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Hung Kee Goose 鴻記潮州滷鵝 - (Hong Kong)

 There is a large selection of Chiu Chow 潮州 food in Hong Kong,  otherwise known as Teo Chew cuisine if you’re from Singapore,  or officially known in Chinese Mandarin as Chaozhou.   They all mean the same thing regardless but Chaozhou in itself is quite unique in it’s own existence – it is part of Canton province yes,  but they do have their own specific life and food style and are known to be a closely knitted clan.   The richest man in Asia Mr Li Ka Shing is also a Chaozhou native,  who always have their own ways of prioritizing their Loyalty to fight their own clan against external threats.  Internal struggles naturally come second in nature.   To draw an immediate comparison I think they operate very similarly to the global Jewish community. 



Chiu Chow/Teo Chew/Chaozhou food will change when it crosses borders -
Afterall Hong Kong is also part of Canton province.  And since Chaozhou is situated on the East Coast next to the sea,  there are naturally many immigrants to other Asian-Pacific cities and which the cuisines will start to diverge from here too!



On the Menu,  Prawns cooked in Crab Broth.   Or Mantis Shrimps cooked in High Broth.
These are actually quite unique offerings.  


My BYO Belgium Beer -
Chiu Chow or ChaoZhou food is usually eaten with Beer or X.O. and Cognacs.  I just thought I will experiment with a Belgian beer.



Goose Meat,  Goose Gizzard and Pickles & Minced Meat on Rice -
The macro and micro differences between the very similar Chiu Chow cuisines around the globe is noticeable,  but remain true in spirit.  The HK shop has a slightly more saltier Master Stock base and slightly more spices and aniseed in taste.   The Goose Gizzard was so brilliant and crunchily-tender (oxymoron),  the sliced goose meat packed with meat and solution flavour.  Even the rice was cooked dry fluffy.  Albeit heavily seasoned and more salty though said to not carry MSG by the owner. Really liked this bold version which wasn’t single dimensional  ~  8.5/10




Goose Gizzards -
Also done really well and perfect to the bite,   and not as hard as normal Chinese duck gizzards.




Lo Shui Tofu – $4
I could tell that this ChaoZhou / Chiu Chow version of master stock was more on the heavier side immediately,  but the boss was proud of this.   The above goose items worked really well with this indeed,  but the Tofu pieces in the same solution seemed a little too salty and bitter.  ~  5/10




A lot more Offerings than the Normal Shops -
Including Pigs Head meat,  Goose Necks,  Mantis Shrimps,  Cold Flower Crabs.   The dining space is just limited to 2-3 tables but a lot of customers purchase from here arriving in their Mercedes-Benz and reserving the $2000 Flower Crabs.   Apart from the tofu,  I have so far been pretty impressed by here..




Price:   HKD $50
Food:  ♕♕♕ to ♕♕♕♕♕
Ease of Access:  3/5 (Near Wanchai Station)

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sat -  6:00pm – 00:00am

Address: 灣仔駱克道224號地下33-35
G/F, 224 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai,  Hong Kong Island.
Ph: 9302 8661 

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