Monday, April 22, 2013

Imasuke Udon うどん処 今助 - (Hong Kong)

 This is a new Sanuki Udon Shop near Olympus Station.  I remember reading about the good feedbacks about here somewhere online,  but when we started digging in I was so disappointed already by my 2nd bite and so was my dining companion.   I think with the benefit of hindsight I can explain why – my foodie friends were actually recommending the dryer ‘ぶっかけ Bukkake Udon’.    But instead tonight both me and my friend ordered the souped version ‘かけ Kake-Udon’ instead.    To me the udon noodles was decent but it was the soup itself where it did failed miserably.  



New Udon Shop from Japan -
I personally like Soba & Kishimen > Udon > Ramen.   But I like all of them enough that I will happily eat whatever is available to me.  I just love noodles so much! XD




Kani ‘Crab’ Croquette – $18
The centre was very much creamier than the norm for a Japanese croquette,  but it does have some crab taste.  In fact the original versions in Japan are usually more about the floury cream filling than crab meat – so this one here was actually quite decent in comparison.   ~  8/10




Kitsune Udon,  with Abura-age Tofu – $52
There is no fish cake or wakame seaweed inside the bowl,  so it arrived looking really plain.   A sip of the soup and it was totally missing any bonito or seaweed flavours,  and even on the soy sauce side too it also was plainer generic than most bottled stuff.  Totally miserable as a result.   The noodles were chewy but merely just...   What did put the final nail in the coffin was that the Abura-age tofu was grey in color rather than moist golden,  and any of it’s original sweetness has already been boiled off a long time ago.   抹茶屋 Kyoto Matcha House in Diamond Hill,  serving the same Ketsune/Kitsune Udon was way better than the one here..     ~  5/10




Niku Udon with Beef and Onsen Tamago – $58
I didn’t get to try this but the soup base is the same as above.   The pieces of beef for a so-called meaty Niku Udon were so narrowly cut and laden with gristles,  not acceptable.  The amount of agedama fried floury bits were scattered messily all over the bowl rather than to just one side,  it was so wrong looking even by visual judgment.  My friend was rather disappointed with this.




Aonori Seaweed Coated Fried King Prawns – $12
I didn’t read the menu that carefully but since it mentioned king prawns,  naturally I was surprised when they arrived as barely the size of my index fingers.   But checking the menu again,  only in Japanese does it say that these are small prawns and with a price of $12 only,  let’s not judge it by it’s girth?   The prawn taste was normal but the batter wasn’t at all crispy,  it caved in when you bite into them without putting up resistance.  I am not complaining at this price range but expect it to be worst than McDonald’s chicken nuggets if you want to compare Apples with Mcdonald’s .  Alien






Price:   HKD $90
Food:   ♕♕ 1/2 - ♕♕♕
Ease of Access:  3/5

Opening Hours:

Address: 大角咀大角咀道38號新九龍廣場地下001-003及005號鋪
Udon Dokoro Imasuke Shop 001-003 & 005, G/F, New Kowloon Plaza, 38 Tai Kok Tsui Road, Tai Kok Tsui

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