Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pata Negra House - ♕♕♕♕

Pata Negra, meaning ‘black ham’ is another synonym for Jamon de Iberico - as long as it has above 75% in its traceable Black Iberian Pig genes.  In this Hong Kong Jamon Specialty House, they specialise in delicacies sourced from Southern Spain.  The brand choices and gradings of Jamon’s available are limited to just a few selections and nowhere as diverse as say Olala in Wanchai.  The owner here import their Jamon legs from a trusty, small family-run farm from the South & South-West region of Spain, near Valle de Los Pedroches. 

The Jamon choices might not be very diverse but the overall quality of their 36 months plus cured Ham has a condensed taste of a profound meatiness.  Although the hand-sliced pieces we ended up receiving from various parts of the leg weren’t as marbled as we initially hoped, they were nevertheless of admirable quality.

A little difficult to find in the Sai Wan area

Hanging, Cured Jamon Ham

Hand sliced and being weighed..

Freshly sliced Chorizo also available

Morcilla ‘blood pudding’ Sausages -
These can be ordered un-cut as a larger piece, or come pre-sliced.  These were very addictive – its none of those dried-out varieties filled with too much rice as a filler.
~ 9/10

This is what I call a Morcilla…

Jamon de Iberico, were cut from 3 different parts of the leg ~ 
The best bet usually lies somehwere half-way along the front part of the Back Leg,
where it is soft and evenly marbled..  ~ 7.5/10

IMG_5957 This was Good, but not the best Jamon de Iberico available on the market I’d had.
Great depth of flavour nonetheless

A few Confitures, Quince Paste, Wines, Tins, Bonito, Sardines, Octopus, yes its all here…  but no signs of their advertised Anchovies?  Some tinned anchovies are required to be properly refrigerated before they can be kept for up to 2 years, but even without refrigeration some brands last easily for at least 2-3 months…  Fortunately I accumulated a few of these from my recent Spanish trip.


Price: $200 - $300 per person
Score:  ★★★★

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sat - 10:00am - 20:00pm
Address:  G/F, Tung Cheung Building, 1 second street, Sai Ying pun
Ph: 2527 5181



  1. OR 搞咩鬼...

    BTW 有冇興趣...咖啡豆...LEROY?

  2. OR is ... :(

    Leroy? Where to buy ar ? Want to try...

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    n i will join the meetup event on 11 dec at bespork

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  5. Haha.. She/He is terrible indeed!

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  6. How funny!

    It is the Twangoo of the day:,122,hong-kong-pata-negra-house

    This patanegra ham looks REALLY Yummy. Thanks for the pics! Make me mouth-watering...




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