Monday, December 5, 2011

"盛八食堂 Tamago" by Morihachi - (Hong Kong)

  Today is the 1st opening day of the new Omurice venture by the Morihachi group,  who already runs a successful chain of Yakiniku houses, Ramen shop and a Tonkatsu Kinmata restaurant.   The owners of Morihachi carry high expectations from their Japan-trained chefs,  and despite this new shop having been fully refurbished since 2 months ago, they’ve secretly kept it under wraps until this morning before the hoarding comes off.  I only learned about it’s opening via my own news source.   Morihachi ‘Tamago’  gave their chef team all the required time for the past months to practise their technical cooking skills to be up to scratch and when deemed to be able to match the standards set by the best of the Japanese Omurice Temples.    The manager was honest enough to explain that during their soft opening period -  they are still training hard to achieve that targeted level 1 day and the owners know fully and believe in the future improvements to be made!   However we came away reasonably satisfied anyway,  especially with their Tampopo style Flip-Over Omurice,  which is very difficult to cook and only available at the best of omurice shops in Japan.  2ndly,  the pricing policy of this shop was surprisingly cheap,  starting at $48 for their Signature Dish.



Omu-Hayashi is available here too -
A Beef Hayashi Sauce combo with Omelette on Rice,
a very popular item in Japan.


Tampopo Style ‘Flip-Over’ Omurice with Demi-Glace Sauce
(盛八味自慢のオムライス)  -  HKD$48

This is not the typical Omurice, notice how the rice sits below and not wrapped inside the omelette.  This dish is VERY HARD to cook and another omurice shop in Tin Hau is definitely not up to the standard here.   The idea, is to run a knife through the centre and then the lava-like omelette will flip over to cover the rice.  

Inside of Omelette -
This was decent and worked as a ‘Tampopo’ style omelette. 
Could be just a tad more flowing…

Finally Covered in Demi-Glace Sauce -
The egg was done very well by HK standards,  as even in Japan this dish is hardly perfected except by the grand masters of omurice!    The rice itself was seasoned well but a little too wet lumpy for our liking,  but was cooked better in another omurice.   ~   7/10




Kurobuta Tonkatsu with Curry and White Creamy Cheese Sauce and Omurice
(鹿児島カレー豚かつのオムライス) – $69
The omelette this time wraps around the rice, a more commonly seen variation.  The rice was surprisingly a little curried rather than the normal tomato based chicken rice.   The Curry sauce was too simple and had too much onion taste, and the cheesy cream sauce was too thick.  Didn’t like the sauces at all..   The Kurobuta Tonkatsu was ok-only despite using Japanese breadcrumbs.   The Japanese imported rice here was better than above.   Decent only ~   6/10



Inari Tofu Skin fried with Soft Eggs (油揚げ玉子) – $31
This dish is also available in a shop in Causeway Bay,  but the version here was better. Again,  this dish took months of training by the chefs to perfect.  A Japanese imported egg is inserted into the Tofu Skin and then deep-fried until the egg is still runny.  Very good execution and a must order   ~   10/10




The Sauces were definitely NOT upto Japanese levels for now. 
But those can be fixed…  But surprisingly the technical skills in cooking the Japanese eggs to emulate the best omurice shops in Japan was very close,  I would say 70-90% getting there.  And considering the stupendously low pricing policy,  this shop is going to be really filling up by the 2nd or 3rd Day it is open for trading… !




Price: HKD $48 to $80 per person
Food:  ♕♕♕ to ♕♕♕♕ (New Opening, but has higher potential!)

Opening Hours:

Address: 屯門屯隆街2號屯門時代廣場地下
G/F, The Trend Plaza, 2 Tuen Lung Street, Tuen Mun

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