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Three on Canton - Turkish and Seafood Buffet

 Three on Canton is a relatively new buffet restaurant in Hong Kong.   As a foodie,  I am always curious and I have been monitoring it’s progress over the last few months,  as I really foresee it to become one of the up and coming rising stars in the Buffet World.   They have great seafood and meat options,  including Lobsters and Spanner Crabs,  also Singaporean Curry Crab,  Baked Crab Carapace, etc.   Their Foie Gras station was also attractive and the quality was better than expected,  and they also offer unlimited Peking Duck so I somehow combined them together to eat!  I think if they improve their Roast Beef option,  it will be even harder to resist!  

Photo Credits:   Taken by SONY A7. 
Lens:   SONY FE 28-70mm F3.5-5.6


Turkish Raki and Dress -
Currently for this month from May to June,
Three on Canton is doing a Turkish food promotion.



Freshly Shucked Oysters,  Spanner Crabs,   Halved Lobsters.  
Alaskan King Crab legs and Sashimi -
These were all decent enough.   I liked the Australian Coffin Bay Oysters,  they were at their primest state and unlike many other places serving the same,  these weren’t just salty briny,  but in fact retained the original minerality.   This is how they actually taste back home in Australia.  The lobsters were also decent.   The spanner crabs require more work in order to extract the meat,  but they were in fact the sweetest.   ~  7/10




Curry Station -
There is a good variety here.   This is actually not easy to find in HK context,  but as a food snob?  I honestly think the Naan can be cooked more charred.   This is a personal pet peeve of mine. I never understand why Naans in HK are always so pale looking,  I do become frustrated sometimes because this is never the case overseas.  It’s like the Naan turned into an Albino somehow Confused smile     ~  7.5/10




Unlimited Peking Duck – with condiments to suit
This was actually crispy,  despite looking easily tired being dried out on the buffet table.   There used to be around 2-3 buffet restaurants in HK offering this unlimited,   but they do dry out fast easily.   The one here tonight was actually more decent than I can judge visually.   ~  7/10




Pasta and Cheese Station -
Both also thoughtful.   I wanted more sauce options on the Pasta station though.  As it is,  it is mainly a Red or White sauce,  also with the expected bacon and onions,  mushrooms, etc.  I personally will grab some seafood from another station and chuck them into the pasta.  Much most satisfying that way!   ~  7.5/10



Fried Eggplant.   Singaporean Curry Crab -
Both are unique within HK Concepts.   For a buffet setting,  they were definitely inventive.  ~  7.5/10




Grilled Goose Foie Gras & Roasted Beef Prime Ribs
The Foie Gras was good actually,  grilled well and gamey.   The Roasted Beef was a little too dry to my personal liking,  I still prefer the versions at The Greenery and also at The Chinnery,  Mandarin Oriental hotel.   But this one comes a close 3rd or 4th.     ~  6.9/10





Roasted Lamb Rack.    Beef Tongues cooked in Red Wine -
All part of the buffet.   They look smart indeed!




Seasonal Soba noodles,  also Black Forest Hams and Coppa -
No Jamon tonight.   Actually from a Food Proprietor’s point of view,  this was actually performing above it’s weight as it is unique enough but not too expensive.  A lot of customers just know how to whinge,  but most will never know how expensive food produce will cost to source in HK.  Restaurants need to make money too,  and here they are giving the right products ~  8/10





Oysters from Coffin Bay Australia.  Roasted Beef.




Turkish Platters,  with Lamb and Eggplant dip -
I really enjoyed the latter,  it was both tender but flavorful.  Hard to find this Turkish concept easily in HK.  It is so appreciated.  ~  8/10




Vine Leaf Stuffed with Rice and Minced Meat.  Also Peking Duck with Foie Gras -
The former is a trusted flavor for me,  but the vine leaves in this instance can be quite sour.   It can be distracting for most people but I grew up on them and miss them so much.   The Peking Duck Crepe with Foie Gras was more of my own preferred taste   ~  8/10




Lobster and Squid Ink Pasta -
I combined this myself,  just because I can and wanted to eat it.   You will have to de-shell the lobsters yourself though.   ~  7.5/10



Choux Pastry Puffs.   And Bread & Butter Pudding -
Both looked really good.   Unfortunately, I didn’t have space to try them both.




Movenpick Ice Cream Station -
HK People are so hard to please.  They expect either Haagen Dazs or Movenpick ice creams.  Here they also offer one of the options.   I like Movenpick Vanilla ice cream.



Waffles with Vanilla and Coffee Ice Cream.  Turkish coffee $38 -
The Bread & Butter Pudding looks good above,  the waffles in the meanwhile in comparison,  can be more crispy and the batter be more aromatic.   The best Buffet Waffles I have tried in HK are at Café Hyatt and at Café Neo.  Both of these were exceptional and as good as the ones I ate in Belgium believe it or not!  Here it is only ok for now.   ~  6.5/10



Turkish Coffee Reading with it’s patterns - 
Apparently a cat is looking to the side with a Rose,  and someone is assisting me in my occupation. Let’s see if that is really the case soon!  I need all the help these few months : )




Price:  $518 + 10% Per Person  (15% Off with certain Credit Cards)
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address:  尖沙咀廣東道13號海港城三樓 Gateway Hotel Marco Polo
Level 3, Gateway Hotel, Harbour City, 13 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Ph: 2113 7828



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