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Senryo 千両 – New Seasonal Menu

 Senryo is the best sushi train shop in Hong Kong,  and if you have to compare,  it will rival and even beat most sushi train shops in Japan.   At the end of the day it all comes down to the pricing policy.   Sure,  in Japan you see a lot of shops selling sushi platters with rice made by machines at only 105 to 120 Yen,  but Senryo Hong Kong might be slightly pricier,  but it’s main advantage has always been about a high rate of turn-over.   In this aspect it even beats many dedicated sushi shops in town.



Japanese Whisky.  Nikka Taketsuru 12 Years -
Senryo Hong Kong,  is currently a Whisky Bar slash Sushi Bar concept.  Here is a glass of whisky by  the founding father of Japanese Whisky in Japan.



Lotus Root with Fish Paste,   Egg Tamogoyaki,  Grilled Squids -
The lotus root was to me a little too raw crunchy,  especially compared to a typical hasami-age similar item.   The Egg Omelette in Senryo has always been pretty decent fresh and warmed up properly for a sushi train setting,  even impressive in the whole Sushi shop context.  The grilled squids were a little dry for me.  Overall,  I already knew the Eggs will be good from my weekly visits.   Somehow I expected the Lotus Roots to be less raw personally,  though the sauce and filling was good.  ~  6/10




Sake Pairing with Tonight’s food –
Hatsumago “Spring” sake.  I am not a sake person by default,  but can tell it’s definitely a fresh batch from the taste and it’s Spring limited.   Notes of dried pear,  alcohol and obviously rice.  Never understood sake terminology personally..  Tastes like Vodka with rice taste to me as is expected!  ~  7/10




Sashimi Platter 6 Ways -
Kinmedai,  Maguro Tuna,  Shima aji,  Hamachi,  Salmon,  Botan ebi prawns.  All of these were decently fresh and crunchy,  sliced acceptably well for a sushi train shop.  In fact I find these better tasting than so many dedicated sushi shops in HK.  Senryo has an advantage of having higher turnover rates and most fishes perform closer to their peak form.   ~  8/10



Grapefruit Sour - グレープフルーツサワ
It can do with more concentrated grapefruit taste and also the shochu base. This pink grapefruit is not the same as yuzu by the way,  for some reason,  it becomes mis-interpreted from Japanese to English or Chinese translation.   This is more like the French pamplemousse..   As it is it’s too weak for me  ~  5.5/10




Taraba Crab,  Izaki fish,  Katsuo,  Hotate Scallop,  and Mebaru -
I liked them all,  it was fresh and had the appropriate taste expected.  They might not explode in your face like when you eat them in Japan itself  but it is pretty close considering the flight and preparation time is at least 5-6 hours more on top in Hong Kong.  Again better than many many Japanese sushi shops and it’s cheaper here.  Hence Senryo is one of my favourite lunch or dinner spots on a weekly basis.   ~  8/10




More Sake for Food Pairing -


Kagoshima A5 Wagyu -
Actually this is one of the best Wagyu bargains in town.  It is grilled crispy outside and it has both a meatiness and oily taste,  and for just around $200,  it cannot be missed.  I have had this so many times and it still brings a smile to my face.  ~  8/10



More Sake Pairing -
This sake’s name sounds the same as a rice grain in Japan,  but they are unrelated in nature.  I liked this the best for the night personally,  it had a pear aroma and an elegant lasting finish from fruits to rice taste.  ~  8/10


Grilled Kurobuta Pork -
It was a bit over-cooked for me.  Some pieces were more moist,  some pieces a bit too dry.   ~  6/10


Stewed Akamutsu,  or also known as Nodoguro Black Throat -
This was quite fatty as expected since it is known as a white toro.  The sauce and the daikon pieces were well done.  The fish cheek was sensational for me, but the fish skin was surprisingly thick and gelatinous too.  ~  7.5/10


Fried Prawns and Fish -
The katsu fries were done with expertise and definitely with good panko,  although this looked great in theory,  it only came with a Mayo dip.   The mayo dip for a furai dish in Japan is only for the side salad,  the center component of the seafood should be accompanied by a tartare sauce to be more totally accurate.   ~  7/10



Another Spring Sake -
This time with gold leaf within.



Hokkigai Shellfish,  Akagai,  also Hotate Scallop Sushi -
The hotate was really sweet and huge just like the above sashimi.  I personally thought the Akagai was a bit dry,  but the Hokkigai fared better as it was bounciful fresh and reflective in it’s shine at least.   Not bad for a sushi train shop right?   ~  7/10


Tofu with Katsuo shavings and Seaweed -
This was pretty decent.  Don’t expect an abundance of soy bean taste,  but it was definitely detectable at least.  ~  6.9/10

Senryo -
One of my favourite sushi to go places.   Not because it is cheap,  but because the amount of turn-over ensures most items are fresh enough.  But don’t expect it to be Sushi Jiro quality with the rice and slicing technique,  let’s be realistic.





Chocolate Mousse Cake -
This was surprisingly very good and strong in Dark Chocolate taste.  The centre was more like an ice-cream cake.   This is not a surprise as desserts at Senryo have always punched above it’s weight class.  This was also no exception.  Even impressive to me.  ~  9/10




Price: HKD $250 – $300  Per Person.  (This Particular Meal was by Invitation by Senryo HK)
Ease of Access:  3/5
Food:  ♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 尖沙咀彌敦道19-21號九龍酒店B3層B3-01號店
Shop B3-01, B3/F., The Kowloon Hotel, 19-21 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Ph:  2367 9368

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