Thursday, November 18, 2010

Monmouth Coffee (London) - ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

  Monmouth Coffee Company is on every Londoner’s lips for serving one of the most consistent and best coffees within the UK, its almost deserving of mecca status. The never abating crowd queuing at the counter for their morning take-away cuppa or one of rare seats at the rear of the Cafe certainly gives footing to this statement.   Coffee Beans are sourced from Single Farm Estates from all over the world straight to Monmouth’s roasting facility, although some of these might inconveniently carry a Cup of Excellence designation – which depending on interpretation is either a guarantee of quality, or an over-rated evaluation.  Anything below the Top Scoring 1 or 2 COE cupping contestants within any country aren’t usually very good in my personal experience. They can however help jack up the beans’ final auction bidding price without much justification in half of the cases!

Monmouth also receives their pricey organic Jersey milk from Jeff Bowles in Somerset, and the organic Cane Sugar blocks sitting on each table are indeed imported from Assukkar of Costa Rica. They are very good and naturally molasse-like, very tasty and I’d highly encourage anyone to buy them from the store.

A very crowded coffee shop, Day or Night.  This is the busiest of their 3 outlets.

Someone is ordering 2 coffees.  I’ll just have to wait..

Coffee options, whether Cone Filtered or Espresso Machine extracted,
with Daily Offered Single Origin.

Pastries here are supplied by either Paul or Villandry,
this Croissant was quite edible ~ 7/10

Espresso -
Monmouth actually encourages the customer to try their Single Origin coffees via the Cone Filter method for true appreciation and learning, but everyone here orders Espresso-based drinks anyway…
Their Espresso Blend is interesting. Full of a toffeed-apple palate with just the slightest hint of dirt, its rather clean and an enjoyable cup.  *Note that the Crema-ability and Crema-level is very thin here, so is the final watery body.  Its not an Italian old-school coffee afterall ~ 7.5/10

Caffe Latte -
The cup was too big and inevitably tasted just a little weak. The Organic Milk’s sweetness overpowered the single espresso base personally… ~  6.5/10

Organic Cane Sugar from Costa Rica -
This is very good, and goes exceptionally well with the coffee. It impressed,
even for someone who doesn’t normally put sugar into his coffee! 

She and another Asian Coffee Barista worked non-stop the whole afternoon.

Many Single Estate Farm beans are available for sale,
some of these completely unheard of even for someone like me who used to try out a lot of single origin coffees.  Great platform for learning about coffee… !


Price: £3 - $6 per person
Score:  ★★★★★

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sat - 8:00am - 6:30pm

Address:  27 Monmouth Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9EU
(5 Minutes walk from Leicester Square, aka London’s China Town.  Or walk a few minutes from Covent Garden or Tottenham Court Road Station.  Another outlet is located right next to Borough Market near London Bridge station.)
Ph: 2527 5181



  1. I love this place. Great coffee and atmosphere in Borough Market and close to Neal's Yard Dairy and the Rake, two other London favorites!

  2. Yep its one of those Cafes which I will miss dearly in the months to come ~ my Espresso was pretty good (albeit pulled a bit too long), and my Caffe Latte a little weak, but the overall standard is still near the top of the world cafe rankings wise.

    Ok, I drank so much coffee whilst in Europe, I am struggling to remember their names - but I will try to review them 1 by 1 over the next months : D

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