at HKD $648

  TOWN by Bryan Nagao has received a 2016-2017 Michelin Guide Recommendation since it's inception and previously it was known as Alba in this Cubus Tower location. Chef Nagao is born Hawaiian-Japanese and used to be the Head Chef at Hong Kong Peninsula's Philipe Starck studded Felix, and in his own restaurant nowadays the food concentrates mainly on sourcing fine Japanese ingredients, and cooked in a Modern European way,  occasionally with reference to his Hawaiian or Japanese roots!    It is one of the best hidden gems in Causeway Bay,  and in particularly to his regular Lunch Customers,  Bryan is actually well known for making some of the best thoughtful salad dishes in Hong Kong .. 

Town by Bryan Nagao -
Deservingly, a regular recipient of Michelin Recommendations even in the latest 2017 Guide. Although Causeway Bay is more known for Japanese or Casual eats and often revered as the Shibuya of Hong Kong,  it does also employ many Office Workers in the district.  Hence restaurants like Town by Nagao, or Michelin Starred Seasons by Olivier nearby have their market..

Bread Basket -

Tasting Menu at HKD $648 - 5 Courses
For night time, a very reasonable Tasting Menu with some of Bryan's Signature Dishes

Wagyu Tartare 'Bavette', Sea Urchin, Japanese Melon, Avocado & Yuzu Mayo, Truffle Soil with Fried Taro Strips - Supplement HKD $28
This had flavorful and thickly diced beef cubes,  and sweet Sea Urchins.  The pairing of the fruit sauces was a smart idea,  with the Truffle Soil adding the final touch. 

Charcoal Cooked Beetroot for "Days", Burrata Cheese, Rhubarb Sauce & Endive Salad.
With a tinge of Lemon Thyme Herbs -
Quite refreshing as a small salad..  The Burrata only uses the inside runny cheese,  with bits of stracciatella. 

Grilled Australian Octopus Legs, Lomi-Lomi Tomatoes, Pickled Lemon & Ume -
The Octopus was tender with a charred surface,  it reminded me of some Spanish Restaurants in town which serve the Galician octopus version - the tentacles are slightly salty even without any seasoning, since it is naturally briny from the sea water.  The use of some fruity elements is apparent in this late Summer Tasting Menu.

Ayu Fish with Ayu Liver Sauce, Saffron, Oka Hijiki 陸鹿尾菜, Sansho Pepper, Dill Weed and Cherry Tomatoes. Topped with Sea Grapes -
One of the most memorable Japanese Ayu 鮎 fish Courses I have ever tried. The fresh 陸鹿尾菜 replaces the similar and traditional Tade-su 蓼酢 in this recipe, and fully brings out the fish aroma. The skin was evenly thin Crispy and the meat was so moist, partially bone-in at the tail.  It was my first time knowing Chef Nagao cooks Ayu fish,  and it impressed a lot.  Even down to the slight numbness in the sauce spiked with peppercorns..

Charred Honeyed Figs, Blood Orange Sorbet, Vanilla sponge,
with Butter Crumbles & Honey Crumiel -
A lovely dessert course to finish the dinner meal.  The dessert recipe carries some elements of Molecular gastronomy within,  which is always welcome as desserts should spring some surprise elements.  The savory dishes in the mean time were solid and thoughtful,  form follows function - without going down the overly presentable plating way.

It was Great to revisit Chef Nagao at Town -
Last visit I came during Lunch Hours for their Main Course + Salad Antipasti Bar,  which was a lovely meal as well and I still remember the well cooked Beef Pasta,  as well as the Spring Chicken dish vividly.   Next time I come again,  I will need to order the Signature Suckling Pig,  which has elements of Hawaiian cuisine in it and representing the Chef's paying homage to his birth place.

Price:  HKD $648 + $28 + 10%  (Note:  Chef Nagao actually invited me to come check up randomly on his Kitchen Team,  when he was Out of Town for Holiday...)
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: 銅鑼灣開平道1號 Cubus 10樓
10/F, Cubus, 1 Hoi Ping Rd, Causeway Bay
Phone:  +852 25688708

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