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萬豪中菜廳 Man Ho Chinese Restaurant JW Marriott [Hong Kong] - Sustainable Giant Grouper Feast, Farmed in Hong Kong

 JW Marriott Hong Kong has recently introduced a Sustainable Giant Grouper "綠洲龍躉" menu that will run until the end of March 2017.  What distinguishes this from the similar DNA Sabah Grouper fish,  is that this is farmed safely and above ground in Hong Kong, taking around 1.5 years to grow to adult size.   The meat and skin texture is closer to the wild caught giant groupers we grew up eating.   Thank you to JW Marriott Hotel for inviting us over to try out Head Chef Jayson Tang's new creations in showcasing this fish and other seafood items.

The Media Tasting Menu tonight - 

Lo Hei with Salmon 風山水起 -
For Prosperity around Chinese New Year

 Thickly Julienned Salmon -
The salmon is really sliced into thick rectangular strips for added texture,  rather than thinly sliced or using the smoked salmon variety.  A smart deviation from the normal presentation but worked extremely well

Baked Eggs Pudding with Sustainable Giant Grouper,  Fish Intestines,  Goose Foie Gras, Minced Pork - 龍躉金美玉
This is a Classic Cantonese dish, but with a slight twist with the foie gras instead of fish liver,  also less white pepper as it uses higher quality fish.  Worked a wonder,  and someone pointed out it also had a smidgeon of salted duck egg for umami flavor.

Braised New Zealand Hand-dived Black Abalone -
This abalone is hand dive fetched individually,  without any scuba diving tools as this is a Governmental rule in New Zealand.  Each of these black abalones are highly treasured.  The way this was flash-fried caramelized then braise cooked, gave it an almost sugary centre synonymous with rehydrated Dry Abalones.

New Zealand Hand-dived Black Abalone - 

Whole White Pepper and Giant Grouper Fins with Meat -
The soup is boiled down over a long period, releasing the gelatins.  The fish oiliness flavor with the thick soup coated the lips,  with a slowly released peppery influence.  A lovely soup with plenty of fish meat..

Scallions & Ginger Hainan 'Man Cheong' Chicken -
蔥香雲英雞 海南文昌雞
The Chicken DNA is from Hainan Island directly,  and farmed raising up eating coconuts.  This gives it a unique meat sweet taste and the texture is usually crunchier,  from this white skinned chicken.  Topped with copious amounts of chopped scallions like a Cantonese style chicken staple dish. 

Bamboo Pith Wrapped with Pea Sprouts, in Rice Porridge and Fried Ginger - 竹裡居賢
This dish cooks the rice down to a porridge like consistency,  even smoother and creamier than a congee version.  This is a lighter vegetarian dish and is a clean finish course.

Traditional Sesame & Mung Bean Pastry with Scallion Oil,
Aged Tangerine Peel Red Bean Soup - 蔴香綠豆餅拼陳皮紅豆沙
The pastry layerings and filling is quite traditional like a morning dim sum, with some oil fragrance which replaced traditional lard.  On the other hand,  the Red Bean Soup is totally gritty sandy, but without any full red beans inside - said to be preferred by Customers in the past.  

Head Chef Jayson (Right), with Man Ho Restaurant voted inside Top 100 Restaurants in SCMP today, also with Pastry Chef Andy (Left), the latter who replaced Ryan Zimmer and Jason Licker at JW Marriott & Dolce 88 Cafe - and an International Award Winning Pastry Chef & Chocolatier himself.

Price: Approx HKD $450 to $700 + 10% Per Person  (Preview Meal of Sustainable Giant Grouper by JW Marriott Hotel)
Food: ♕♕♕♕ to ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: 3/F, JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty

Ph: +852 28108366

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