Friday, February 17, 2012

Dialogue in the Dark (Hong Kong) - ♕♕♕ 1/2

  Dialogue in the Dark was a concept started in Germany, and although I have known about this from around 15 years ago as they held pop-up events all over the world and now permanent set-ups - this was actually my 1st time paying them a visit. Thanks to OPENRICE.COM for the invitation.  Dialogue in the Dark comprises of two main sections - one is an Exhibitional side where you get to experience how a blind or visually impaired person will experience it all in real life, the 2nd part is the Restaurant side where you are led in by hosts (with visual impairment or are totally blinded) to your table.  The impact suddenly hits you hard as soon as you enter the dark room as one becomes completely oblivious and lost in the labyrinth, and surprisingly and ironically, it is your blind hosts for the night who will be guiding you between the hard edged tables and walls, or to instruct you on how to pour a hot drink properly at the end of the night...  It was an eye opening experience  (pun not intended,  when you can’t see anything in the dark at all).




The entrance to a realm of unknown beyond -
but well worth a visit.  Albeit a bit too pricey..  at $850 a pop. 


An Explanation about the concept before the meal..
There are 2 options available here.  One is much cheaper at only around $130 per person,  to experience what a visually impaired person might go through in their daily lives.  Well worth another visit… 


Food -
There are no clues as to what you will be served next.   Our Table A were surprisingly being able to identify a few food ingredients in the blinded atmosphere,  but let’s not get ahead of ourselves because we also managed to miss a glaringly obvious few which were easily distinguishable.  The food might not be awesomely out of this world,  but perhaps their simplicity marks their purpose in this blind tasting session.


All of our hosts either have heavily blurred visions -
To the point they could barely distinguish between light and darkness, or a few who are completely blind either from birth or since deteriorated in a majorly fashion. Although many people have mentioned and even suspected that the hosts seemingly were able to navigate around like they had infra-red goggles on in the darkness - I actually don't agree with this assessment fully and find it a smidgeon exaggerated. I did notice that our hosts certainly had much higher sensitivities and experience than us, but they still had slight deviations in the way they placed the Food Plates in front of me (a little off-center spot and too near the edge of the table), and they still needed our assistance to hand back our emptied plates and glasses to them... I just find it unfair to overly godify their abilities in the dark and to think that our hosts are not impaired in the dark at all much like we were also experiencing in there. They have a disability which is disadvantageous to them, they are just making better use of their remaining senses





Price:  $850
Ease of Access:   3.5/5 (10 min walk North of Mei Foo Station
Food:  ♕♕♕♕

Opening Hours -
Mon to Fri 7am – 11pm
Sat to Sun 8am - 11pm

Address:  美孚景荔徑8號盈暉家居城2樓215號
Shop 215, 2/F, Household Centre, 8 King Lai Path, Mei Foo
Ph: 2891 0438


  1. Yes it is a wonderful experience Michelle !

    Never knew eating as a blind person was so difficult. I couldn't even pierce my fork through a piece of meat and I had major trouble finding some of the food or knowing the shape of the food, or how it is plated at all.

    A lot lot messier than I'd ever imagined! : ) A little too expensive though hmmm ... :(

  2. HI! This is Iris from Dialogue in the Dark, the host in "Dinner in the Dark".
    Thanks so much for writing this blog, and we're glad that you enjoyed the experience. Just wonder if DiD could share your blog on our Facebook: ? Thanks in advance! =]

  3. Hi Iris,

    Sure thing not a problem. Really enjoyed the overall experience, and see you again soon. All the best - give you guys all the support in the world ^.^



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