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新加坡 南香雞飯 Singapore Nan Xiang Chicken Rice - (Hong Kong)

 Nan Xiang Chicken Rice is an overseas branch from Singapore.  Singapore is the epitome of all Chicken Rices if you choose to believe in the statement -   from my own experience it is certainly very true to an extent.   The rice and sauce components in a number of specialized Singapore Chicken rice shops there,   will easily fulfill our minimal expectations,  the rice usually served dry fluffy and the trio of sauces quite viscous and tickling your taste bud with some form of acidity and chili sauces in between!  The chicken meat in the meantime are usually a little bit bland in comparison and dry,  blame it on the carefully administered raw chicken importing policies over there..  In this latter aspect Hong Kong does have an advantage as chickens are more readily available.


Singaporean Import -
I have also been to the Singaporean shops. 
The HK outlet in fact performs better.



Chili Sauce,  Garlic & Ginger dip,  Thickened Soy Sauce -
The chili sauce is a bit too 1 dimensional to the best of the Singaporean chilies. 
The rest I think do satisfy to their intentions but not impressive,  just politically correct in HK context.




Chicken Rice Set – $40
After visiting here a few times I have got to say,  I am rather impressed.  1st of all the rice and chicken were better than the Singaporean outlet I visited.  The rice was fried in chicken fat and herbs first.   The chicken was served bone-in which is traditionally Hainanese style. It was smooth and if you notice carefully,  it is served with a sauce underneath,  which is very rare to see in HK.




Chicken Bone-On -
The original Hainanese chicken version is served exactly like this and slightly rare to the bone.  Underneath the skin layer is a bit of gelatinous transparent layer of chicken jelly.   I can imagine a few people complaining why is the Chicken served bone-on here,  I am one of them.  Even if I know that this is traditional Hainanese style it is just strange when customers expect the opposite.  ~  8/10



Veggies on the Side -
Done correctly.




Rice -
The rice here is to me,  the best in HK.  It is even right up there with the best in Singapore if you ask me.  Flavourful,  fluffy but not too dry.  A rare sight in HK.   It can still do with more chicken oil flavour though.  ~  8/10  


More Chicken on another night. 
Bones issues aside,    I personally believe that Nan Xiang Hong Kong,  is the best Chicken Rice in town in terms of overall package.    I would rate Singapore’s Boon Tong Kee and Tian Tian above here discounting the ones I still haven’t had the chance to visit yet as recommended by local foodies,  but bone issues aside I do enjoy the overall balance here! 





Price:   HKD $40
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ 1/2
Ease of Access:  3/5

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun  11:00am to 21:00pm

Address: 紅磡都會道6號國際都會商場L8美食廣場
Kopitiam L8, The Metropolis Arcade, 6 Metropolis Drive, Hung Hom,  Hong Kong
Ph:  3162 8949




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  1. I cant wait to try now after reading!!!!!!

    I did find most local shops in Singapore's chicken rice are good. I tried both Boon Tong Kee, Tian Tian, and also chatterbox, I would rate Boon Tong Kee highest. I found all the chicken tender and juicy though, may be different season? Plus the rice was SO good.

    Argh.... I am hungry now!



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