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Café Express - Buffet with Unlimited Crab Legs & Raclette Cheese

 I admit I am not the most dedicated Buffet type of foodie!   I prefer quality and I calculate everything we put into my mouth as daily intake,  because I don’t want to grow wider around my waist everyday.   There are exceptions however when you can’t help yourself to pounce at an All You Can Eat buffet.   Especially when this Buffet provides you unlimited Oysters from France Ireland & USA,  Beetroot cured Salmon,  Roast Beef,  and most importantly those thick chunks of 2 origins of Crab legs,  Maine Lobsters,  and melty Swiss Raclette Cheese all at your disposal.   There are perhaps 4-5 Buffet Restaurants in town that I personally think are worth my quota,  and Café Express is definitely one of them.  



Checking out the Dessert Counter 1st -
Should I save space for them later on?   Such girlish thinking.  But I already knew the answer lied with the unlimited Crabs,  Lobsters and Raclette cheese.   That’s what everyone else comes here for…   Smile




Pasta Station -
I would love some pasta,   but in the end,  I forgot to come back. 
It wasn’t my main focus tonight.



Lobster,  2 Types of Crab Legs,  Crawfishes,  Sea Whelks,  Prawns,  Mussels -
Café Express’s Crab legs are definitely their Signatures here.
  They are quite costly to source especially when offer as unlimited to customers,  but from any foodie’s point of view,  you have to offer something that do draw in the crowd?   No other buffets in town I know of,  offer such quality of crabs. 



Huge chunks of Crab Legs



3 Types of Oysters -
USA,  French and Irish tonight.


Unlimited San Daniele Ham -
The upper echelon of the mother of Italian hams,  offered hand sliced here.  Although many are spoiled by Spanish Jamons these days,  and Le Dome de Cristal Brunch springs to mind,  I also really like the Italian San Daniele as an alternative and this is unique too.   ~  8/10

Beef Carpaccio with Parmesan Cheese -
Really good.  Surprisingly found in a buffet setting.  When most other restaurants are calculating on their profit margins,  here it is offered as unlimited   ~  9/10




Crab and Mango Salad,  with Strawberries -
Apparently everyone else on the table knows this is another Must-Eat item.   This was certainly decent and the Crab meat did have crab taste and not too mealy.   I think this was punching above it’s weight for a Buffet for certain.    I had some doubts about the strawberries part of equation but somehow it blended together.   ~  8/10




Sushi Items -
Looked just ok so I didn’t really touch them..


Fried Prawns,  and Stir-Fried Fish with Veggies -
I love prawns so I had a couple.   ~  7/10


Lamb Racks -
They were ok,  I prefer them pinker though.  ~  6.5/10




Sea Whelks in Chili Oil -




Steamed Eggs and Crab Legs -
A hot crab item.  If I can eat a lot I would love to taste this,  may be next time.




Beetroot Cured Salmon -
Loved this dish,  it was very potent in beetroot juice flavor.   Appreciate it.  ~  9/10




Pepper Crusted Tuna Tataki -
Pretty decent too.   It’s not my priority here but I will happily take a few slices.   ~  8/10




Checking out the Dessert Section again -
Steamed Egg Custard with Swallows Nest.    A lot of buffet restaurants says they offer Birds Nest,  Wagyu this, or Sea Urchin that but combine it with a larger proportion of what you don’t want to consume.  Well stuff that,  just eat the important bits.  Who cares : P 




Roast Beef -
The muscle cut seemed nearer the Round bit,  but it was cooked pretty well evenly and not dry.  Decent enough by buffet standards.   ~  7/10



Chocolate Fondue -



Soft Serve Machine -
I always play with them whenever I see one. 




A Drink is included -
I chose Orange Juice




Crab Salad and Pepper Crusted Tuna





P1300145-1P1300149-1Yes we ate all these…


P1300152-1And this.  Unlimited Lobsters.




P1300157-1Turbot Fish with Teriyaki sauce -
This was surprisingly good.  The skin was crispy,  and the fish meat was so plump,  I thought it was cod fish rather than Turbot for a second.   ~  8/10




Brought some French White Wines
I always think buffets and brunches,  must be accompanied by some wines to help us digest. 


Irish,  French and USA Oyster -
The USA surprisingly won in this bout.  I guess it is Totten Bay?  
The unlimited and freshly shucked oysters here are definitely above the average buffets.  ~  8/10



Unlimited Swiss Raclette Cheese -
Served on toasted bread.   ~  8/10


To me, 
it’s more like Unlimited Lobsters and Crabs with Raclette Cheese…  Why not?!



Ama Ebi -
All you can eat.  I think they looked better than they tasted,  but at least served shell-on.   ~ 6/10




Lamb Rack -
I prefer them to be cooked rarer.  But they were decent enough for a buffet.  ~  6.5/10



Roast Beef -
Looking evenly cooked and tasted decent.  Encore.  ~  7.5/10



Lobster,  Crawfishes,  Crab Legs with Raclette -
The way I like to eat them.   Excuse me..



UK & French Cheese -


Soft Serve Ice Cream -



Dessert Platter -
Portuguese Egg Tart and the Crème Brulee were interesting. 



Crepe to cap off the night -
There are a lot of dedicated Café Express fans.
They mostly come here for the unlimited seafood,  so don’t expect a lot of food varieties here.  To me this is a smart concept and you will need to book here well in advance to get a seat.  I think it is definitely worth a visit especially if you love Oysters,  Crabs,  and Raclette. 




Price:  $364 Per Person + 10%  (After 8:30pm with Unlimited Lobsters)
Dinner:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 尖沙咀赫德道8A隆堡麗景酒店1樓
1F,  Hotel Panorama,  8A Hart Avenue,  Tsim Sha Tsui,  Hong Kong
Ph:  3550 0275

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