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The Chinese Restaurant 凱悅軒 [Hong Kong] - Award Winning Chef from Grand Hyatt Shenzhen, with Signature Cantonese Dishes

  Award Winning and considered one of the Top 4 Chefs in Guangdong region,  Guest Chef Scott Xu 主廚徐廣強先生 from Grand Hyatt Shenzhen is here at Hong Kong's Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui,  to present his Signature Cantonese dishes for the month of October 2017.  There is still another week to try out his dishes here at The Chinese Restaurant 凱悅軒,  itself looked after by permanent Head Chef Lo,  known for his Double boiled Papaya Soup,  Jasmine Tea Smoked Chicken, Char Siu and also to me his Fried Silken Tofu.  To explain briefly as an introduction,  Hong Kong & Macau are all considered part of Canton region - however to the dedicated connoisseurs  of Cantonese food,  there are quite a few sub-regional styles.  The Shenzhen and Guangzhou inspired Cantonese dishes cooked by Chef Xu, who is himself from Foshan also within Canton region,  are truly unique compared to the dishes we normally have on offer in Hong Kong,  and during his 「主席盛宴」 banquet dinner we certainly learned about the micro deviations in how regional Chefs interpret Cantonese cuisine within greater Southern China. 

The Chinese Restaurant 凱悅軒 -
Guest Chef Xu now cooking up Guangdong and Shenzhen Cantonese Cuisine here in October.  Normally,  Chef Lo also cooks some of the best dishes of their genre in Hong Kong,  including Jasmine Tea Smoked Chicken,  BBQ Charsiu,  Double Boiled Papaya Soup,  Salt & Pepper Fried Tofu, etc

The Promotional Grand Hyatt Shenzhen and Chef Xu's Menu for October 2017 -
All reasonably priced.

Deep Fried Honeyed Anchovies - 鳳尾魚 香酥蜜汁烤子魚  HKD $108
A popular appetizer dish around the Jiangsu Province and Shanghai region, nowadays these are rarer to find in Hong Kong's Shanghainese restaurants.

Salted Dried Plums with Cherry Tomatoes - 話梅櫻桃小番茄 $108
A refreshing cold appetizer,  not too sweet or sour,  perfect to my personal liking

Yellow Wine & Sake Marinated Sea Snails - 黃酒及清酒醃製 上海醉花螺 $138
A popular Shanghainese appetizer,  but with shells removed cleanly for presentation and ease of eating...  This is definitely refined Banquet dining in presentation.

Preserved Spicy Marinated Duck Tongues - 風味辣鴨舌 $108
Interestingly I had a similar Sichuan recipe dish during the same October period.  The other version is super spicy, whereas this one is milder and sweet..  Overall,  the appetizer dishes were more based on the Shanghai or Jiangsu regional recipes as starters.

主廚功夫湯 - 海馬, 新鮮鮑魚、明目魚 枸杞,紫砂茶壺  $198
Boiled for 4 hours in the Tea Pots, the male customer's soup version comes with Sea Horse and Abalone, whereas the ladies version receive a Fish maw for its collagen.

Roasted Spare Pork Ribs - 拆骨過橋風沙肋排 $308
A Signature Dish of Guess Chef Xu,  the Pork Ribs are marinated then roasted, then served with Chinese Celery, Green Chili and Garlic.  The meat between the bones are then deboned and served as a 2nd dish afterwards.  This was amazingly done as the marination was sweet and savory, spicy at the same time,  without being overly fatty but still melts in the mouth.  This is in contention for one of the best Dishes I have eaten in 2017. 

Steamed Green Female Crab with Pork Belly Patty, 10 y.o Shaoxing Wine -
天香蒸原隻膏蟹 $528
Another Signature dish from Chef Xu,  this was another mesmerizing dish which is unique and not found in Hong Kong side even as a Cantonese inspired dish.  The hand chopped Pork patty has bits of Water Chestnuts inside,  and is topped with a smear of peanut butter.  The Crab is steamed on top with the Crab Roe spread evenly on the chopped pieces.  Obviously this went down well with many bowls of rice and we all cleared it off..

Conpoy and Chicken Stock Steamed Grouper Fish - 瑤柱雞汁蒸深海星斑球 $488
A clean tasting seafood dish,  this was more a dish we are finally familiar with as a combination,  and served with Luffa Melon and Wood Ear Fungus.  This was decent per se,  but with the above two amazing dishes,  I personally would probably encore another one of them instead,  as the recipes are not found in Hong Kong side.

Prawn Stock with Crab Meat & Crispy Rice - 貴妃湯鮮蟹肉響米泡飯  $128
This is a dish that we love in Hong Kong too,  and the rice comes as both crispy fried puffs and also as normal white rice inside the clear prawn broth,  which is intense and the way we love it.  One of the best versions we tried in town when its available.  There were also diced Scallops, Prawns together with the Crab meat inside.

Scallion Oil & Lobster Mixed Noodles - 蔥油龍蝦球撈麵  $168
There were a bit more carb dishes than normal this night, owing to us wanting to try out a few of Chef Xu's dishes all at once within October month before he leaves.  Again this was well executed and we are happy to report back this had a good Crustacean taste in the mixing broth too,  even though the recipe description denoted it as a dry noodles version.  At this point we were super full,  as even all the filling carb dishes were cleaned off their plates and bowls.  We as regular Cantonese foodies, all somehow understood that the next possible chance of eating these rarer recipes done so well too, might be months or years away!  That's how impressive this meal has been so far..

Chinese Dessert 'Mignardises' Platter -  $180 per Person, Pictured is Two Pax Portion
There's a variety of Signature desserts from Hyatt Regency TST,  including the 3-in-1 Sesame Glutinous Rice Ball in Tart Pastry and Baked Pineapple Bun top.  Also some Oolong Tea Ice Cream Chocolate Bonbons inspire from next door Institution Hugo's !   It's like an Afternoon Tea served during end of Dinner instead,  worth a trip on its own!  Overall,  The Chinese Restaurant at Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui, serves one of the best Cantonese meals in town for us consistently and it is also relatively affordable.  Both the Menu's by guest Chef Xu,  and also in-house Head Chef Lo's menus are impressive as always, and currently they also have a Tasting Menu which is only HKD $600 per person with many selectable Signature Dishes,  but with HSBC Card promotions it's $480 only.  Definitely worth checking out and feel free to ask me for Dishes to recommend as we have tried most of them over the years already.. 

Price:  Around HKD $450 to $600 + 10%  (Media Preview for Grand Hyatt Shenzhen's Guest Chef Menu October 2017)
Food: ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: Address3/F, Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui尖沙咀河內道18號香港尖沙咀凱悅酒店3樓
Phone: +852 37217788

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