Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mr. Taco Truck - ♕♕♕

It’s hard to find authentic Mexican cuisines in Hong Kong, make that none.  Sure, you could find certain places selling commercialised Tex-Mex stuff, mostly made from pre-manufactured ingredients and store bought tortillas, grinded meat, Kraft quality shredded cheese and chili sauces.  Its equally as frustrating as not being able to find real Poutines in HK, except perhaps New York Fries.   Thanks to Mr. Taco Truck’s owners, here at least you get closer to the real deal, as most things down to the chili sauce, or their flour or corn tortillas are house-made and under the guidance of a Mexican consultant.  They sell the Cal-Mex style Mexican food, basically emulating the Californian-idealised Mexican Fast food joints/trucks,  rather than receiving a full Mexican Restaurant experience.  Don’t expect any Mayan cuisine here – there are no hearty Pozoles or meaty dishes like Barbacoa or Birria stews, Tamales, the real food which represents Mexico.  Even the hot chocolate drink sold here is not the spiced Aztec Xocoatl version.

But its better than having nothing at all ~ Mr Taco Truck is a good start! Except the food quality isn’t as high as one wishes it to be yet… 

  Tortilla Chips with Salsa and Refried beans
Tortilla Chips with Salsa and Refried beans -
The corn chips are house made and thin, its good. The salad was flimpsy and boring,
the refried beans too thin in consistency. Salsa also a bit watery ~

Pollo Echiladas Salsa Roja
Pollo Enchiladas Salsa Roja -
Fried then under-baked Enchiladas filled with shredded chicken. It was too under-spiced, bland inside.  Topped with a watery and bland creamy sauce, raw onions and Salsa Roja.   Where is my Mole sauce option??? ~  

Burrito Carnitas
Burrito Carnitas -
Shredded Pork meat and spiced Mexican Rice fills this burrito.
The home made flour tortilla was over grilled on the griddle,
making it too hard instead of moist for a good Burrito ~

Grilled Fish and Al Pastor corn taco
Grilled Fish and Al Pastor,  Corn Tacos -
Apparently, having fish in a soft Taco is more of a Californian invention. 
The Al Pastos spicy pork version was nowhere near spiced enough.  There was way too much lettuce, and nowhere near enough cilantro, other herbs and spices in the flavouring. And see that wedge of lemon?  Mexican food eats way better with more lime to bring out its best ~   6.9/10

Horchata -
A typical Spanish or Latin American drink, the Mexican version here is made from Rice,
Vanilla, Cinnamon, Milk and other spices or nuts like Almond.  A little too sweet for me ~  6/10


Price: $40 - 80 per person
Score: ★★
*I like how this little shop home makes everything from scratch, but the taste of the food is nowhere near what it should taste like ~ Read:  exotic Mexican food.  Perhaps the owner is trying to please the local palates?  But what is the point of opening a Taco Truck themed shop, to go down this path…

Opening Hours:
Sun:                    12:00 - 17:00
Mon-Wed & Fri:   11:30 - 20:00
Thur:                   11:30 - 20:30pm
Sat & Public holidays: Closed

Address: 鰂魚涌芬尼街22號海暉大廈地下E舖
(Shop E, 22 Finnie Street, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong)
Ph: 2590 6911

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  1. Hello! I just moved to Hong Kong from the US and have been seriously craving some good Mexican food. I tried a couple of places, Mr. Taco Truck included, and wasn't really impressed. Do you have any other places you could suggest? Or is the quest for good Mexican food in HK just futile, haha? Thank you!!



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