Saturday, July 27, 2013

Des Gateaux et du Pain - (Paris)

Female pastry chef Claire Damon once worked under her mentor Pierre Herme and had also taken time at honing her skills working alongside 3* Christophe Michalak.   She now owns her personal Pastry shop  -  both her Breads and Cakes are considered state of the art,  the best amongst the elites in Paris from every circle you hear from.    Her artisanal Croissants and Breads are consistently rated to be the best in Paris,  even more so than the likes of Pierre Herme or Eric Kayser.   Interestingly enough,  Des Gateaux et du Pain is located not far away from one of the Pierre Herme Vaugirard stores as well. 



Viennoiserie and Pastries -
Looking good at 1st glance..  1st thing that crossed my mind is,  I need a bigger stomach.




Overall Enticing looking Pastry Cakes -
Recipes wise they are sound enough on paper,  although most are to be trusted flavour combinations.  They do however,  look very neat and carries precision. 



Cakes -
Definitely artisanal.  Actually the pastry items here and the overall layout reminds me totally of Hugo & Victor.   Both are slick and cladded in black,  and the pastry items looking so accurately done.


Artisanal Breads -
Touted as one of the best in Paris.  I ended up only trying the Croissant,  as you need to buy too much bread in order to try them out.  Next time around,  I wish someone could share with me…




Croissant -
Named by many to be the BEST croissant within Paris, this was definitely very delicate and precisely done.   The external layers were folded well and upon biting in,  it was very flaky and also buttery for once.    The inside of her croissant was more softer in comparison.   By looks, symmetry and external layers wise,  I rate here above the top notch Pierre Herme version.  But it doesn’t have that glass-shattering effect when one bites into the Pierre Herme version,  and for that matter, also Le Grenier du Pain version which I recently re-tried again.   Each to their own,  and I can so see why many rate this as the No.1 Croissant in Paris.  ~  9.5/10




A Rhubarb Choux Pastry -
Apparently a newer item that is updated over a previous version.  This was very fresh rather than some of the stale choux pastries you receive occasionally.  The crème patissier inside was light,  the rhubarbs were fairly sour in comparison.   Loved it.  ~  9/10



J’Adore la Fraise -
Almond Gateau with Strawberries.  This was great and executed well.   I don’t think it wowed me as one of her signature cakes,  and Dalloyau also serves one that looks exactly the same.  But yes I did fall in love with this,  but don’t expect it to fly to the moon either.  ~  9/10





Price:   Euro $12
Ease of Access:   4/5
Food:   ♕♕♕♕♕

Opening Hours:
Wed to Monday -  8:00am to 20:00pm
Tues – Closed

Address: 63 Boulevard Pasteur, 75015 Paris, France
Ph: +33 1 45 38 94 16

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