Friday, February 21, 2014

Edo & Bibo Sunday Brunch - (Hong Kong)

 Edo & Bibo acts more like a Steakhouse during dinner time,  and it's a sister shop to the famous 131 in Sai Kung.   The Dining Group also owns Bicho 備長 and the lovely Torimen,  as well as some other bars and karaoke clubs.     Today we were here as a Group to try out the Sunday Brunch offerings and I probably liked the unlimited drinks more than the food.


Sunday Brunch Menu -
Good value for money,  both Food and Drinks wise.  



Looks almost like a Japanese Sushi Bar for some reason -
But this is a Steak House restaurant at night,   and now Sunday Brunch is served.
Weekdays wise,  apparently they are popular for their Semi-Buffet Lunch.



Mimosa Cocktail - Unlimited Free flow, $150 for 2 Hours
A great deal for 2 hours.  Imagine if you drank 10 of these?  It's only $15 each.   Orange Juice unlimited is $80 for 2 hours.  If you also love OJ like me,  this is like heaven.

Totten Bay Oysters (US) and Shikoku (US) - $108 for 3 pieces
The Oysters on this Sunday were at prime condition.   The Totten Bay was crunchy with a metallic minerality,  and compared to the ones I eat usually everywhere else,  these were at really top condition.   The Shikoku meanwhile are smaller DNA oyster which is similar to Japanese Kumamoto oysters,  I usually like them but the Totten Bay today were unbeatable in condition.   ~  8/10

Crab Meat Eggs Benedict,  Potato Mash and Grilled Tomato - $88
Pretty good value,  the crabs are freshly picked and although tasted like they were previously frozen,  there was plenty of it on top of the toasts.   I mean at $88 only what can people expect?  The eggs were runny enough and quite strong in eggy taste.  The Hollandaise sauce however was thicker than I imagined but correctly tangy.   I personally think the mashed potatoes can be more smoother and buttery but why was it even there in a brunch?...    ~  7/10

Crab Meat underneath-
For $88 really can't complain,  the crab meat was just ok and passable but aplenty.   I am sure some other places do a better version but those places will cost a lot more.   Since I live near here, plus the Free-Flow options are quite affordable and offered for a whole of 2 hours,  I think this offer alone might just be enough of an incentive to become my regular Sunday Brunch spot.  *Their scrambled eggs I didn't try,  but I probably prefer them more runny and smooth!  If I come back for those!




Price:   HKD $238  (Meal by Invitation as Preview Tasting)
Ease of Access:  5/5
Food:  ♕♕♕ to  ♕♕♕1/2

Address: 銅鑼灣軒尼斯道525號澳門逸園中心28樓
28F Macau Yat Yuen Centre,  525 Hennessey Road,  Causeway Bay,  Hong Kong
Ph:  3421 0472

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