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The Steak House Wine Bar & Grill @ Intercontinental (Hong Kong) - ♕♕♕♕♕

  With quite a many new steak house openings,  the customer can ask  -  how many of these new steak houses really supply a full prime quality steak and even provide a truly charcoal or wood fire grilled experience?    How many of these shops provide a proper Dry-Aged piece of prime meat,  something taken for granted overseas but may be due to the high turnover in HK is kind of neglected and not so appreciated?   The Intercontinental Steak House has been one of the earlier pioneers to provide both Dry Aged Prime Quality Meat and Charcoal Grilling both at the same venue.   Surprisingly not many shops can claim the same.   Some might boast they provide dry aged steaks,  but it is not certified and of inferior quality grading wise.   Some provide wood fired grilling without the best pieces of meat,  just because they cost more to source.   Not many in town provide the full combination package like here,  although it does come at a premium price.  Despite the new spades of openings,  Steak House Wine bar & Grill no doubt remains one of the best overall packages for a real premium steak experience!


Real Charcoal Griller -
Very difficult to find nowadays in Hong Kong
When most steak houses revert to Gas Flames for ease of compliance. 
What a pity..   Here remains one of the few exceptions..


Bar Dining Area -
Classy Interior.  Dare I say,  better feel than the inside restaurant.



3 types of Butters. 
Looks better than they taste,  but appreciated !



Bread Basket -
Good rather than exceptional, but attractive in a steakhouse settings.   ~  7/10




Star Lane Vineyard from California.
Balanced and ok.




Crab Cake ‘New Orleans Style’  -  $240
I expected more than just 1 crab cake to be honest at this price.
This seemed a little small,  but was the quality good?   It was decent at best in taste and in its shredded texture.  Ok only, compared to say Grand Hyatt Steakhouse.   ~  6/10




Steak Knife.
They have a few available.   Probably more gimmicky than really necessary. 
But then again,  how many restaurants let you choose your own knives?




French Quercy Rack of Lamb.   16Oz -  $680
This was recommended by a foodie friend,  and it was truly exceptional indeed, after being cooked well on the charcoal bed.    The portion seemed bigger than the size suggested. 




Lamb Rack was truly exceptional in quality.   With a balanced lamb gaminess and cooked to medium-rare as ordered   ~ 8/10


Dry Aged for 24 Days,  Cold Smoked,  USDA Prime Porterhouse 20Oz,  Medium Rare -  $1080
It’s not often when you see a properly Dry Aged and Cold Smoked combination.
  The charcoal grill already imparts some smokiness onto the steak but prior to that it has carried some cold smoked aroma.   Double smoked meat,  interesting indeed.  Considering the massive size of this slab of meat,  the price is reasonable.  Properly charred with beef and grilling flavours.  Great in all aspects.  ~  9/10



8 Types of Salts -
Probably superfluous,  but recommendable for the effort. 
You can choose to use it or leave it.   No one is forcing you to do so but at least they provide the additional options.  Who is keen to explore on how to bring out the best salty flavours?




Lobster Truffled Macaroni – $90
Reasonably priced,  this was cooked perfectly with a lot of condensed lobster taste with some truffle paste taste.  The pasta of Macaroni was done good enough.   A Must Order here.   ~  8/10




Mango Alaska,
Mango and Passionfruit Sorbet,  Ice Cream and White Rum and Coconut Sauce  -  $280

This was massive but at $280 a pop quite expensive for a dessert despite the size.   It was enjoyable with the sorbet inside.  I think it is too pricey  ~  7/10




Trio – $280
Strawberry Jelly, Mascarpone cheese, Vanilla Crumble Ice Cream.
This has adopted a new look from it’s former rectangular appearance.   It was decent and huge.   But there is still the questioning of its pricing point.  ~  7/10




Chocolate Star with M & M’s -  $280
This was quite dense and simple.  Most people thought that this is really not worth the amount paid.  Kind of disappointing and to be AVOIDED.  ~  2/10




Profiteroles Mountain – $280
With vanilla cream and chocolate sauce,  and a toffeed exterior.  This was probably the most likeable dessert on the night as expected.   ~  8/10




Traditional Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream and Caramel Sauce -  $280
The crumbs weren’t buttery or crumbly enough,  and the apples beneath were too soft.   The Grand Hyatt Steakhouse version,  even during their off-days is better than here.   The steaks are still better here though..   ~  6/10


Ice Cream Sundae -
A bit generic.  Not many flavours either.  Avoid.



Chocolate Fondant -  $280
This seems to have shrunken in proportion from before.  How this is worth close to $300 is a big question mark.   Totally implausible.  But it is very huge still..


The Moment of Truth -
The Chocolate Fondant on this occasion was lightly over cooked and not flowing as much.   The chocolate flavour wasn’t strong enough either.  Despite the large size,  it is no longer such a big attraction.   ~  6/10




Some wonderful steaks and lamb racks,
If you don’t like colder steak cuts,  you should order them as Rare to Medium-Rare,  rather than Blue or Black which gives you much colder results below 46-50C internal temperature.  With the rarer to find charcoal/wood grill in town,  plus the daily available Dry Aged steaks on top of the Wet Aged options,    this steakhouse is still running at full steam ahead and will remain at the top of the game for a while.  It is expensive but it is not taking any short cuts in the process.   Charcoal Grilling x Dry Aged, Premium Prime Steaks is the best combination ever.  And that is being provided here on a daily basis.   The only obstruction remains the highish price tag,  as you’re paying through the roof for a piece of meat,  but the quality is totally guaranteed good..  Provided you know how to order properly for the right cut.




Price:   $600 – $800 Per Person + 10%. 
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2  -  ♕♕♕♕♕

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun  -   6:00pm - 23:00pm

Address: 尖沙咀梳士巴利道18號香港洲際酒店地庫
LG, InterContinental Hong Kong, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Ph: 2313 2323

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  1. i had the porterhouse + lobster mac too a few weeks back, same thoughts exactly! and our baked alaska had chocolate + coffee ice guessing it was richer than the fruit sorbet but it was really good....! especially since i love chocolate =)



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