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Inagiku 稻菊 [Hong Kong] - Renowned Japanese Tempura Omakase Course with 2 Drinks for $1,380

 Inagiku Japanese Restaurant has two outlets in Hong Kong, and originally Inagiku in Japan is most famous for their Tempura Courses and especially for their frying techniques and the artisanal blended oil they make in-house for this specific purpose. Although the two Inagiku restaurants in Hong Kong serve Japanese food ranging from Sushi to Teppanyaki and general hot food, nowadays the Royal Garden Hotel Inagiku branch has welcomed back again Chef Eric to head their Tempura counter. It was a nice rendezvous with Chef Eric, who is a highly respected Tempura Chef in town.

Chef Eric at Tempura Station -
He is a veteran Tempura Chef at Inagiku,  recently returning back with new experiences and own creations to look after the Tempura section of the restaurant,  which originally made Inagiku in Japan famous

Our Tempura Omakase Course today with 2 Alcoholic Drinks - HKD $1,380
It includes a Sparkling Wine for pairing, and also a Coffee Awamori for a food pairing course

'8' Sparkling White Wine from Australia - 
1 Glass is included with the Tempura Tasting Menu Course,  although the Restaurant will actually come fill up your glass intermittently to keep you well lubricated..

Starter Appetizer Course - included in the $1,380 Price
Roast Duck with Broad Bean,
Hotaru 'glowing' Ika,
Yuba Soy Bean Sheet with Sea Urchin

Kuruma Ebi Tempura - 
Freshly plucked from the tank,  they are fried as two parts

Shira-Ebi White Shrimps,  Gingko Nuts -Interesting to see two types of prawns fried side by side as comparison.

Seafood 'Omakase' Tempura being Prepared at Counter -

Mantis Shrimp,  Ika Squid -
The Mantis shrimp was not mealy at all and quite sweet,  my fav piece at the beginning of the Tempura Course,  before the dishes became more complex...

Mehikari Fish -
The fishes used are seasonal.  This is always good for frying,  so is Kisu Whiting.  They are also currently frying up some baby Ayu fish and also Wakasagi.

Baby Sardine Whitebait Tempura -
These are fried together as one presentable piece,  which takes some expert skills for shaping..

Itoyori Fish with Mushrooms and Sea Urchin Sauce -
The Red Mullet used is from Japan, which tend to taste a little more sweeter than in Hong Kong and is a slightly different DNA fish...  The Sea Urchin sauce is also sweet but not too minerally 

Abalone Awabi Tempura - 
South African Fresh Abalone is deep fried,  then halved.  It is actually quite a big piece..

Anago Sea Eel Tempura with Bannou Spring Onion Sauce -
Anago is always a Tempura Chef's Litmus test.  This was crunchy on the batter but not hard,  nor too flaky broken inside.  In Japan the famous Tempura shops cut the anago into half with Chopsticks to indicate how well it is fried...  The grassy sauce is dished underneath,  so that Diners can freely refrain from or dip the eel into more sauce

Crab Meat Tempura with Sea Urchin -
Always a lovely combo.  I personally find Seafood pairs better with Urchin, whereas nowadays most restaurants are serving Urchin with Wagyu beef..

Hokkaido Oysters in Pimientos Peppers - 
One of Chef Eric's creations.  It is meant to coat the oyster so that the inside is still relatively rare and creamy,  and the slight peppery-ness and sweetness of the green will pair with the oysters.  You know instantly Chef Eric is in the kitchen when you see this dish..

Hokkaido Bafun Sea Urchin Tempura in Seaweed - (Extra Course)
The urchin is plump and fresh today,  and after frying was still runny creamy inside,  and the seaweed is not crackly.  A good frying job as expected at Inagiku

Japanese Onsen Egg Tempura, paired with Coffee & Rice Awamori from Okinawa -
This was runny inside,  and surprisingly was paired with a nutty & sweetish coffee wine,  since Eggs can usually be served nearer the end of the meal to bridge the gap to a Dessert course

Japanese Cheese Tempura, paired with same Coffee Awamori -
A bit runny inside,  its steaming hot.  Becareful..

Maitake Mushroom,  and Okinawa Bittermelon -
Some vegetables.  I noticed that some Seasonal items are slightly different from the printed menu version,  but this could be expected as Omakase Course items are determined by the chef daily

Annai Sweet Potato - Dipped in Brandy & White Sugar
Another Signature Tempura item here,  the sweet potato is fried near 40 minutes from raw.  The skin layers and the thin tempura batter is very crispy,  and the brandy always works so well with the sweet potato from Japanese.  Many regular customers follower Chef Eric just to eat this item!

Zaru Cold Soba Noodles - 
This was nicely chilled and still chewy,  and included in the Omakase Course.

Dessert is a Japanese Muskmelon -
Super sweet as expected, we all agree unanimously Japan has the best melons in the world! 

Inagiku Tempura Counter - 
It was pretty full by the middle of Lunch Time and the seats were packed.  This Tempura Omakase Course is served during both Lunch or Dinner on request,  and at $1,380 with 2 Drinks included and many Creative or Traditional Courses,  including fresh flown in Japanese delicacies is a good deal in town nowadays.  Some other famous Tempura Shops in town now charge around $1,500 without any Drinks, just as a comparison.

Price: HKD $1,380 + 10% Per Person  (Meal Organized by Royal Garden Hotel)
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: 尖沙咀麼地道69號帝苑酒店1樓
1/F, The Royal Garden, 69 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Phone: +852 27332933

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