Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Hyatt Good Taste Series Asia Pacific Competition - 6 Finalists to Battle it Out

 Started in 2014,  Hyatt Hotel Group now holds a Good Taste Series Competition across the Globe,  as a platform for Hyatt Hotel Chefs to battle it out and to promote and elevate the culinary standards for the Hyatt group around the World.  This year 2017,  I was invited along as a Floor Judge to cast my scoring votes on the 6 Finalists who will compete for the title of Asia Pacific Winner, and which the 2 Winners and Runner-up will compete in the Grand Final in Chicago.  The Grand Judges panel include notable Asia and World 50 Best Restaurant holders, and multiple Michelin Starred Chefs such as Paul Pairet from Ultraviolet Shanghai, Margarita Fores Best Asia Female Chef 2016, Vicky Lau from 1* Tate Dining Room and also Tetsuya Wakuda from Sydney & Singapore, etc.

Grand Judges of Hyatt Good Taste Series Asia Pacific Finalists -
With celebrated Chefs like Paul Pairet from Ultraviolet,  Tetsuya Wakuda, Vicky Lau of Tate Dining Room,  Susan Jung from SCMP & Academy Chair of 50 Best Restaurants in HK, Macau & Taiwan,  Margarita Fores Best Female Chef 2016, etc.

Paul Pairet - Ultraviolet, Michelin 3* & 2017 Asia 50 Best No. 8
He is actually quite witty, no wonder his Culinary achievement is built upon Sensory excitements

Inside the Competitors' Open Kitchen set-up -
In Chinese University building,  next to Hyatt Regency Shatin Hotel 

Food Presented in Order by the Six Competing Hyatt Chefs -
The Finalists for Asia Pacific Region, with only the Top 2 Winners flying out to compete in the Grand Final in Chicago

Chef Muhammad Hazwan Md Hamdan - Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur
1) Seafood Umami with Sea Bass Carpaccio, Yuzu Lemongrass Emulsion and Black Radish
2) Roasted Lamb with Huancaina Sauce, Chanterelles Confit and Celeriac Chip

Chef Jack Jia Yuebo - Park Hyatt Beijing  Runner Up
1) Xinjian style Smoked Lamb Carpaccio, Cumin Garlic Sesame Oil, Celeriac Cream with EVOO, Roasted Chanterelles with Shallot & Parsley
2) Wok-fried Sichuan Pepper Seabass, Garlic Ginger, Dried Chilli Flambéed Scallop, Yuzu Cous Cous Timbale, Coriander Crisp and Wild Fennel Blossoms

Chef Dicky Toh - Grand Hyatt Melbourne, Australia
1) Seabass and Scallop Tartare,  with Yuzu Balinese Sambal
2) Lamb Green Curry with Chanterelles Mushroom, Pickled Celeriac and Cauliflower

Chef Damien Selme - Park Hyatt Busan, Korea
1) "Blooming" Seabass Tartare with Yuzu and Scallop Cream
2) "Mirror" Slow Cooked Lamb Saddle, Bulgogi Glaze and Sesame, Poached Celeriac, Pomme Duchesse, Pickle and Mushroom Duxelle 

Chef Tomoya Sugizaki - Park Hyatt Tokyo  1st Place Winner
1) Lightly Cured Seabass and Scallop with Japanese Yuzu,  Fresh Celery Soup,  Apple & Fennel
2) Roasted Lamb Saddle, Seared Purple Mustard Leaf, Pickled Yellow Chanterelles & Mustard sauce

Chef Oscar Lau Yuk Leung - Grand Hyatt Hong Kong
1) Kobujime Scallop and Seabass with Tomatoes, Cold Soup and Yuzu Zest
2) Olive Oil Poached Lamb Saddle, Chanterelles Mushroom, Celeriac Puree and Teriyaki sauce

My Scoring Board -
As a contributing Floor Judge. 
The Dish Taste constitutes for 30 points, and Presentation counts for 20 points.

The Winner was Chef Tomoya Sugizaki from Park Hyatt Tokyo,
and the Runner Up was Chef Jack Jia Yuebo  
*Surprisingly, this somehow also coincided with my Own Winning Picks in correct Pecking Order

It was Great to Meet Chef Tetsuya Wakuda here too as a Panel Judge -
Who is highly celebrated in Australia Sydney in his Tetsuya restaurant,  and also receiving Michelin 2 Stars in Wagu Ghin by Tetsuya in Singapore 2017.  A very educational experience for me as a contributor and taster,  and follows on from my recent event participating in  2018 S.Pellegrino's Young Chefs Competition - Regional Finalists  ( Article Link ) , which is still ongoing and also entering the Finals Stage soon!  Good luck to everyone competing.

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