Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fuji no Sachi 富士の幸 II - (Hong Kong)

 This is my 2nd post on this Japanese restaurant,  it’s one of the more thoughtful Izakaya places which I enjoy in Hong Kong.   A previous review can be found here (Fuji no Sachi 富士の幸).   There are rumors that the previous chef left,  but when I visited recently he looked the same guy to me.



Appetizer おとし – $20
Marinated Chicken Skin and Vegetable Ohitashi.  
Interesting to be served boiled skin as a starter!


Urui & Clams in Egg Yolk Vinegar  うるいと蛤の黃味酢 – $65
This was nicely presented with urui and other vegetables,   and neatly stacked together like a Michelin grade restaurant.   The egg yolk vinegar was balanced and worked well with the barely cooked clams.  Lovely ~  9/10



Miyazaki Chicken Nanban 宮崎名物 チキン南蛮 – $88
This is famous here,  because the chefs used to work at Genki Ippai nearby which also sells a lot of Kyushu style food.   The version here is bigger,  coated in more Nanban vinegar from underneath and therefore batter more softer.   The tartar sauce was eggy but could do with more pickles and also the versions in Hong Kong are mostly missing the Takana pickles you get in the original versions.   This is decent.  7.5/10




Maguro Tuna,  Hirame Engawa and Kinmedai nigiri sushi -  $45-50 Two Pieces
Notice the pickled Fiddlehead Fern 薇.   The fishes were quite fresh and had a definite sweetness,  which you can’t take for granted in many places.   I guess the rice is too wet but overall they were palatable and plus this is not a sushi shop.    ~  7/10




Chef comes out to clean tables and hand dishes to us -
A really personal touch and we enjoyed it.




Unagi Eel & Egg Hotpot  うなぎの柳川鍋 – $95
The base stock is super sweet and lined with plenty of goubou burdocks.   The eggs were cooked to the right runny state.   If any complaint,  I expected more thickness in the Unagi.   ~  7/10



Some Sake decently Priced -
Overall this shop is hearty and the dishes are even unique in Hong Kong context,  and it’s prepared more than decently at this price point especially considering the attention to small details.   I have other regular places which I might just choose over here for food alone,  but when you see the Chef regularly handing out your dishes while they remain hot from the kitchen or wiping down tables with a smile on his face,  you definitely feel that extra personal touch and obliged to return back as a regular.



Price:  $350 Per Person
Ease of Access:   3/5  (Near MTR Tsim Sha Tsui Station)

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun -    12:00pm – 14:30pm,  18:00pm - 23:30pm
Address: 尖沙咀寶勒巷10號2樓
Fuji No Sachi Japanese Restaurant, 2/F, 10 Prat Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui

Ph: 2366 7128

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