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Wild Grass, Weekend Brunch -

 We were invited over to try out Wild Grass’s Weekend Brunch,  but this visit was an Easter Special brunch and as a result,  we got an extra bonus of unlimited Young Spring Lamb and their various cuts,  imported fresh from Essex UK.   The normal weekend Brunch Menu is $298 per person,  including 1 Appetizer,  Unlimited Food from the Carvery Station and also 1 Dessert.  Sounds like a bargain but how is the food quality?  One wonders..  



Wild Grass -
From what I heard as general feedback,  the food here is generally good,  albeit a bit pricey.   This particular Weekend Brunch however had really good unlimited food cooked well for most dishes,  bar the beef rump which can be stronger in taste and was a bit chewy even by European beef standards.


The Decoration is homely -
It actually reminds me of Restoration,  which is only 1 street away.


Cocktail to start off the Day -
$95, during Happy Hour it’s reduced to $70.



Bread Baked In-house -
Very surprising and they were very good.   I used to whinge about localized taste bread quality in Hong Kong,  but the last 1-2 years have definitely seen a steady rise in quality and availability of Artisanal Breads in town.   I couldn’t stop munching on the fragrant bread pieces.   NUR also made some memorable bread as well and…  Hong Kongers are finally blessed with better bread!




I have gone Nuts, 
over the Good Bread offerings !    Smile



Appetizer:  Marinated Pink Shrimps with Steamed Potatoes,  Lime Juice & Zests -
This was an ok starter.   No surprises but seasoned well,  although refreshing and summery overall..   The potatoes and shrimps can both carry more flavours but it was so-so only today.  ~  6.5/10



Appetizer:  Huevo Rancheros -
When this arrived since it was my own order,  I was rather shocked.  It was so simplistic looking for a Huevo Rancheros,  and upon biting in I can’t taste any of the refried beans,  and there wasn’t much guacamole nor much of the tiny pieces of avocados.   There is also too little chili or not a sight of a corn tortilla.   I was very unhappy with this version but luckily the PR person inviting us over also agreed,  as she is very particular about food as well.  Apparently the kitchen will improve this favorite Mexican breakfast dish recipe soon, after our internal complaint.   Am awaiting for that updated version.  As it is  ~  3/10




Appetizer:  Smoked Haddock ‘Kedgeree’ Arancini,  with Organic Poached Hen Egg and Hollandaise Sauce -
This would have been my ideal choice but since others picked it already,  I went for the above dish so we can all share amongst ourselves.   This proved to be much more convincing,  with the Rice filled balls a fusion idea between Indian and Italian origins.   A well poached egg will never cease to please.   It can have more smoked haddock taste for me though.   ~  8/10




Appetizer:  Pan-fried Smoked Salmon with Horseradish,  Poached Egg & Salmon Roes -
Tried a bit of the salmon and it was decent but probably expected in recipe?   Interesting pairing with the salmon and horseradish in this instance.  


The ALL YOU CAN EAT Carvery Meat Section –
As a major carnivore,  I am super excited seeing all these.   For under $300 come on!




Different Parts of UK Lamb -
*These aren’t available usually outside of Easter week,  but these were absolutely decadent.  With Lamb chops,  Front Shoulder,  Leg,  rolled Lamb Belly.   Wished at least one part of this will be permanently on the menu,  as they were roasted really well,  flavorful foremost,  tender is the easier part with slow cooking methods these days.   My favorite was the front Lamb shoulder here.  ~  9/10




Roasted Icelandic Halibut with Vermouth & Thyme -
Most All-You-Can-Eat fish dishes are by default cooked to death I think due to the way they are stored,  bu not so this one with it’s silken texture and flavour.   I can taste the thyme but not so much the alcoholic Vermouth.   But it is probably better this way.   Most people really liked this dish but I think it can be even seasoned better?  ~  7.5/10




Roasted Organic Chicken with Rosemary,  Thyme & Garlic -
Another wonderfully roasted dish.   The skin could be more browned and crispier,  but the chicken flavour was strong and it was a rarity to find it not dried out inside (for HK context,  you should know what I mean).   The best chicken I have had locally is still at Harlan Goldstein’s COMFORT.   This isn’t far behind and is about on par with La Rotisserie’s.  ~ 7/10




Roasted Beef Rump -
Beef was slightly burnt but we will seek out non over-cooked food to my liking.     Usually Beef Rumps can be very intensely flavorful albeit when sliced thinly enough.   It is actually one of my favorite cuts but you really have to treat it with proper precision in storage and refrigeration .   I used to cook this a lot myself and there is no guarantee it works every time,  but it was also lacking a bit of rump taste also.  ~  5/10 



Overall All You Can Eat Section -




Cauliflower with Cheese -
It is nice,  but could do with a stronger cheese for me.  ~  7/10




Roasted Spring Lamb cuts with Potatoes and Veggies -
This was the absolute highlight of the meal for me,  also the above Arancini with Poached Egg dish.  I hope they can do this permanently other than during Easter.   ~  10/10



Assortment of Meat dishes -
The Beef Rump as mentioned,  looked better than it tastes for some reason.   I liked the Chicken, Lamb and the Halibut Fish better.    I think from a Customer’s point of view,  we all expect a really really impressive Beef Cut.   Here it was better in all other dishes surprisingly..




Interesting French Wine selections -
I like it when a restaurant chooses wines with character and off the beaten path.   I mean,  my personal belief is that there are so many great wines in the world and not hyped up.   Do you trust your palate?   Or do you trust your wallet,  at inflated prices?



Dessert Platter -
Hot Cross bun,  Chocolate Egg,  Brownier,  Berries Panna Cotta,  Anzac Biscuit etc.  The Hot Cross bun was really good actually,  crispy and fluffy with raisins.  The Anzac biscuit is probably not noticeable by most diners but as someone who grew up in Australia-land,  it was a surprise to see someone serving this in Hong Kong-land and when it was more French-British themed.   Lovely desserts by the way.   Pleasantly surprised.   ~  8/10




French Cheeses.  Crottin Goat Cheese,  a British Cheddar,  and a French Blue Cheese with Figs Jam,  Walnut,  Green Apple -
  The whole package is there and although it isn’t unlimited,  it is thoughtful enough and comes with some walnut bread on the side as is expected.   Attention to such small details is what makes a customer comes back!   ~  8/10


Corner of a Table,  which resembles Jupiter with its Rings -
Before I arrived via this Brunch Invitation,  I was slightly hesitant and ambivalent about it all.  The major reason is because even as a Food Blogger or Reviewer,  I have hardly heard about here and what they are trying to achieve!   But as I arrived in,  I learned that the Head Chef and owner opened up this restaurant because he is passionate about good food.   It definitely showed in many of the recipes and in the finer details!    I am still not sure yet about the Dinner menu items vs pricing points,  but the Weekend Brunch for under $300 with enough unlimited Carvery and Fish section ensures you will at least walk away satisfied with your tummy space.   The food was definitely cooked better than I expected,  including the desserts.  It’s down-to-earth but if you read the menu thoroughly enough,  it has character.





Price:  $298 – 368 Per Person + 10% for Brunch.  (Meal was by Invitation by Wildgrass)
Ease of Access:   2/5
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ - ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address:  中環亞畢諾道4-8號1樓
1st Floor,  4-8 Arbuthnot Road,  Central,  Hong Kong Island
Ph: 2810 1189


  1. The food looks good, but I would have given 0/10 to the huevos rancheros. As a Mexican I can cook even better ones. Real huevos rancheros should be something like this:
    Sunny side eggs above corn tortilla, covered in sauce with re-fried beans as side dish, garnished with cilantro, avocado, cheese, etc.



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