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SPOON by Alain Ducasse - (Hong Kong)

Michelin 2 Stars

  SPOON by Alain Ducasse has undergone fundamental changes in the way it cooks the food.   This new approach seems to have caught the attention of the Michelin team,  as SPOON has been upgraded to 2 Stars status in the 2012 guide.   Authentic French food here receives an upgrade in recipe,  with less usage of butter, animal fat, sugar and non-necessary thickeners.  Instead,  the sauces are almost totally derived from natural ingredients and feels much lighter yet at the same time compacted with flavours.   It is healthy French food and seems to be a shift in the trend!



Spoon by Alain Ducasse -
*Note,  this visit was by invitation and
it was a good time to celebrate their new 2 Stars status.



Interior and View of the HK Harbour is an amazing sight..


Champagne -
Are served in older coupe glass tonight,
with the champagne flowing down the middle of the stem.

Amuse Bouche -
Roasted Beef pastry (right), 
and Chinese Cabbage with Crab Meat bite (left). 
For me,  these little details are what makes a meal exciting and most restaurants give out something dainty and pretty to kick start your appetite.  Probably with the only exception of 3* Caprice.



Pumpkin and Cheese Puffs -


Bordier Butter -
Seems like this is a must at the best French restaurants in town nowadays.



Sea Salt Scroll is a famous bread in SPOON -
The baguette and the softer roll were decent too.



Cep Mushroom and Lobster light Veloute -
Brunoised porcini mushrooms and lobster meat beneath a bigger piece of lobster tail,  a light porcini veloute made from mostly just vegetable broth and porcini and very little butter was really condensed in porcini flavour.  This was a lovely starter and very fragrant.




Jeroboam sized Sauvignons being poured into the glass..
I think this polarises people,  as some people think such big bottles are more for show,
but from the customers point of view,  this is quite classy.





Bresse Chicken and Duck Foie Gras “Pate en Croute” -
This pate en croute is very delicately made and one of the finest I’ve ever tried.  Duck foie gras was just cooked at 48C degrees to maintain the right colouful look and is then wrapped with a black truffle coating, which is then pillowed between bresse chicken and pork pate with some fat.   After inserting it into the pastry shell,  the top is finally injected with a natural chicken stock which forms the jelly layer.   The pastry is baked until it is even and slightly crispy on outside.  Served with jus and a side salad with julienned black truffle.  A complicated version indeed!



Pan Seared Sea Scallops,  Pumpkin and White Truffle -
Served with mostly French Muscat pumpkin and hazelnut, and a natural pumpkin based sauce.  The plating was beautiful with the curvy melba toast as well.  The White Truffles were also shaved beautifully here.  *You’ll be surprised how some people shave them into broken discs.


Side of Gratinated Pumpkin Mash -
This was sensational,  the French pumpkin really have a distinct aroma and sweetness,
as well as a slightly darker colour appearance.


Red Wine with the Lamb -



Stuffed Saddle of Lamb from France,  Lemon Flavoured Cauliflower Semolina -
A pretty looking dish, with French imported colorful cauliflowers.  The lamb was roasted so evenly pink and under the skin is stuffed with herbs. 


Coconut and Pineapple Vacherin -
Coconut and Pineapple sorbet is served on a coconut sable,  and on the side pineapple crisps and coconut vacherin meringues.  With poached pineapple and sauce on the side.  A refreshing palate cleanser start to a dessert.




Chocolate Hazelnut Bliss -
This was unanimously declared a great dessert. With many layers starting with a base of Roasted Hazelnut with Sugar Dough and Gianduja Sable,   then a Bavarian Hazelnut and Hazelnut biscuit layer,  covered with chocolate glaze.  On top is a chocolate twin-disc mille feuille piped with gianduja cream and crunchy bits,  with a bling bling gold hazelnut.  Very different textures and one of the best cakes around.



Petits Fours -
Macarons and small Pistachio cakes

Finally, a box of Chocolates to finish -
The attention to the small details was great, 
and it made for a nice package.


That View -
Is definitely a reason to book a table here for Xmas or Romantic dates!
I thought overall the food was generally impressive but in a more natural way,  and despite the Ducasse camp not really into garnitures and plating,  the presentation of the food was still beautiful as well.   Overall,  it fully deserves its latest Michelin 2 star upgrade!




Price: HKD $1380 plus White Truffle and Wines + 10%
Food:  Meal Was By Invitation

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun 18:00-23:30
Sun Brunch is also available

Address:  尖沙咀梳士巴利道18號香港洲際酒店大堂
Lobby level, InterContinental Hong Kong, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Ph: 2313 2256


  1. Sigh for not really being aware of its existence before hand

  2. I really appreciate it for their new approach to recipes! I'll be posting back about Aust meals soon :D



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