Saturday, July 6, 2013

Din Tai Fung II - (Taipei)

I previously posted an entry about the most original Din Tai Fung store in the world from Taipei  here.  That experience was not bad per se,  but I do remember my Taiwanese friends telling me that it’s their 2nd store in Taipei which has better food and I distinctly remembered my previous few meals there to be much better.   Since we arrived at nearby Dazzling Café which is only 20m down the same alleyway,  we decided to come again and see if there is any discernible difference.



Xiao Long Bao -
The soup here is definitely more bolder and the meat sweeter.   I remembered this same outlet of Din Tai Fung to serve ever more heavily seasoned and stronger pork broth.   This time around,  it was much like what you would expect with any DTF in the world.    ~  8.5/10




Good to revisit this 2nd most Original Din Tai Fung once again -
I think we mutually agreed that this outlet was better than the Original store Din Tai Fung (I) which is not too far away from here.   In my memory bank,  this outlet has always been the strongest flavoured of all the stores I have visited,  but this time around it was more aligned with the rest of the stores world-wide!




Price:   TWD $600
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2
Ease of Access:  4/5

Opening Hours:
Sun to  Thu 12:00pm-11:00pm
Fri to Sat  12:00pm-12:00am
Address: Zhongxiao E. Rd Sec 4, Taipei
Ph: 02-2721 7890


  1. If you return to this spot, I'd be curious of your opinion of their black truffle xiao long bao, which is supposedly the best at this specific location (and not the flagship original in Xinyi/Yong Kang Street). Unfortunately I won't be heading back to Taipei anytime soon to try it out myself (more likely to go visit HK again!)

  2. ive only been to their first store but its funny how its better at their 2nd store and not their flagship store, perhaps its always so packed there?

  3. Beef No Guy - didn't know about the Black Truffle XLB being supposedly the best here too. In my past visits to here, I ate the breakfast petite XLB, beef noodles, pork chop rice, XLB crab or pork, desserts, etc. I am just kinda of surprised there are difference between the stores though!

    Amy - Yeh it's boggling to me too. I have been to this 2nd store a few times but during this visit it was much weaker in taste, but it was still better than the 1st shop which was kind of bland. Not even sure if it's about inconsistency now ! : )



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