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Shang Palace 香宮 [ IV ] - Birthday Dinner


 Although the heading of the title says this is my 4th review of here,  in reality we have been coming back more often than I can remember,  it’s just that I never had time to post some of the previous visits.   Even I personally find it odd that many of us Foodies keep choosing to return back to Shang Palace and often to celebrate Birthdays.   If my friends think this is the right venue to return back all the time,  I would say the restaurant must be doing something pretty right !



Chrysanthemum Tea to start -
This was so good as usual, 
so Chinese.   So Shang Palace..



Pickled Radish with Sesame,  Dried Apricot -
My last verdict on this changed ever so slightly.  For some reason,  this time the apricots weren’t as sweet or overly dry.  It worked better as a combo as an appetizer this time around.



Chili Soy Sauce,  XO Sauce,  Chili Paste -
A trio of sauces seem to be prevalent in many higher class restaurants nowadays.   This was pretty good,  but recently,  Cuisine Cuisine’s offering gave me the most surprise.  (Review forthcoming).



Char Siu Pork – $288
Some people really love the version here.  Having tried it a few times myself,  I personally think it has a good pork taste,  but the marination and sauce can be more complex still and it is quite healthy without any charred bits.   ~ 7/10



Grilled Eel with Honey -
Can tell you I have had this dish from most Cantonese restaurants in town whenever it’s available,  and most of them are either too dry,  has muddy fishy taste,  or sliced too thin.   The Shang Palace version is probably the best I remember eating.   It is sliced thickly,  it has a nice char,  the sauce was just right,  the eel texture bounciful fresh but not muddy in taste.   Rarely does this dish anywhere get my knod but here it passed with flying colors.  ~ 9/10

Fried Lotus Root and Pork Cakes – $168
This is a staple food in Cantonese cuisine,  and has some water chestnuts mixed in.   I wouldn’t say this recipe was exciting for a Michelin 2 Starred restaurant,  but this was done pretty right and wasn’t overly minced or greasy…  (I am starting to think why my friends keep coming back.  It’s about trusting the kitchen and its consistency)   ~ 8/10



Cod Fish in Black Bean Sauce with Beancurd Sheets -
Cooked decently,  no surprises but the combination of silky fish fillets with soy beancurd sheets fitted together so well,  you almost want to ask if this was intentional or a fluked effort?   Cooked very well regardless.   ~ 8/10




Deep Fried Coffee Spare Pork Ribs – $168
Someone ordered this and I was about to cringe…  but when I bite into a piece,  sure the coffee taste was slightly artificial,  but this was cooked really well indeed and something unique?   I thought the coffee powdered fork was a bit cheesy,  but at least they tried to impress.  ~ 8/10



Fried Taro with Roast Duck – $268
Touted to be 1 of the best versions in Hong Kong by foodies around me,  this is not my 1st time having it and upon re-experiencing it…?   I do partially agree this is currently one of the best versions of this dish available,  although I have had better in the past or at overseas.   A lot of current versions don’t even have a whole duck underneath but just minced duck, fish and veggies like a patty,  especially the newer Chiu Chow restaurants saving costs.   Decades ago,  everyone did this correctly like here.  Today’s version had a fluffy and non-greasy enough fried taro,  but the duck itself still had a limpy skin.   You don’t have to believe me but I can find better versions of this dish Overseas with ease..     ~ 7/10




Amaranth in Fish Stock,  with Bamboo Piths -
I recommended us to try anything veggies with fish broth here because I have always believed this is the best I have tried in Hong Kong.
Turns out someone already did ordered this and I was happy!   Today’s version was equally encapsulating and with a great and potent fish stock base.  To me at least,  Shang Palace is always memorable for any dishes involving a fish stock and this remained consistent today !    ~ 9/10

Stir Fried Noodles – $150
Was surprised someone ordered this knowing the group always wants something more sophisticated.   Well,  sophisticated they got because this was fried to individual strands nicely but also had a strong input of finely julienned ginger…  The latter not described on the menu and many on the table got deterred a bit.  I personally thought it was too strong gingery yet somehow it was interesting as a concept.   If I could pick from this version over the Manor version before,  I would actually pick this one here.   ~ 7.5/10



Longevity Buns for our Birthday Girl – $12 each
A bit too dry on the bun,  the inside filling can have more smoother lotus seed paste and more salted egg yolk if you ask me.  ~ 6/10



The famous Petits Fours -
Shang Palace does it really right.  It reminds me of Yan Toh Heen nearby which also does them really well.   ~ 9/10



Baked Egg Tarts – $42 for 3 Tarts
Many of my trusted foodies say this is the 2nd best version in town,  just closely behind Man Wah.  The last time I had these they were a little under-baked.  This time around,  I decided to order 1 to see and they really were very delicately made.   Nice flaky pastry layers,  wobbly egg custard.  No wonder everyone on the table previously raved about it…  the irony being that the last time I had an unsatisfying batch most of the friends were here too.  This time it is definitely vindicated again and justifies us coming back!





Price:  $350 per Person
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: 尖沙咀麼地道64號九龍香格里拉大酒店地下1層
64 Mody Road,  Basement B1,  Kowloon Shangri-la Hotel,
Ph: 2733 8754


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  1. Lovely photos! The chrysanthemum tea looks really good as well as the dishes.



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