Monday, February 9, 2015

Mita Seimen Jo 三田製麺所 - Hong Kong Outlet Preview

 Thanks to 三田製麺所 Hong Kong for providing us an exclusive preview of their famous Tsukemen ramen before they officially open on the 12th of Feb 2015.   This institution from Tokyo is one of the two original Tsukemen Specialist shops which helped spawn the tsukemen culture all around Japan and the World for the past 10 years,  the other being Rokurinsha 六厘舎.   Although the closer truth to the invention of modern day Tsukemen surely lies with the equally famous Taishouken 大勝軒, which has been selling their 特製もりそば Mori Soba (Ramen version) for over 60 years and was the most original tsukemen version..     




The Super Famous Tsukemen Ramen Shop From Tokyo -
How famous?  It is already part of the T9 predictive text on your iPhone keyboard,  in both Japanese and Chinese input.   Just like Hakata Ippudo already is..

Set Menu from 11:00am to 17:30pm -
This seems to land you some pretty good Combo deals for cheap.  After this period and when it’s closer to night time,  it reverts back to A La Carte Prices,  which is still decent considering you get half an egg and two pieces of thickish Pork Chasyu included for $78.




The Chili Oil, Vinegar and Soy Sauce -
For both the ramen and the gyoza dumplings.



Cold Oolong Tea -
For me the perfect pairing with Ramens.

Thick Fish Powder x Pork Tonkotsu Dipping Soup Tsukemen – $78
The soup base is super Noukou thick,  partly due to the Chicken legs and bones also used on top of the pork bones.   The soup dip is really balanced and sophisticated thick,  you can taste the fish but it’s not over powering.   The Egg seemed slightly over-cooked initially but had a very strong egg taste.    For me the Chasyu today was slightly a bit dry however but this happens.  Let’s monitor it for the longer term for now as this is the 1st day of opening..   ~ 8.5/10 

In Tsukemen,  both the Broth and The Ramen are equally important -
Here it is pretty good indeed and already one of my favourite ramens in HK.. 
Some people say that if you eat in Tokyo or Japan,  there are many better independent ramen shops.  I don’t doubt that,  but for me I don’t discriminate against chains either.  For me a Chain became successful sometimes because it was good enough in the 1st place,  and the Japanese are great with QC’ing.   We are not talking about Hong Kong’s Tim Ho Wan here Don't tell anyone smile 



極太麺 Very Thick Noodles –
ordered as Warmed
I usually order cold but today the stomach wasn’t feeling particularly well so ordered warm,  the noodles were springy but I prefer them less cooked,  when comparing a standard atsumori to atsumori ,  in fact in this respect I wasn’t exactly too happy and made a reflection to the kitchen.  Also note that I didn’t tried their Signature Gyozas today as my order didn’t come and I was desperate to leave and buy some medicine for myself.     Overall I was pretty happy with the Tsukemen base broth which really hits the spot for me.   Afterwards you dilute it with some thinner wari soup so you can drink it,  and drank it all I did!   If they improve both the Chasyu and the accuracy of the Noodles cooking time,  I think I will be eating this every week.




Price:  $78 + 10%  (Media Preview Opening)
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ ~ ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 銅鑼灣登龍街1號金朝陽中心2期

Ground Floor,  Mid-Town Plaza, 1 Tang Lung Street,  Causeway Bay,  Hong Kong

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  1. I love their thick cut ramen noodle but not their char siu pork!
    In comparison, do you recommend this or 黑龍 at Wan Chai? :)



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