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Wagyu Pure Tsim Sha Tsui -

 I have previously written about Wagyu Pure in Causeway Bay,  and in fact within the same week,  I visited Wagyu Pure twice -  and this one is at their newest store in Tsim Sha Tsui East.   The Menu here is slightly different as it has more Sashimi and Tempura options,   on top of the central Yakiniku concept.



The Tsim Sha Tsui East side -


Lunch Menu -
People often say Irori Yakiniku is well priced for lunch.
Well Wagyu Pure is similar,  especially if you order their $130 Karubi or $120 Harami Set.  Although some of their sets are more pricy.


Starter -
Some sesame chicken with julienned veggies



Side Salad -
Part of the Lunch Courses today



Seared Wagyu and Raw Wagyu beef sushi -
Someone ordered this to share,  and for once I actually preferred the raw one,  at it had some meatiness and also melted better in the mouth.  (This is opposite to the norm where seared ones have fat which melt more easily in the mouth…)


Tempura Moriawase -
Wagyu Pure TST has this extra Tempura option.  With an array of fried eggplants,  sweet potatoes.   I think most fried food is just fried food, and despite the thickish batter I was happy with the non-grease factor.   *No price attached because somehow I couldn’t find the Menu item on my camera. 




Chuck Roll and Ox Tongue Lunch set – $280
This is a good portion and the marbling and fat/meat taste was good.   The Ox Tongues however,  I expected another piece or 2 somehow as they don’t cost too much.   -  7.5/10


Short Ribs Karubi Lunch Set – $120
Not specifying precisely it’s Origins and type of Cow,  this was still decent and knowing Yakiniku shops in Japan,  this could just be anything and especially with the lax ruling of the definition of Wagyu beef.   The Tare marination sauce is subtle enough and one of the reasons I love Wagyu Pure as usual,  otherwise I wouldn’t have visited twice in a week.   Although Futago HK’s stronger marination is equally convincing with it’s unique fruitiness and caramelization,  which is stronger in a diff level of flavouring depth but also sophisticated.   Love them both.   Nikuka 298 is my other favourite,  all carrying subtlety in differences.   -  7/10



White Rice -
Included in the lunch set of course. 

Thin Beef Tongues on the grill -
Clean set up but not really charcoal-grilled here,  just like most many shops in HK due to Fire Regulations.


Harami Lunch Set – $128
The dark look of the meat made me happy.  So many shops give out the wrong cuts,  and here it could only be the livery Skirt steak or Hanger Steak,  but classified under the Vitamin-A filled Harami options.   However due to the way this was sliced or marinated,  it seemed slightly tougher in texture.  The taste was still as expected.   -   6.9/10

A Pork Rib-eye, Harami Out-skirt Beef and Chicken Lunch Set – $175
I like the balance of this Set the most.   It seems borderline Value-for-Money,  but knowing the food costs of things I wouldn’t mind just 2 more pieces of Chicken.   - 7/10

Ice Creams -
All were done decent enough and included in the Lunch Sets on the TST East Side.
I actually find the Price Policy here to be a bit strange,  some items don’t need to be priced much higher/lower than others,  I ought to think they should be priced similar.   During dinner time,  this seems to cancel out more. 




Price:   $95  to $280 Per Person for Lunch 
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Ease of Access:  2/5
Opening Hours: 
Mon to Sun  12:00pm to 15:00pm,   18:00pm to 23:00pm

Address: 1/F, Hilton Tower, 96 Granville Road,  Tsim Sha Tsui East,  Kowloon
Ph:  TBA

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