Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Dean & Deluca [Macau] - 1st Store in Macau & Hong Kong Region, in Galaxy Complex

  Dean & Deluca is a famous grocery store that began in Year 1977 in New York,  and some of us have been avid fans of their American stores, as well as their overseas outlets in nearby Japan.  Their decision to expand into Macau with the assistance of Galaxy Casino complex is exciting news for those of us already acquainted with the brand.  Previously the closest to purchasing any Dean & Deluca products was to visit Oliver's Supermarket in Central,  although recently their D&D selections have been majorly scaled back too,  so residents living in Hong Kong will now need to take a ferry ride for an hour to Macau's side to pay here a visit. 

The Range of Deli style Sandwiches, Doughnuts and Cakes -
These are similar in the variety of selections to the Japanese or Singaporean counterpart stores, with some of the Signature items also presented here,  including the Rainbow cake, which actually carries a slightly different recipe to the NYC presentation. 

New Dean & Deluca Macau Special Drink -
This is a Portuguese Egg Tart "Pastel de Nata" flavour,  created for the Macau store.  There's bits of buttery crust deconstructed and also an eggy, syrupy tasting milkshake underneath.  Very Macanese in it's creation just for this market as a Signature drink.

Vanilla Ice Cream Sundae with Rose Jam and Strawberries - MOP $58
I was quite surprised this was available at this affordable price range,  as the ice cream are made using quality dairy and vanilla beans,  and was overall very balanced likable,  not overly sweet.  Considering many Japanese Parfait or Kakigori shops will cost a lot more nowadays in comparison, I think regular ice cream or sundae fans would be happy to be offered this option...

"HK Milk Tea" Berliner Doughnut - $26
This was a recipe I couldn't pass up,  and considering it was Oktoberfest period when I visited,  this German x HK-Macau recipe was fascinating.  The inside had squirts of condensed milk caramel-ly Milk Tea jam, which reminds me of Dulce de Leche.  A subsequent visit with other friends,  saw the doughnut's inside piped with a even larger portion of the tea jam,  which is perfect for drinking Tea or Coffee together. 

Rainbow Cake - $46
The Signature cake made with different Naturally extracted fruit flavors,  this recipe is more for the Asian market but looks similar enough to the New York version.  The cake layers to me could be slightly more moist,  or alternatively could have more cream in-between to lubricate the layers.  Considering Dean & Deluca Macau was barely opened for a few days when I visited twice within 2 days,  I am sure this kink will eventually be ironed out and this is already a popular item,  at least Instagrammable..

Blueberry Cheesecake - $46
Most cakes here are decently priced.  We were saying that Cha Bei virtually next door to here is also selling café and patisserie items, similar to here,  so in a way they are competing but it could only benefit the customers who now have more choices,  when arriving into Galaxy to eat at either of them,  or at Passion by Gerald Dubois, etc.

Chocolate Toffee Almonds -
These are my favourites and are super addictive.  Unlike the normal Chocolate coated almonds,  which are mostly of an earthy x nutty note,  these have a middle layering of toffeed coating around the nuts,  which give it enough crunch and sweetness.  A must buy item every time, and they come as small or larger tins

Dean & Deluca Tote Bags -
These are just under MOP 300,  and are Macau limited versions.  I got a Blue version this time,  and at home I have a plain White Tote version which needs washing all the time.  The striped bottoms here would be great for resisting the dusty look.

Iced Caffe Latte -
This uses the Dean & Deluca Manhattan blend,  which was chosen specifically for the Galaxy Macau Dean & Deluca clientele.  It's balanced in its sweet dark fruits and chocolate nutty flavours,  which is quite modern American-Italian style,  and to me a good base for both everyday drinking espresso or milk coffees,  without being overly exploratory or acidic.  Usually when we come to Macau there's only so much quota space...  but as a big Dean & Deluca fan and this being exclusive to Macau only,  I think I will come back quite regularly.  I think D&D regulars will know this habitual feeling,  it's like how Canadians feel affiliated with Tim Horton's and miss their poutines.

Price:  Around MOP $26 to $90
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address:  G107, G/F, Galaxy Macau
Phone: +853 88832221

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